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How EXACTLY do you evolve nincada to shedinja?

I need a detailed, step-by-step process for evolving nincada to shedinja please.

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Charixardfira answered:

1. Get a Nincada to lv. 20.
2.Go to Luminious Cave.
3. I'm sure you know how to evolve.
4. "YAY I GOT SHEDIN-Wait iminute this is Ninjask!" O_o Not done yet.
5. Your a Ninjask congrats! Now please look in yout team Roster.
6. Ninjask
7.There you go. And you can re-name your brand new Shedinja. :)

The process is near exactly the same in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.
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tubby171 answered:

You elvolve it by going to luminous cave
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pokemon8 answered:

when Nincada is at level 20,take it to the Luminous Cave when you evolve you want it to be a Shedija NOOO it's Ninjask,but look in your friend roster, you'll find the name Shedija.and you can name your Shedija
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