Question from eugene_122

how can I get the dungeon buried relic?

I cleared the stormy sea several times and I already recruit kyogre so how can I get the dungeon buried relic?


fresshlol answered:

Ok did you read the newsletter and talk to lombre then talk to shirtry for acess and u only get it by talking to them and it will say buried relic is now acess for exploring
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fresshlol answered:

I meant shiftry for acess
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Superslayer1331 answered:

make sure you have space in your mailbox for the newsletter and keep doing tiny woods until the day your get it. Then you go talk to lobre, then shiftry, and shriftry unlocks the dungeon.
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MarcYu11 answered:

First clear stormy sea,read newsletter,go to pokemon square then talk to lombre then talk to shiftry for access
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nintendoboy333 answered:

ok to unlock the buried relic After clearing the Stormy Sea, you will receive a new mail about the Buried Relic in your mail box. Go to the Pokemon Square, talk to Lombre and Shiftry and they will grant you access
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tepig62900 answered:

speak to both Lombre and Shiftry
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