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Where can i find lapras?

Where can i find a lapras i tried using a code but i tink i did it wrong?

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Kibalnuzuka answered:

Client: Lapras
Objective: Help me.
Place: Tiny Woods B2F
Difficulty: E
Reward: 200 Poke
Wonder Mail:
F ? J ? 6 9 0 ? 4 Q 6 C
C ! ? ? 8 ? 6 6 8 Q ? (F)
Put this in your Wonder Mail at the Menu.Then finish the job and you can find Lapras in Pokemon Red Rescue Team :)
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supermario11196 answered:

at the main menu, enter this as the code,


hope its helps
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Goku61394 answered:

That wonder mail won't work
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pokemon8 answered:

enter the wonder mail code 1F?6?+?46?6
?!??F4?6KS?? in tiny woods reward friend bow
and then you can find Lapras in Far Off Sea floors 45-50
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ZeroAngel005 answered:

Look in the cheat page there a wonder mail code . enter a wonder mail code "mission to unlock lapras " in your GBA complete the mission and then go to far off-sea , Lapras in only show up in floor 45-50 don forget to bring friend bow Lapras size is ****
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