Question from domnu

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I eject members of the team?

I have to go to a dungeon and it's asked I go with one pokemon. How do I get my partner to leave so I can go?

Additional details - 5 years ago

I restarted it, but it was some dungeon with a Rattata asking for help. I'd like to know how to kick your first partner to the curb. It doesn't give you the option of saying farewell or making him leave. Do I get this option later?

Accepted Answer

From: MuddyMaestro 5 years ago

Obviously you must have completed the main storyline, and you probably had the talk with your partner about how you can choose leaders, and others to go with you. You can either talk to your partner in their Friend Area, or in your menu you can choose the option to Stand by. This will remove your partner from your active roster to enter a dungeon. This can be required for certain dungeons, and entering into Luminous Cave to evolve.

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Talk 2 them and hit the say farewell option!

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Which dungeon are you talking about?
If you've beaten Rayquaza and completed the game, then you should be able to switch leaders and go to any dungeon alone(although I wouldn't recommend it)

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