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Who are the best pokemon to start of with?

Read the question and answer plzz?

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Thx i completed it loads of timees but it got deleted.

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ShinyFeraligatr answered:

Well, this is a hard question. There is an FAQ for this, but since you want answers, I'll give you some.

First off to consider is the MOVEPOOL. Bullet Seed, Bonemarang, Agility, etc. all are good moves. Thus, you might say that Cubone and, say, Treeko are good pokemon. But you can recruit many grass types, and they all learn bullet seed, and bonemarang isn't necesarry with that. However, they are good to consider.

Second off is the TYPING. Ground and Electric are good types early game, whilst Fighting and Water are mauled. However, after the game, with Earthquake and Ice attacks running amok, those two types are better. Also, Fire/Flying is better than Fire/Fighting and Fire due only to the aformentioned Earthquake.

Third off is ABILITY. Static is one of the best abilities, with Cute Charm not far behind. Limber (when Meouth evolves) isn't bad either. Starter abilities aren't that good in this game.

Fourth is STATS. Treeco is the example here, as his high speed was forgotten in this game. Also, Meouth and the normal type co. aren't winning any prizes either. Machop, and Cydaquil are good in this catagorie.

Fifth is AVALABILITY. While Pikachu and Grass types are good, you get Magnamite as your first Third option, and the next dungeon is a grass type haven.

Sixth is FRIEND AREA. Eevee's transform forest is bad for one of the two free friend areas. Pika's and Meouth's (and one others, I can't remember) Energetic Forest is one of the best, as you can't obtain it otherwise until you beat Rayquasa.

Lastly is PERSONALITY, but this is also the least. Totodile and, more importantly, Eevee, are nearly imposible to get, as Naive is living heck to get.

All in all, I can't give you much help otherwise. That being said, when I played, starter Totodile and partner Pikachu was the way to go.
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italy0666 answered:

I have reset the game with 4 different starter sets my favorite is me being charmander, paired with pikachu, or if not you could try being mudkip paired with cyndaquil those 2 pairings seem to be the most effective throught the game, but like i said charmander/pikachu is my favorite:P
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supermario11196 answered:

What a coincadince i start with charmander and pikachu, they are a good pair
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icypokemon answered:

I suggest you too use mudkip and charmander because when they evolve they are pretty strong and you also take a lot of weakness also you can use any pokemons it doesnt matter because they have their strenghts and weakness.
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askehole666 answered:

No don't listen to them the best pokemon pair is cyndaquil and mudkip that's the best team,alright
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PokemonFreakZ answered:

Actually Most of you are wrong
This is how it should be done i will give you an example
Fire beats grass
Water beats Fire
Grass beats water
So its pretty much like this
Recruit pokemon is better
Get one fire Then get one Water then recruit one Grass That way
Fire beats grass
Grass beats water
Water beats fire
Its good like this. Its like a food chain to make sure your team survives.
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chaos546 answered:

I think that the best team in the beginning is Pikachu paired with Squirtle, because Pikachu starts out with Thunderbolt, and Squirtle levels up fast.
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askehole666 answered:

I think that the best pair is cyndaquil pairing with,mudkip or squirtle,cause you can recruit both pikachu and charmander troughout the game
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3Chris28 answered:

This kind of question asks for the best opinion, so it can get confusing. I prefer Squirtle and Pikachu myself. Pikachu can bring down the legendary birds, while Squirtle can kick Rayquaza's rear end with an Ice Beam, and anyway... HYDRO PUMP=PWNAGE!!
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Virgo36 answered:

You should pick eevee, and cyndiquil. Eevee starts off weak, but if you train it long enough, you will get alot of choices for evelution, and a strong pokemon with barely any weaknesses.
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Falcon_freak answered:

Totodile & Machop make a good combo, or Charmander & Squirtle, and Torchic with Mudkip
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I started over 10 times and I found out that being cyndiquil and my partner as todidile is the best one I ever picked.
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BFulks777 answered:

With good knowledge of the game, any team can course through the story plot just fine (with the exception of Psyduck. Why one would choose that awful water type is beyond me...)

My first team of Cyndaquil and Chikorita was very efficient, as it cleared Mt. Steel easily, and once Chikorita learned Bullet Seed through the TM, the rest of the game was too easy. Also, both of them are really hard to recruit in the post game.
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finalfantasy68 answered:

Ignoring, BFulks777, the best team I have ever had was Psyduck and torchic. I'll admit, Psyduck is weak at first but it gets stronger throughout the game.The combination of water/psychic/fire is great. I didn't have to redo boss fights with this team.It was pretty easy to get through the game. Golduck is worth it. Plus with the combination of Blaziken makes a awesome team. (Absol is great with this team as well) But it totally depends on you. My response is a opionon and works for me. :)
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pokemon8 answered:

a starter Cubone and a partner Pikachu. you can level up really fast
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Articuno609 answered:

Well i think centiquil im him and right now im in the lightning field with articuno,typlosion,and totodile and my first partner i had was pikachu
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