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(create your own question) Where do i find leaf stones? 1
(create your own question)Evolution Items? 4
(create your own question)Goku do u use gamefaq for only this game or more? 2
(create your own question)How could i recruit Mewtwo n Mew? 2
(create your own question)How do I get the move recycle? 1
(create your own question)I need help recruiting mew I can't find him ? 3
(create your own question)Is there any other move like heat wave and powder snow that could kill all in thevroom ? 2
(create your own question)So i lost my friend bow and i dont no how? 1
(create your own question)when do charizard learn heat wave or he learn it when I recruit him? 3
(create your own question)Which dungeon give the most exp ? 1
(create your own question)Wonder mail code? 1
(create your own question)Wonder mail? 5
5 Important Questions? 2
?Help with saving my game 6
Adventure log? 1
after Kyogre ?? 1
Any HM or TM codes? 4
Aron-Lairon HP issue? 2
Can i really recruit the regis? 3
Can I still get wish and Jirachi? 1
Can i? 1
Can Mew appear again? 1
Can pokemon in this gsme evole? 1
Cheat code to get Magikarp? 1
Does anyone know what the flags mean and how many there are? 2
Help me with this? 1
How come i cant evolve my pikachu ?? 1
How do I eject members of the team? 2
How do I get Legendary Island? 2
How do i get Metwo? 1
How Do i get Wish cave?? 1
How do I make deoxys Relearn moves? 1
How do I minus experience points to grow my Snorlax? 1
How do I spot munchlax at pokemon square? 1
How do i use the save files? 2
How do my pokemon evolve? 3
How do u get dessert reigeon? 1
How do u get valcanic pit and seafloor cave friend areas? 2
How do u learn to break walls? 2
How do u recuit skamory or zapdos articuno and groudon? kyrogue 2
How do you put lowercase letters in Wonder Mail? 3
How do you switch leaders? 4
How EXACTLY do you evolve nincada to shedinja? 3
How i get this area? 2
How many levels are in the northern ranges? 1
How many levels are there in the pitfall vally? 1
How many people can I have in my team when going to dungeons? 5
How to catch Groudon? 3
How to find Lucario? 1
If I defeat a legendary pokemon is it going to come up again? 4
Igglybuff? 1
In the wonder mail code...? 4
Is it possible to get to rock and snow path after beatng the game and not going to either? 2
Is it true? 1
Is there anyway to delete a previous games Adventure Log? 3
Machoke to Machamp? 4
Munchlax again? 9
Nuzleaf? 2
Problem with codes? 1
Regis trio? 1
So I lost do I get it back? 2
There are any shiny pokemon in this game? And how much they appear? 3
Were is a cable link!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????? 1
What are the possible wishes i can get from jirachi? 3
What do you have to do to unlock the event where you can break the curse on Gardevoir? 1
What does it mean when it says that the thing you need to find is NEAR a floor? 1
What floor is the cable link in the buied relic? 2
What is a HM?????????????? 1
What is the best pokemon in this game ? 5
What is the code? 1
What is the fastest way to get lucario rank? 1
Whats the easiest way to level? 1
Where can i find groudon? 2
Where can i find lapras? 5
Where do u find a magikarp,lapras,and a feebas? 4
Where do you find an evee???? 3
Where is a wonder mail generator? 1
Where is wonder mail?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1
Where to download? 3
Why does my Ursaring still have the stats of Teddiursa even though i evolved Teddiursa already? 1
Wonder mail Code How to get Feebas? 2
Wonder mail? 1

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