Question from youiri56

Asked: 5 years ago

Why I cant save my file?

It started when I downloaded my game and everytime the game prompts to save or I manually save the game won't save...(I use an emulator...VisualBoyAdvance)

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From: kaminarikid 5 years ago

It's perfectly fine to use emulators, it's only cheating if you are using Action Replay codes or other cheating utilities.
But the emulator alone just plays the game, it's not cheating.
Okay, here's a REAL answer:
There are two methods to solve this problem.
1. If you're using vba, just click options, go to emulator, and where it says "save type" select "flash 128k" exactly.
2. This is recommended if you're using vba gx or another emulator that doesn't have advanced options:
The version of the game you're most likely playing is the "EU" version(with a language selection at the beginning)
Try downloading the "US" version from somewhere(I can't give you a link, just google it)
The U version can save normally.
That should help you...

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When you "downloaded your game"? That sounds like the reason why already. Save manually... emulator... VisualBoyAdvance... sounds likes somebodys cheating. Most things like that are the reason for problems.

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Its totally cheating

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if you do that YOU are Cheating that's why you can't save...


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Yeah what he said ^_^ had same problem too but fixed now :)

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