Question from derekz1234

Why can't my game save?

I stopped playing my game for half a year. I started playing again and my data was gone. I assumed it was just the time not played, or I deleted the data and forgot, but when I started a new game with pikachu and partner mudkip, i saved at my bed, turned off the game, turned it back on a day later, no save data! what's wrong?


ShadowMew295 answered:

Your game probably got badly damaged. If that happens you have no choice but to buy a new copy of the game. It happened to my friend with Pokemon Emerald and he couldn't do anything about it. You'll just have to buy a new one.
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vgfreak100 answered:

It's probably a fake copy or it's damaged. you'll have to get a new one either way
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noweiscool answered:

If its on vba its the veresion that dosent work but if so get it from pirerte bay they work
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UltimateDigimon answered:

Mayby you got the wrong game. It happend also with my brother. He has got the wrong game for his gba. An americain game on an european gba.
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seriousPOKE answered:

if you dropped it in water a long time ago then your F****** it happened to my Fire emblem sacred stones beat the game accendentialy (sorry fer spelling) spilt coffee, droped game, in it, dried it off, played it (files were on it) did a glitch (done a million times) shut it off then turned it on and file was gone
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