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This would have been the best version of FF4 to date had a decent effort -- ANY effort, even -- been put into developmentUltimaterializerX2/10
Not so Fantastic FourArkrex6/10
Role Playing at Its Finest!bluej339/10
A mediocre port of a wonderful game.BlueYoshi5797/10
It could've been a lot more, but it's wonderful for what it is.CarbunkleFlux7/10
spoon-y (adj.): Enamored in a silly or sentimental way.Combat Crustacean8/10
Not a bad first impression for handheld Final Fantasy gamesComputerbug88/10
"Final Fantasy IV is based upon a very simple premise: You hear the battle music. You soak up the Melodrama." Or so they say.Cyril7/10
Another chance to relive the timeless tale of dark knight Cecildarthjulian9/10
Final Fantasy IV PrideEJRICH8/10
The question is whether this classic has aged well or not.Fin_Obelius6/10
Classic with Classgbarules29997/10
Some things are merely last resortsGbness5/10
FFVIA a remake of a classic, how does it stand up?HikaruHana8/10
A port of a sweet game made by a group of slackers? Sounds like my kinda game.Ice Water7/10
An Imperfect but Fairly Enjoyable Port of a ClassicJRoa7/10
A Terrible Port of an Excellent GameLordShibas3/10
Quite simply, bad developmentMeister Grendale4/10
There And Back AgainRottenwood7/10
Final Fantasy IV is a fun portable RPG on the GBA with a few problems.RykuXr8/10
This is supposed to be better than the PS/2 Final Fantasys?Scirel4/10
Nostalgia - The Right Way to do a Portsturmtiger9/10
SquareEnix could have done SO much better on this port...thadarkman786/10
Another day, another port of FFIVXkefka3X6/10

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