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How do I beat Bass BX?

I defeated Bass SP in graveyard. but i can't defeat Bass BX in underground 2. Please. I beg what chips I need to defeat him?

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I need to beat him so please. Xgamer549. and all the battlers.Please help me.

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XGamer549 answered:

omg lolwut shoutout

Anyway, first, add a lot of Invisible, Guard, and Recovery chips to your folder. You'll need them. Next, make sure that you have the Bodyguard PA in your folder (AntiNavi-AntiSword-AntiDmg *). Do one of two options with your Navi Cust:

1- Add Chip Shuffle and some Custom+1 or 2 parts.

2. Use NumberOpen.

Then, keep practicing GBeastSP/FBeastSP until you can do it without taking damage. I dunno about FBeast, but GBeast is really predictible, and FBeast shouldn't be too much harder.

When you get to the battle with Forte, you need to try to get the Bodyguard PA as fast as possible. If you don't get it on the first turn, focus on not taking damage and getting a couple of good hits in. When you get the PA, wait until Forte uses his Hell's Rolling attack. Stand in the center row and don't move. Just take the hit. This is so you'll enter Angry mode. Now, with your double powered Bodyguard, use it during his Buster Rake attack and take another hit. If you did it right, Forte should either be deleted or close to it. Just finish off the last couple hundred HP if necessary.

Last note, this isn't a foolproof plan. It has to be done with correct precision and timing. You won't get it on your first try, so just keep practicing.
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