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Asked: 5 years ago

What does the music box does?

I mean, after assembling the three parts in Buried Relic I used it and disappeared. What is that suposed to mean?

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From: Camo49758 5 years ago

If the music box disappears you have to go back and re-battle the pokemon to get the parts. I suggest bringing a Cleanse orb and an Escape Orb so that once you regain the parts that assemble the box you can just escape the dungeon instead of finishing the whole dungeon. If you do that you won't loose the stats you have you will keep everything you get.

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If you have Music Box in your inventory, Mew can randomly appear on floors 36-99 of Buried Relic, so you can recruit him into your rescue team.
And as was mentioned before you can get your box back by defeating Regis trio again.

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The Music Box does not do anything when used. When held, it allows Mew to appear in the Buried Relic (floors 36-99) so you can recruit it.

If you lose it, exit the Buried Relic and re-enter. Defeat the Regis - they'll drop each part each time you beat them. If you've recruited one of the Regis, the part will just appear on the ground.

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