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How do i beat Purity forest and get celebi w/o dying?

i have been trying like for ever. I'm stuck And i can't get further than floor lvl 20 or something near there. Plz help me.

God_is_God asked for clarification:

What Pokeymon are you using?

jamey451 provided additional details:

Lets see I was using tyrouge. Now switched to bulbasour who i evolved to ivysour. So I'm using ivysure. And before you say it. No i don't have an alakazam or charizard... :( But the highest floor i got sofar with ivysour would be 35f. i would of made it further but I somehow scrued around.

jamey451 provided additional details:

Thanks but i got Celebi. And jirachi. Lol I just used alakazam and i found a warp scarf in purity forest. It was fun.

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God_is_God answered:

First form Pokemon no moves worth a hill of beans and second forms aren't mutch better. Your best bet would be using a third form Pokemon (Such as venusaur, blastotise, ect.), so you might want to train some more and don't be afraid to post for help on the SOS boared(spelling) When someone saves you it works as a reviver seed giving you all your moves and health back so you can get another run. Most people who can rescue you in a place like that won't ask for a reward or even thank you mail unless you are really far (floor 75 for me) and some wont ask for it at all.
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God_is_God answered:

Something to add to my last answer, find a pass scarf, I know it is totally random but it is a huge help.
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Entai2 answered:

my suggestion is that if you get a gameshark for the GBA and look for 1st pokemon unlimited HP it helped me get all my legendaries.
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Kibalnuzuka answered:

Entai2 Gameshark is for Noobs XD
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