FAQ/Walkthrough by GeoffMendicino

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Copyright (c) 2006 Geoff Mendicino, TheWebbuilder
              EXEHQ (http://www.exehq.com).

<<*||MegaMan Battle Network 6: Falzer Walkthrough||*>>
Version 1.1

Table of Contents
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A: Intro.
      A1: Introduction.
B: Walkthrough.
      B1: New Faces, New Places...
      B2: Have a Blast!      
      B3: Trouble at Sea(side)! Part 1
      B4: Trouble at Sea(side)! Part 2
      B5: Aqua Po-WAH!
          HD0: Introduction to the Help Desk.
          HD1: Virus Busters.
          HD2: Polly Locket.
          HD3: Message Boy.
      B6: A Beastly Problem.
      B7: Hide and Seek.
      B8: Judgment call.
      B9: Nose of the Tengu.
      B10: Lan Hikari, Private I.
           HD4: Gimme a Hand(Out)
           HD5: Son of Thunder!
      B11: Beast Out of Control!
      B12: Braving the Elements.
           HD6: Over Protective Father.
           HD7: Smackdown!
           HD8: By the Bookie.
           HD9: A Diet Dud.
      B13: Oath of the TomahawkMan.
      B14: Lunar Nights.
      B15: Dusty Trails.
      B16: Home again, Home again...
      B17: Operation: Rescue MegaMan! (again)
           HD10: Hot Potato!
           HD11: Sing Me a Song...
           HD12: Sell you Gun Del Sol!
           HD13: Sub-Woofer.
           HD14: Fish Food.
           HD15: Lights, Camera!
           HD16: Penguin Roundup.
           HD17: Axe Raiders.
           HD18: The Darkness Within.
      B18: The Beginning of the End.
      B19: Final Chaos.
C. The Clear-Game Save.
      C1: After the Final Boss.
          HD19: White Capsule.
          HD20: A Famous Disaster.
          HD21: What's Your Number?
          HD22: Good Cop, Bad Cop.
          HD23: Fish Fry.
          HD24: Father's Day.
          HD25: Viral Symphony.
          HD26: Lan Hikari, Agent 007.
          HD27: Pick Your Poison.
          HD28: What a Bunch of Whimps.
          HD29: All That Remains.
          HD30: A Tulip by any other Name.
          HD31: Support me, please.
          HD32: Almost there...
          HD33: A Famous Discovery.
          HD34: Last one.
      C2: Final Zero.
      C3: Battle is my forte.
      C4: Cemetary plot.
      C5: Beast Cross.
      C6: The Last Stand.
D. Power up locations and codes.
      D1. HP Memory Locations
      D2. Regular Memory Locations
      D3. Number Trader Codes
      D4. NCP Compression Codes and Rotators
E. Other stuff.
      E1. FAQ
      E2. Disclaimer + Contant Info
      E3. Credits and Acknowledgements.
      E4. One Last Word...

A1: Introduction.

Welcome to the EXE HQ's (www.exehq.com) walkthrough for Battle 
Network 6: Greiga Version! RockMan.EXE 6 was one of the greatest 
RockMan games to date, and the Battle Network version is just as 
good. This walkthrough is designed to help a person progress through 
the game and accomplish everything there is to do in the game. For 
ease of reference, this walkthrough is broken down into sections so 
that you can easily skip forward to where you need to be via the 
'Find' function and the section codes above.

However, since there is now an English version of the game, I am 
going to do my best to limit the amount of spoilers present in this 
walkthrough/FAQ. I'll still be making comments and jokes on the plot, 
since that is where the real fun lies in making a walkthrough. But I 
will be as vague as I can possibly be about it, and try to omit as 
much specific revelation as possible.

Also, whenever we enter a new area, I'll list it in a fancy header 
describing what it is and what you can get there. If we've already 
been there, then it won't get any special mention.

So why are we still here in the introduction when what you really 
want is to know how to beat the game? That's a good question, so 
let's get right into the game, shall we?

B1: New Faces, New Places.

Location: Lan's room.
Stuff to Get: None.

Watch the extremely long sequence of cut scenes, and when you get 
control of Lan, progress around the house getting used to your 
surroundings. Make sure to talk to both of Lan's parents and check 
out your PET's functions before heading outside.

Location: Central Town.
Stuff to Get: 600 Zenny (BMD in RoboDog)

Once outside, head to the end of the street and go straight up 
towards that grove of trees to trigger the next cut scene. Whaddaya 
know? We've only been in town for five minutes and we're already 
saving damsels in distress!

When the cut scene ends, jack into the 'RoboDog' (is that one spiffy 
animation sequence or what?) and enter the ever-present Battle 
Tutorial. If you've played the other games, then just burn through 
this, if it's your first time through, pay attention and learn the 

For sake of simplicity, I'm going to refer to the girl as 'Butterfly' 
for the moment. Afterwards, skate around town and talk to everyone. 
Once you've accomplished that, you'll get an Email to signal that 
it's time to move onto the next plot point. Now, go home and head up 
to Lan's room and jack into the computer.

Location: Lan's HP.
Stuff to Get: None.

Head out onto the Net.

Location: CentralArea1
Stuff to Get: MiniEnergy (BMD)

Talk to everyone as you explore the area. Then head on into the 
NetCafe and head towards CentralArea2, there's a pink gate which will 
block your way. But if you have a Reflector1 chip, then it'll open 
for you. It's actually hard *not* to have one at this point...

Location: CentralArea2
Stuff to Get: RegularUp2 (BMD)
	       Copy Damage * (BMD)

Again, talk to everyone on your way through, and follow the path 
around until you come across another pink gate. After the cutscene, 
run around and bust some viruses if you so desire, then jack out and 
head to bed.

B2: Have a Blast!

Once you regain control of perpetually-late Lan, dash out of that 
room, talk with Lan's parents, then exit the house.

Head to the extreme north of the map, and enter that brown gate. 
Watch the cut scene... You might as well get used to it now, Lan does 
this a lot in this game.

Location: Foyer Hall.
Stuff to Get: Nothing yet.

Head to the hallway over there on the left and go through the gate.

Location: Teacher's Room
Stuff to Get: Student I.D.

Enter the room and talk to all of the people if you want, then talk 
to the guy in the red jumpsuit. Now that we've got that ID, the 
security death-bots won't jump on us at every opportunity.

Head back to Foyer Hall and then go to the hallway on the right.

Location: 1F Hallway
Stuff to Get: Nothing yet.

Take note of the kid with the bucket of water as you go down to the 
end of the hallway, then go through the large doors on the upper 

Location: 2F Hallway
Stuff to Get: Nothing

Head up and into the second door you see, there's a generic sprite 
girl right next to it. This is your classroom, 6-2.

Location: Classroom 6-1
Stuff to Get: Nothing.

After the cutscene, talk to everyone in your class. Then watch the 
next cutscene. That guy has GOT to be Mach's Teacher Navi... that or 
he's taken one too many hits to the throat...


'MiniBoss' is actually a very generous term for this fight. All 
you're doing is taking on a pair of Old Stoves. These things move 
around and when they line themselves up with you, they fire off an 
attack that could qualify as a Mr. Match issue Fire Arm. It's not 
that hard. Obliterate them to move on.

Location: Class 6-1 Comp.
Stuff to get: Thunder * (BMD)
	       700 Zenny (BMD)

Run around and gather your goodies, talk to the Navis if you want to. 
Then jack out.

Location: Classroom 6-1

After the cut scenes that causes RockMan.EXE: Stream flashbacks for 
those of us who follow the anime, run around and talk to everyone, 
then sit back and get ready for some trouble to start a brewing...

Once you regain control run over to the Copybot and examine it. Now, 
leave the room, go downstairs to the 1F Hallway. Remember that kid 
with the bucket? Go talk to him, then dash back upstairs to Class 

Watch the cut scene.

Once you regain control of Lan, talk to Mach, then go downstairs to 
the Teacher's Room, and confront Mick... In the words of Peppermint 
Patty from Peanuts "It's hero time, Chuck!"

Location: Robot Control Comp1
Stuff to Get: HP Memory (BMD)
	       Spreader1 M (BMD)

Talk to the Program and get the Water Data/Gun.

Now, it's time for one of the ever-present mini-games. We need to 
find and put out the flaming Programs with the Water Gun. However, 
whenever we get to certain spots in the Network, fireballs will come 
flying at us. They move in a straight line and can't pierce objects. 
So, whenever you see sparks appear on the screen, note the direction 
that they're coming from and hide behind one of the large gray blocks 
on the field.

If you get nailed by a fireball, you lose 10 HP. Find the four 
Programs grab the Mystery Data and you're set to enter the next area.

Location: Robto Control Comp2
Stuff to Get: Recovery 30 *
   	      Regular Up 2

As soon as the scene shifts to Lan, talk to Mick and press him three 
times for answers. Then run around to the other side of the table and 
examine that orange screen that sticks out like a sore thumb. As soon 
as the cut scene ends, take control of MegaMan again and finish the 

When you douse the last Prog, save your game, refill your health, and 
get ready to pummel your first boss of Battle Network 6!

"Burn to ashes! Kwohohohohoho!!!"
HP: 400
Difficulty: Easy

 1) BlastMan sends an explosion racing down one row. He'll flash 
   for a moment before firing, so hit him hard to counter it. 

 2) A recolor of GyroMan's charge shot. The panels this will affect 
    will turn yellow, so get off of them.

 3) Three fireballs race down the field. Hide behind the steel 
    blocks to avoid them.

 Comments: Seriously, this guy is pathetic. You want to know how 
pathetic? The first time I took him on I had a Giga Cannon show up on 
my first turn. Since I happened to be in Full Syncro at the time, it 
was bye-bye BlastMan. But bragging rights aside, just hit BlastMan 
with whatever comes up when it comes up and you'll do fine.

Reward: 1000 Zenny

Afterward the multitude of cut scenes end, we meet Tab. And from this 
point forward, I hereby cristen him 'Chibi-Higsby'... because let's 
face it, that's what he is.

Anyway, check out Mick's 'graffiti', then head home and go to Lan's 
room (Talk to Haruka at this point to find out where Lan gets his 
denseness). Jack into the PC and head out onto the 'Net. Check your 
Mail to get a Roll chip.

Go to Central Area 2, after the first left turn on the green path, 
you'll see two side-by-side panels that are shaded by the walkway 
above your head. Examine the left shaded panel to find the key to 
Central Area 3, and then head on into the third section of Central 

Location: Central Area 3
Stuff to Get: High Cannon L (BMD)
	       Elec Sword E (PMD)

Gather your not-so Mystery Data, then go to the back of the square 
and read the legend of the Cybeasts. Afterwards, jack out and go to 
bed. It's been a long day...

B3: Trouble at Sea(Side)! Part 1

After the cutscene, go over and talk to Mick and that macaroni of a 
penguin. Then, let's take a detour and crash Classroom 6-2. Plug into 
the Blackboard and collect your Regular Up 2 (BMD) and a Snake H 

There's also a Full Energy in Classroom 1-1's Blackboard. There's a 
little Yai-knock-off in Classroom 1-2 who wants to trade for a 
DoubleShoot C. 

Then go downstairs to the Teacher's Room and talk to the teacher in 
the scientist's labcoat. Afterward, go upstairs to Classroom 6-2 and 
talk to the kid next to the fish tanks. Once you do so, go outside 
and head towards the Metroline. Talk with the elderly man and it's 
time for another spur-of-the-moment virus busting.

This time we're taking on a Puffer, at regular intervals it fires 
spikes at your in an arc. They'll only hit the panel you're standing 
on, so move off of it; a StarFish, which will fire three bubbles down 
one of your outside colums; if you hit them, then you'll be 
immobilized while the other viruses smack you around; and a Pirahna, 
the ancient enemy that sends out a curser, if you touch the cursor, 
it'll fire a spear at you.

This is a decent step up from the Old Stoves, but it shouldn't be 
anything you can't handle. Just play it careful, you won't be getting 
anything from this fight, so your Busting Level doesn't matter. Take 
as long as you need.


Head back up to Classroom 6-1 and talk to Mick. Man, is he 
oversensitive or what?

Head back home and jack into the Net, talk to the aqua colored Navi 
in Central Area 1's Net Cafe. There's a tough-guy Navi in Central 2 
that you can fight for some Sub Memory. If you take him up on the 
offer, you'll face a Mettaur2, a Shaker, and a Shooter. The Shaker is 
the one that you really have to worry about, but overall it's a piece 
of cake. Again, your busting level doesn't matter, so don't worry 
about being speedy.

But we want to go to Central Area 3. To the left is a pink Navi and a 
yellow path that leads to the Seaside Area. Talk to the pink navi and 
then backtrack to Central 1 and exchange words with the aqua navi. 
Jack out.

Go to Lan's bathroom and talk to Haruka, then jack into the toilet, 
and although MegaMan's *really* hesitant about it, get ready for 
another virus battle... against the awesome PLUNGER METTAUR!! Maybe 
he was worried about where that plunger had been?

This time you're taking on Mettaurs of various levels. Nothing to 
worry about.

Jack back into that toilet for an Unlocker (BMD). Then head back to 
Central Area 3 and talk to the aqua Navi. Now head on through to 
Seaside Area 1!

Location: SeaSide Area 1
Stuff to Get: None.

You'll want to work your way around the spirals to the top warp 
point, which will take you to the lower level. But we're going to go 
to the bottom warp point instead, this takes you to a computer that 
has a White Capsule * and a DoubleShoot *. 

Now, backtrack to SeaSide 1. Once there, hit the top warp and go to 
the right side of the screen and check the BBS for a cut-screen. Jack 
out once you regain control.

Go to the Foyer Hall and talk to Mick. Now leave the school and go to 
the Metro/LevBus station.

Location: Seaside Town.
Stuff to Get: Barrier 100 H (BMD inside Water Dispensers' Comp Next 
                            to Whale Building)
	      White Capsule * (BMD in Fish Stick Stand's Comp.)
	      Unlocker (BMD in Fish Stick Stand's Comp.)
	      Sea Key (Gotten after buying Fish Stick from Mr. Prog 
                      in Fish Stick Comp.)

Continue down around the pathway towards the front of the whale 
building until you trigger the cut scene...

Head home and go to sleep... No returning lost penguins for us today, 

B4: Trouble at Sea(side)! Part 2

Once we're in control again, we'll get an EMail. Open it to receive 
the Navi Customizer, install it and run through the tutorial.

Now that that's out of the way, head over to that LevBus station. Get 
your tail over to Seaside Town to catch up to Mick. Once you arrive, 
head down and around to the front of the Whale Building/Aquarium, 
then talk to Mick then step inside the Aquarium to advance the plot.

Cut scene... Aww... what a heart warming moment... *sniff*

Location: Aquarium 1&2
Stuff to Get: HP Memory (BMD in Seasides' home page, accessed from 
                      the green tank right next to the back door in 
                      the second area.)
	      Tornado L (PMD in Seaside's home page.)
	      A whole lot of info.

Wander around the Aquarium and examine all of the tanks and listen to 
all of the voice guides, you'll need this info later so pay attention 
to what's being said.

Once you visit all of the animals, the Aquarium show will open up, 
and you can go through that back door in Aquarium 2 to advance the 

Location: Aquarium 3
Stuff to Get: Regular Up 1 (Examine the orange and green bins)

When you regain control, start to head back to the LevBus station, 
but you'll get halted by a cut scene. Mr. SailorDude is acting mighty 
suspicous isn't he? Continue on towards the Station, but be prepared 
to get another cut scene.

Follow that suddenly concerned Mick back to the penguin cage in 
Aquarium 2 and then watch yet another cut scene. Swing that broom, 

Well, lessee here. We've got sharks in the bay, fish in the fountain, 
crocodiles all over the place and a fair amount of mass panic. Yep, 
it's time to save the day again. Run back to Aquarium 2 and then slip 
past the receptionist's desk. 

Head into that back room and then run headfirst into that oversized 
tub o' lard. Move over to that platform that sticks out over the tank 
to find our missing item.

Run back inside and go down the stairs towards the fish tanks, but 
you'll get halted by a cut scene. 

Follow Butterfly up the stairs and back outside... fast little 
bugger, isn't she? And her BatMan impression isn't all that bad 

Anyways, head over to the extreme left corner of Seaside Town and 
activate the CopyBot there. Go back to the Jellyfish Tank and dive 
in, collect the ball and then get back topside. Examine the seal to 
get it out of the way and then go through that doorway.

Cut scene.

As soon as you can, jack out, examine that ladder for some HP memory, 
and then jack back in.

Location: Aquarium Comp. 1
Stuff to Get: Life Synch * (BMD)
	      HP Memory (BMD)

Talk to the Program just ahead to initiate the proceedings...

Welcome to the most annoying mini-game in BN6. You have to head into 
the Network, find the Programs and pick them up one at a time. Once 
you do, sharks will pop into the place and start moving around, if a 
shark finds you, it'll eat your program and send it back to where you 
found it. Take the Prog back to the main walkway and drop it in it's 
proper tank. Depending on the random places that the game puts the 
sharks, this mini-game could be easy or painful. But, MegaMan's gotta 
do what MegaMan's gotta do.

The first Prog's along the right wall, just past the BMD. This Prog 
remembers eating a cow which means, for those of you who weren't 
paying attention in the Aquarium, that he goes in the pirahna tank.

The next Prog is on the right side of the Network just past the 
bottleneck. He's got a stubby tail, so therefore, he is a sunfish.

The last Prog, the Tropical Fish, is at the very end of the maze.

Head on through the next area.

Location: Aquarium Comp. 2
Stuff to Get: Regular Up 1 (BMD)
	      First Barrier NCP (BMD)

Circle around and hit the warp point to begin the next section of the 

The first Prog is found almost directly northwest from the tanks, he 
says that he's as steady as a rock, so that makes him a turtle.

Head southeast from the starting point to find our next Prog. He 
talks with a funny French accent, but that's 'cuz he's a Nautilus. 
You'll probably have to use that little land bridge just in front of 
the entrance to get him home.

The last Prog is straight back from the entrance. Obviously, he goes 
in the only tank available.

Go through the now open gate to get to the last area.

Location: Aquarium Comp. 3
Stuff to Get: High Cannon M (BMD)
	      HP +50 (BMD)

Four tanks this time, no biggie.

The first Prog is, again, straight northwest from the starting point 
on the path that goes over that little above water patch of ground. 
He claims he can fly, but since he's a Penguin, that statement just 

The next Prog is to the southwest of the starting point. He only 
remembers the fact that he's got a friend named Snap, and that Snap's 
a lizard. Alligator anyone? 

Next, head straight back to the end and you'll find another Prog. He 
only remembers his nose, but that's to be expected since he's an 
Elephant Seal.

Grab your last little lost Prog and bring him home.

Save, refill thy health, and let's have us a boss fight!

"Target locked. Engaging the Enemy! Awooga!"
HP: 500 
Difficulty: Medium
 1) Two torpedoes appear at a constant interval on random panels and  
    fly forward. Dodge up or down to avoid them. 
 2) DiveMan surfaces and sends a tidal wave at you. It strikes a 2x3 
    area, so hang out at your back row. 
 3) DiveMan opens his chest and fires two mines at you. They hit the 
    ground on the panel that you were standing on, so move off of 
    them to avoid the attack. 

 Comments: This guys is a definate step up from BlastMan... Kinda 
makes up for the pathetic fight we had against old Blasty... Stay on 
the back row and wait for DiveMan to surface. When he does, unload 
your arsenal on him. 

Defense is a priority here, otherwise his torpedoes will bleed you 
dry before you can make much of a dent on him. If you've got Machine 
Guns in your folder, get rid of them, they'll leave you wide open to 
the torpedoes. Concentrate on staying alive until you have a clear 
shot, then attack him.

Reward: 2000 Zenny.

Run back to the Penguin Cage to check up on Mick. Then watch the cut 
scene... Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy... *evil grin*
Head home and sleep.

B5: Aqua Powah!

After the wonked out cut scenes pass, go outside and get an EMail. 
Open it to receive the kinda useful Tag System. 

Now head down to the Foyer Hall and jack into the big screen.

Location: Monitor Comp.
Stuff to Get: LockEmeny (BMD)

Head down to the Teacher's Room to talk to Mack, and watch as an old 
friend returns, and hey! She's developed a new outlook on life... 

Take just a moment and jack into the green screen up there on the top 
right corner of the room.

Location: Teacher's Room Comp.
Stuff to Get: Regular Up 1 (BMD)
	      Charge +1 (BMD)

Afterwards, run back upstairs to find Butterfly near Classroom 6-1's 
fish tanks. Watch the conversation unfold... Give her time, folks, 
she has a way of growing on you.

Run back downstairs to and talk to Shuko.

Location: Lab Comp. 1
Stuff to Get: FireHit1 F (BMD)
	      Fan * (BMD)

Go downstairs, then head through the pink door to Shuko's office, 
talk to her, then examine the PC to take charge of AquaMan. Looks 
like he's developed a bit of an attitude since he insists on calling 
Lan a 'drip'... Or at least his accent makes it look that way.

AquaMan's charge shot is a Bubble Shot that does 40 damage. It also 
cracks the tiles that it hits. Nice. 

Head through the PC and go to SeaSide Area 2. Hug the northwest wall 
and hit the warp. You'll be taken to the Aquarium's Home Page. Talk 
to the brown Net Navi and the Net will flood- again. It's mini-game 

Here's how this works. In each SeaSide area there are 5 fish. We have 
to catch them. Hit the cyclone recolor things to go up and swim after 
the fish; now, that bar up there is your strength meter. If it runs 
out, then you'll wind up back at the beginning and lose all of your 
fishies, so don't let it run out. Go back to the typhoon to come down 
and refill your strength bar.

And just a warning, you'll have to fight three virus battles in a row 
at the pink gate at the end of SeaSide 2.

The first Typhoon is near the entrance to the HP. The second is just 
outside the exit to SeaSide 3 and the other one is at the end near 
Central 3's entrance.

Once you're done, talk to Shuko and we'll fight AquaMan!

"MegaMan, time for a shower!"
HP: 800 
Difficulty: Easy 

 1) He'll pull out this monster of a hose and fire it at you. It      
    forms a "T" shape. 

 2) His Navi Chip. He'll zip over to the center tile of your side of 
    the field and start spraying the place with water. Move around in 
    a circle to evade this attack.

 3) His Charge Shot, really. Just step aside.
Comments: The only thing new that he has is his Aqua Hose. Aside from 
that, it's the same old, same old. He'll preannounce all of his 
attacks in some way, so they're extremely easy to dodge.

Reward: AquaMan A, Aqua Cross.

Congrats, you now have your very first Cross! Learn how to use it via 
the in-game tutorial.

Now, leave the school and watch the cut scene progress...

AsterLand is now officially open! Drop by the place and take a look. 
And while we're there, let's take on a few of those Help Board 

HD0. Introduction to the Help Board.

Sub Quests? They're back from BN3? Yes, they are. We've got lockets 
to find, damsels to save, viruses to bust, and Zenny to find. Ah, 
yes, never forget the Zenny...

Anyways, here's how the system works. To the right of the Prog in 
Chibi-Higure's chip shop is a Help Board. When you examine the Desk, 
you see a list of side quests that you can pick from and carry out, 
while you don't HAVE to do them, you get lots of nice stuff if you 

First off, there are rules to this Help Board. At first you can only 
choose from the missions marked with one star. After you clear all of 
them, you can do the missions marked with two stars, etc... We're 
going to start at the bottom and work our way up, since that's about 
the only way we can do this.

HD1. Help Task #1: Virus Busters.

Task: Virus Deletion.
Reward: 10 Bug Frags.

Don't worry, there's no ghosts involved here. Go to the Help Desk and 
select the bottom mission. You'll promptly get an Email giving you 
the rundown on the mission you selected.

Go to the school, and head over to Classroom 6-2. Talk to Ms. Generic 
Girl Sprite.

Go over to the blackboard, plug in, and walk forward. There are four 
Mets in the blackboard, find 'em, destroy 'em, plug out.

Talk to the girl for our reward... 10 Bug Frags.

Run back to the chip shop and select our next mission, the one just 
above the one we just completed.

HD2. Help Task #2: Polly Locket.

Task: Find Keepsake.
Reward: Regular Memory.

After the Email arrives, go over to the school. See that old generic 
lady? She's the one we talk to, so do so.

The object of our search can be found in the tree next to Lan's 

Take it back to the lady and get some Regular Memory for our 

HD3. Help Task #3: Message Boy.

Task: Errand Request.
Reward: Number Trader code for an Unlocker Sub Chip.

After taking on this job, run over to the school's Teacher's Lounge. 
Talk with the dude in the lab coat. No, you can't go blow that Zenny 
on Battle Chips! Get with the program here!

Plug into the Net from the location of your choice and then get your 
tail over to SeaSide Area 1. Hit the bottom warp to get to go to the 
Stuffed Doll Comp. Then talk to the generic pink Net Navi, take the 
ticket back to your requestor and you're done.

Check the Notebook in your Key Items sub-screen to get a Number 
Trader code.

Since we can't take any of the other tasks at the moment, we're done 
for now. Head home and hit the hay.

B6: A Beastly Problem.

Once you regain control, head downstairs and talk to Haruka. After 
the conversation ends, run out to the park and talk to Iris.

Cut scene...

Now, is that clown disturbing or what? His name's CircusMan, and by 
the end of the game, you'll find yourself hating him just as much as 
I do. But getting back to business, go home and jack into the 'Net. 
From there go to Central Area 3 and approach the Cyber Beast to 
trigger the next plot point.

Go downstairs and talk to Yuu (Lan's dad), then go back upstairs. 
After the cut scene jack in, go to Central 1 and get ready for 
another mini-game!

Here's how this works. There are 'Evil Spirits' out on the Net. To 
get to Central 3 and confront the Cyber Beast, you have to destroy 
the Spirits with the weapons you get from the downed Net Cops. The 
Knife hits the panel in front of you, the Sword hits two panels 
ahead, the Ax hits like a Wide Sword would, and the Gun lets you 
snipe from three panels away. Now, there are three kinds of Spirits 
on the loose, Red, Yellow and Blue. The Red Ghosts need one hit to 
destroy them, the Yellow require two, and the Blue a whopping three. 
If you strike a Ghost from behind, then you'll automatically delete 
it no matter how much HP it had left.

Head forward and Knife that lone Red. Head forward and Sword that Red 
and Yellow from the side so that you hit them both, then finish the 
job with the Knife.

At the Cafe, Sword the Red/Yellows, then Axe that lot of three. Head 
on through to the next area.

Talk to the cop to refill your arsenal and proceed into the area.

Gun the Red on the side, Axe from the center Yellow and finish the 
lot with the Knife. 

At the Red/Yellow/Red line, Sword the Yellow from a distance, then 
Axe them all.

At the final group, Sword the Red/Yellow pair on the left side, then 
Axe the Red/Yellow pair. Ax the two reds and call this area done. Go 
to Central 3.

Talk to the cop as usual to get your weapons and let's get down to 

At that 'L' shaped trio of ghosts on the right, Sword the two 
Yellows, then Sword the two Reds. Sword the Yellow from the next 
cluster from across the gap, use your last Sword on the remaining 
Red/Yellow and then Knife the Red.

Go to the northern corner and snipe that Blue so that you auto-kill 
him. Axe the Yellow/Red and then Knife the remaining ghost. 

The final cluster, hit the Blue from a distance with the Gun, then 
Axe the Red/Yellow. Axe again from the side and that's that.

Go confront the Cyber Beast.


After the cut scene (and Tab's Star Wars spoof), go to Shuko's office 
and take control of SpoutMan. We need to get to Seaside 3, so go to 
Seaside 1 and cue up that Ghostbuster's theme again...

Head around the path until you hit a cluster of four Ghosts. Sword 
twice to take out the Red/Yellow/Yellow trio, then ignore that Blue. 
We'll get him later. Go to the top warp by Knifing the red blocking 
your path, then Snipe that Yellow Ghost in the back from across the 
gap in the path.

Hit the Warp and drop down to the lower area. Go to the east edge and 
let's take out that ghostly convention, shall we? Snipe those Yellows 
on the back row, go to the left and Sword them. Axe the trio of 
Yellow/Blue/Yellow from behind, then head back topside.

Go around the lower spiral and Knife the Blue we passed up earlier 
from behind. On the right side of the lower spiral, Axe those two 
Yellows twice and you're done.

Location: Seaside Area 2
Stuff to Get: Panel Return * (BMD)
	      Vulcan 2 D (BMD)

Refill thine weaponry from the Net Cop, oh mighty Ghost Slayer.

Ignore those two Blues. Attacking them head on is paramount to 
suicide. Go to the right and pay the security cube a bribe- er, toll 
to go on through to the other side. 

Snipe the Blue in that trio of Blue/Yellow/Red from across the moving 
walkway, then go around and Sword and Knife the remaining two. Go 

Go around to the back of that Yellow/Yellow/Yellow/Red quartet and 
Knife the Red just above them. Snipe the Yellow that's just behind 
the Blue and Sword twice to put that quartet out of business.

At the next group on the left side of the area, cross the moving 
tiles, Knife the Red Ghost from the side, then Axe the remaining 
three from behind. Shoot the last Ghost from a distance.

Finally, circle back to the remaining Blue Ghosts, Axe twice from 
behind and call this area cleaned up.

Now, I'm going to give you a word of warning. The pink gate that bars 
the way to Seaside 3 will require you to fight three consecutive 
battles before it'll open. So be wary and careful, remember that 
HeatMan's a Fire Navi in an Aqua Environment. Once you pass, head 
through to the next area.

Location: Seaside Area 3
Stuff to Get: Regular Up 2 (BMD)
	      Wide Blade B (PMD)

Talk to the cop to get your weapons and let's put this scenerio 
behind us.

Go to the left and Axe the Red/Yellow duo, ignore the other Blues and 
go down the narrow strip of normal panelling. Sword the Yellow from 
across the gap, then Knife him. Sword that Blue in the back and 
continue on.

Step on the very last moving panel and go to the end of the path 
again before stepping on the moving panels. Is that a motherlode of 
Ghosts or what?

Axe the front Red/Yellows, then Knife the now Red. Axe the 
Yellow/Blue/Red, and then follow up by Axing the next two Reds and 
shooting the rest.

Start circling around back towards then entrance, but take a detour 
along the way to open that pink door with our Sea Key. Hit the warp 
and follow the path to the next Pipe Comp. Raid the BMD for a SeaSeed 
A and then go back to SeaSide 3 by the route we came from.

Go to the top of the Area, Snipe that lone Blue Ghost before crossing 
the one-way tile. Knife that bottom Blue in the back and then Sword 
our final two Ghosts. We're done!

Save your game, then head down to the giant faucet. Examine it to 
trigger a cut scene. I agree with HeatMan's assessment about sending 
Fire Navis to get water...

You'll end up fighting a Mettaur3, Shaker and a Sniper to get the 
water. Thankfully, there's no water viruses involved. Again, your 
Busting Level means nothing here, so take your time deleting them.

Jack out and jack back in, then go to Lan's Home Page. Examine 
MegaMan and watch the disaster that follows.

Watch the cut scenes and then run through the Beast Out tutorial.

Once that ends, jack in and go to Central 3. Approach the Cybeast 
Statues to trigger a cut scene and a boss fight. I don't know about 
you, but I'm going to enjoy blowing this clown to kingdom come...

HP: 700
Difficulty: Hard if this is your first time, easy if you've fought 

 1) Two hands appear on each end of one of your columns and come     
    together. Dodge these by  moving forward or backward.

 2) CircusMan transforms into a tent and tries to drop down on you.   
    If he snags you, the curtain will fall and he'll pummel you for   
    several seconds. This attack is just plain wrong no matter how    
    you look at it, it also drains your HP dry. Seriously, pray that  
    you don't get caught in this.

 3) A hoop will appear on the row you're standing on and an animal    
    will fly through it and down your row. Dodge up or down.

Comments: CircusMan comes hard and fast, he's much more annoying than 
DiveMan was. Again, your priority should be on learning how to dodge 
his attacks, and then plastering him to the wall when you have a 

If you want an easy time of it, get into Beast Out and unleash some 
special attacks on him right after he moves.

Rewards: 3000 Zenny.

Take just a moment and savor that victory...

B7. Hide and Seek.

Once again, sit back and watch the cut scenes.

Immediately take off and run down that hallway. *evil grin* And go 
home, jack into the Net, check your mailbox for a nice suprise, and 
head to the Net Cafe. Once you reach it, talk to the pair of recolors 
and then jack out.

Go to Seaside Town and jack into the green aquarium in Aquarium 2. 
Talk to the recolored twins once again and then jack out and go to 
the Fish Stick stand. Jack into the stand and talk to the twins once 

Now, go back to Central Town and drop by classroom 6-1. Examine the 
fish tanks there, and then go over to the security camera on the east 
corner of the room. Examine it and then jack in. Raid it for goodies 
and then talk to the twins for the last time...

B8. Judgement Call.

After the cut scene, head to the LevBus Station and go to Green Town. 

Location: Green Town.
Stuff to Get: Regular Up 2 (BMD in statue to the north of the LevBus 
	      2400 Zenny (BMD in statue.)
	      An odd warning.

First thing's first. Go to the statue and get your stuff, then head 
down towards that big marble building. Enter it and then trigger the 
cut scene... After the scene ends, turn around and jack into that big 
stone marked 'TRUTH'.

Location: Green Town HP.
Stuff to Get: HP Memory (BMD)
	      Black Bomb F (PMD)

Talk to the trio of Navis who are hanging out by the warp point, then 
go through said warp to Green Area 1.

Location: Green Area 1
Stuff to Get: HP + 100 NCP (BMD)
	      Spreader2 C (BMD)
	      Lance W (PMD)


Work your way through the area until you reach a pink gate that 
blocks the way to Green Area 2. Talk to the gate, then backtrack to 
Green's HP. Talk to the Aqua Navi and fork over the requirements, 
exchange words with the other two Navis and then go back to the 
doorway blocking the entrance to Green Area 2. Open Program!

Location: Green Area 2
Stuff to Get: Speed +1 (BMD)
	      Court Entry Permit.

Go to the Net Cafe in the area and talk to the Navi behind the 
counter. He'll fix our little problem and we can now get through that 
death-bot reinforced gate. 

Jack out.

Go over and talk to the manager and Ito. Now enter the courtroom, 
talk to everyone and then examine the huge tree in the center of the 

Watch the cut scenes progress and prepare to get another Cross...

B9: Nose of the Tengu.

Well, let's take a break from the main plotline for a minute to get 
ourselves another Cross to add to our arsenal. AquaCross is nice, but 
that ain't all there is to the game. Head outside and you should see 
a guy with a custom sprite standing behind a desk on one of those 
sawed-off tree trunks. Talk to him and examine the digital book to 
begin the mission. 

Here's what we've gotta do. Somewhere out there in Green Town's 
Network are eight scrolls, four in each area. TenguMan's gotta catch 
'em all. Now for the hard part, those birds in the area think that 
TenguMan's a tasty treat, they'll try to rush over and peck on you. 
To stop them, hit the "A" button to unleash a blast of wind. Every 
time you attack, you loose a leaf. After all five leaves are gone, 
you're dead if a bird touches you. However, there are plants out 
there that can refill your leaves, so watch out for them.

Our first scroll is near the PMD, the second is just past the warp 
that goes to the center area. Go south-east and down the left set of 
stairs, follow the path around to collect the next scroll, then 
backtrack and head down the right staircase. Pick up your last scroll 
and let's go to the next area.

In Area 2, the first scroll is in the middle of those three paths 
that jet off to nowhere near the Net Cafe. The path just past the 
pink gate we can't open leads to the next scroll, follow the path 
around and bag the next scroll and then go to that huge tree in the 
center to pick up your last parchment.

Once that's done, talk to TenguMan's Op to battle TenguMan himself!

"This will be business as usual for me. Fight!"
HP: 800
Difficutly: Medium

 1) You guessed it, he'll send his huge honker out to stab you. Move  
  out of the way.
 2) Three tornadoes will circle your outside panels.
 3) He'll light up two rows of panels and then tackle anything over   

Comments: Swords. Swords hurt this guy big time. Pack Area Steals, 
lock him in, and then whittle him down to size. If you want to be 
especially evil, stick an obstable on both of the panels he's not on. 
Hello immobility!

Rewards: TenguMan T, TenguCross.

Behold the semi-original powers of the amazing TenguCross!

Anyways, head home, watch the cut scene. Then go to bed.

B10. Lan Hikari, Private Eye.

And no, as much as I may want to, I'm not going to crack Phoenix 
Wright jokes throughout this scenerio.

Go home and talk to Haruka. Then get your tail over to the LevBus 
Station and go to Green Town. Dash up to that Courthouse and enter 
the courtroom.

When you regain control, go up and talk to Ito. Then go back to 
Central Town and head to school. Inside, talk to Mach, then go up to 
Classroom 6-1 and jack into the security camera. Examine that bizarre 
computer thing and we'll get ambushed by 2 Corn Shots and a Killer 

Watch the cut scene, then go to that locker behind Lan's desk and 
examine it. You'll trigger another cut scene.

Now go down to the Teacher's Room, jack into the main computer and go 
to the area where we fought BlastMan. Check out the two window-like 
doohickeys and get another cinema.

Jack out.

Dash back to Green Town and barrel your way into that courthouse. 
Talk to the guy in front of the courtroom doors, then go down that 
hallway on the right.
Enter the room, watch the cinema. There's a chair on the end of the 
row of cells that you can jack into for a Gaurdian O. When you're 
ready, leave through the other exit on the left.

Go confront Ito.

When we get control back, check out that blue door on the left. 
Follow the new path around and check the door to discover that we 
need a password. Go back into the courtroom, jack into the Truth 
stone and ask around for the answer. When you get it, go back to the 
brown door and input the password, 153.

You're now underneath the courthouse, circle around the tree and go 
up the ladder.

Yet another cut scene.

Location: Judge Comp 1.
Stuff to Get: ComingRoad * (BMD)
	      Step Sword L (BMD)

Alright, it's time for another mini-game. Here's what we've got to 
do, whenever you step on a panel, that panel sprouts grass. If you 
touch a panel that has grass on it, you'll get arrested, tried, 
convicted and docked some HP. So you have to navigate the area and 
touch all of the yellow and blue buttons to open up the door and 
advance without double-backing.

It's really simple, actually, just press the 'L' button to look 
around the map, like in EXE 5's Liberation Missions, and plan out 
your path in advance.

Work your way over to the next area.

Location: Judge Comp 2.
Stuff to Get: Yoyo N (BMD)
	      HP Memory (BMD)

It's the same thing as the last area. Continue on to Judge Comp 3.

Location: Judge Comp 3.
Stuff to Get: Regular Up 3 (BMD)
	      Expansion Memory (BMD<About time>)

When you reach the end of the area, save, refill your health, and get 
ready to throw the book at JudgeMan!

"Criminals shall be punished accordingly!!"
HP: 800
Difficulty: Easy.

 1) JudgeMan steps up to the front of his area and throws a whip down 
    the row you're standing on. This gives you a prime chance to nail 
    him with your SlashCross Charge Shot.

 2) Alligator books? Whatever. Two books appear and sprout teeth, 
    they race towards you and try to ram you. As soon as they touch 
    your area they'll merge into one book for twice the damage.

 3) Mamodo- er, A book appears on the front of JudgeMan's row and 
    lines itself upwith you. If any of your attacks hit it, it'll
    launch a Bubble Row, Fire Arm, or Golem Punch at you, in that 
    order, with each hit.

 Comments: After conditioning ourselves to spar with CircusMan, this 
guy's almost a joke.

The only real threat here is the third attack. When the Book appears, 
hit it with a normal buster shot and then dodge whatever it throws at 
you. After all three attacks are launched, it'll vanish.

Reward: 4000 Zenny.

Enjoy the victory and watch the cut scenes as everything gets put 
back to normal.

Before we move onto the next plot point, let's take a moment and do 
the next two Help Board Missions...

HD4: Gimme a Hand(Out)
Mission: Need Help.
Reward: Zenny.

Accept the fourth one star mission then get over to the computer in 
the Teacher's Lounge where we founght BlastMan. Over in the northwest 
corner of the first area and you'll see yet another generic Navi. 
Seems the guy's fallen on hard times and needs a hand.

He wants a whopping 10,000 Zenny loan.

Kindly pick your jaw up off the floor. Thank you.

Trust me on this one, fork over the cash.

Keep checking in with him, eventually he'll come up with the cash to 
repay you 10 times over.

HD5: Son of Thunder!
Mission: Get the Chip.
Reward: Regular Memory.

Go over to SeaSide Area 3 and track down the guy selling Chips and 
such. There's an Aqua Navi standing beside him, he's the one we want 
to talk to.

Huh? All he wants is a DollThunder A chip?

Odds are that you won't have one yet, so keep it in mind as we 
continue. Once you find one, take it back to him, and get some 
Regular Memory in exchange.

B1J. Beast Out of Control!

Alright, back to the plot. Go to the LevBus Station and go to Sky 

Location: Sky Town Admin.
Stuff to Get: Speed +1 (BMD in Comp beneath Elevator)

Grab your NCP from under the elevator, then talk to the guy in the 
brown suit, and *then* use the elevator to go to the next area.

Location: Sky Town.
Stuff to Get: Regular Up 1 (BMD)
	      OilBody (BMD)
	      Color Point * (BMD)
	      Regular Up 1 (BMD)
	      Charge +1 NCP (BMD)

The first thing you'll notice is the four appliances lined up down 
the path. You can jack into each one of them and get some nice stuff, 
so go ahead and do so... 

Now, hold on a moment, there's something of importance here. See that 
shower-like appliance? There's a Punk Navi there that will sell you 
Rush Food for 3000 Zenny a can. 

What does Rush Food do? The next time you head out onto the Internet, 
you'll see these strange bone-shaped tiles. Walk up to one and press 
'A'. MegaMan will throw the Rush Food out onto the tile and Rush will 
pop up and form a tile that you can walk on. One can opens one tile. 
Not only does this allow you to create a lot of short cuts, it'll 
also come in handy once we get ready to challenge some secret bosses.

When you're ready, go inside that main building. Examine those tanks 
to your immediate left for some HP Memory, then jack into them for 
Bug Frags and a Bug Fix P. Also, take note of the three numbers that 
the Prog on the right rattles off...

Avoid talking to the Aqua Navi and go past him to jack into that huge 
computer there. Grab your Regular Up 2 and 3000 Zenny. Now talk to 
the Aqua Navi.

Go through that door on the top right. Hang a left in the next room 
and talk to 'Mr. Weather', and no, just because he looks like a clown 
doesn't mean you should kill him. Follow the path around to the exit 
on the bottom right (uh, don't you people think that it would be a 
good idea to install some safety rails around here?), go to the 
elevator on the left, and then go to the northeast corner of the 
sscreen and jack into that satellite dish.

Welcome to the Sky Town HP!

Location: Sky Town HP.
Stuff to Get: Vulcan3 A (BMD)
	      AutoHeal NCP (PMD)
	      Link to Sky Town.

Talk to the Prog on the right to link Lan's HP to Sky Town's. While 
you can get links to any and all of the Home pages you visit, this 
one's the most useful.

Now, exit the HP.

Location: Sky Town HP
Stuff to Get: HP+100 NCP (BMD)
	      Col. Army B (BMD)

Go to the Net Cafe and talk to the Net Cop dude at the top corner. 
You'll fight 3 virus battles in a row for your needed WinCard A.

Now, backtrack down the row of inclines until you get to the bottom. 
Circle around and go to that big open space that's almost directly 
under the Cafe and talk to the Net Cop there. A five round battle 
awaits you.

Go to the next area of Sky Town's internet.

Location: Sky Town HP
Stuff to Get: Regular Up 3 (BMD)

Follow the road around until you hit the second warp, then cross the 
one-way tile and go down to find the next challenger. You've got a 
five-set battle this time. These can get a little difficult, so make 
sure you've got a good deck.

Now, go back across the other one-way tile, go to the extreme left of 
the screen and down that little pathway to face your final judge and 
a ten-set battle...

Now go back across the one-way tiles and track down the Aqua Navi 
who's just down the stairs. Talk to him to trigger a cut scene.

Go back to that purple gate at the end of Sky Area 2, head on 

Location: UnderNet 1
Stuff to Get: Muramasa M (PMD)
	      HP Memory (BMD on the other side of the Rush Road)

Welcome to hel-, er, the UnderNet. Hug the left wall on your way 
through the place to find a warp to someone's computer. Raid it for 
your next Expansion Memory (BMD) and a Step Sword B (PMD). Go back to 
the UnderNet and continue along the path we were on to get to a 
couple of really wonked out Cyber Beast Statues.

Enjoy the cut scene, is this a problem or what?


Run and grab the Link Navi of your choice, then take him back to the 
Cyber Beast Statues in UnderNet 1.

Who does that cloaked Navi think that he's fooling?

B12: Braving the Elements.

Huh? Dark of night? Rain? Snow? Wind? Looks like a mailman's worst 
nightmare... Go home and trigger cutscene or else MegaMan won't let 
you do anything.

But before we go off and set things straight, let's take just a 
moment and do a few Help Tasks. 

HD6: Over Protective Father.
Mission: Daughter Worry
Reward: Regular Memory

Head over to Green Town and head down to the last cut off Tree Stump. 
Talk to the guy who's standing on it. Seems he's worried about his 
daughter, who's off on an internet date. We get the interesting job 
of trying to break them apart to test the guy's reaction.

Well, plug in somewhere and get over to SeaSide 1. Hit the top warp 
to get to that lower blue area and go to the northeast corner.

Talk to the punk Navi and after the initial confusion is cleared up, 
beat the living daylights out of him.

Go back to the guy in the brown suit for our reward.

HD7: Smackdown!
Mission: Stop Him!
Reward: Big Bomb P

Head over to Green Town and go to the courtroom. Talk to the girl 
there then run back to our favorite marble slab. Plug in and get over 
to Green Area 1. From there, go to that island with nothing on it 
that's not connected by anything. Talk to the orange Navi.

The 'Yes' option plunges you into a five-set battle. But that's what 
we came here to do.

Once we win, talk to the girl, get our dough, and head back to the 
Help Desk.

HD8: By the Bookie.
Mission: Loan Collection
Reward: 5000 Zenny 

Go to Green Town and plug into that slab again. Talk to the brown 
Navi, then go to Central Area 2. See that red punk that sticks out 
like a sore thumb? Talk to him, say yes, and beat him up. Talk to the 
green Net Navi who appears after you do, and then go to SeaSide Area 
3. Beat up the Punk again, and we'll get some money.

See previous statement about spending said money on Battle Chips.

Head back to Green Area's Home Page, give the money to the brown 
Navi, collect reward.

HD9: Diet Dud.
Mission: Diet Good Money
Reward: 5000 Zenny

Go to the 1F Hallway in Cyber Academy and talk to Generic Chubby Kid. 
Jack into the Net and go to Green's HP, from there go straight down 
to find the red punk Navi. Talk to him, and then go to Green Town.

He claims that he's got the law on his side. Well, we'll just have to 
do something about that. Go to Green Town. Go up to the courtroom and 
talk to the guy in the brown suit. 

Go back to Seaside and check up on the punk. Then back to your client 
and get your reward.

Back to the plot. Go to Sky Town... And why is there never a 
repairman around when you need one? Go downstairs, jack into that 
computer beneath the elevator and cleanse the system.

Then, let's put this plot on hold once more and get us another Cross 
to add to our arsenal.

B13: Oath of the TomahawkMan.

O.K., so the pun in the title is as old as Sam Hill, sue me. Let's 
take a moment and get a new Cross.

Hang a left and go out onto the helipad. You know the drill, talk to 
the Op then inspect the panel behind him to gain control of 

TomahawkMan sports a nice charge shot. It's his Tomahawk Axe and hits 
at LifeSword range. The problem? EXTREMELY long charge time. 

Anyways, head out onto the Net. We have to find the four  Totem Poles 
and challenge them. Now, when you challenge a Totem Pole, you'll end 
up in a mini-game. Totem Poles will rise from the ground and you have 
to whack them down with the "B" button. Use "L" and "R" to turn 
around. If one of the Totems get too high, it'll zap you for 90 HP 
damage. To find them, just head along the path towards the UnderNet.

Four Totems. Find 'em and chop 'em.

We're done here. Plug out and fight!

HP: 1000
Difficulty: Easy

 1) An eagle flies down one row. Step up or down.
 2) His charge shot. Dream Sword range (2x3).

 3) He'll attack a column by throwing his tomahawk through the air.   
 Step forward or back quickly.

 4) He'll fuse his tomahawk with that eagle to form one monster     
 of a machete. Then he'll slam it into the ground to shatter the      
 panels on your row. Try not to let this happen while you're in     
 the center row.

Comments: For some reason, Anti-Swords (which you should have in 
abundance by now) stop all of TomahawkMan's attacks in their tracks. 
Use them and the battle's yours.

Rewards: TomahawkMan T, TomahawkCross.

Now, back to the plot!

Go up the elevator, head around and watch the cut scene.

Head around the circular path, jack into each machine and you'll have 
to fight a virus battle to shut it off.

In the Fan you'll have to fight a FighterPlane and a FighterPlaneSP.

In the Heater you'll fight an Old Heater, and Old Burner and an Old 
Stove SP.

In the Shower you'll take on a Puffy2, a Puffy3, and a Puffy SP.

In the Air Conditioner it's a StarFish3, Pirhanha3 and a Windbox.

Run back around the path the way you came, then go up the center path 
and enter the building. Iris'll do her thing, and we should check 
that row of lockers over there on the right.

Go through that door on the left, and follow the path to the next 
area. Try to go down the stairs to trigger yet another cut scene. I 
told you that they should have put guardrails on this thing... Go 
back inside and commandere that copybot. Now go through the door on 
the bottom left, take the circular path around all of the appliances, 
but go left when you come to the shower.

Cut scene.

You'll want to run down the path and into that side doorway on the 
right. Inside go examine Mr. Weather and get ready for mini-game 

Basically, you have to fly the cloud around and gather the eight 
pieces of the rainbow. When you have them all, then you can hold 'A' 
to leave a rainbow trail behind you. If you circle the storm that's 
raging in the area while leaving a rainbow trail, then you'll clear 
away the storm and open up the way to the next area.

Location: Weather Comp. 1
Stuff to Get: Rainbow Power
	      Regular Up 1. (BMD)
	      Spreader3 S. (BMD)

Clear out the storm and go to the next area.

Location: Weather Comp. 2
Stuff to Get: Rainbow Power
	      HP Memory (BMD)
	      Shield NCP (BMD)

Same deal, except there's two storms this time.

Location: Weather Comp. 3
Stuff to Get: Ditto on the Rainbow Power
	      Spin Pink (BMD)
	      Recover 120 F (BMD)

After you finish, save your game. Refill your health, and set up your 
folder, it's clobberin' time!


HP: 900
Difficulty: Moderate
 1) He'll send a tornado that circle your outside panels.
 2) He turns yellow and sends lightning at you a la ElecMan.
 3) He will turn blue, teleport to your side of the field and
  freeze a column of panels.
 4) He turns red and drops meteors on you.

 5) He turns green and sends Wood Towers at you.

His color denotes which element he is at the time.

Purple means he is neutral.
Red means his is fire-class.
Blue means he is ice-class.
Green means he is wood-class.
Yellow means he is elec-class.

Comments: Ah... a decent fight. After JudgeMan, I was starting to 
worry... Anyway, this guy is mean to be a challenge to those of us 
that abuse the Crosses, or the elemental ones at least. Stay in your 
center panels when you aren't attacking or dodging other attacks, 
that way you won't get smacked by a stray tornado.

Reward: 5000 Zenny.

Savor thy victory, O mighty warrior with an olde cut scene.

B14: Lunar Nights.

Alright, so we need a MoonStone. Go to Lan's room and jack in. Use 
the link to go to Sky Area 1 and from there go to the UnderNet. Talk 
to the red punk just inside the entrance. Head to the very back of 
the place and then examine that pink door and talk to the punk Navi 
just beside it. Jack out.

Go to Green Town and drop by the Punishment Room. Talk to the guy in 
the green shirt who's lurking in the northern corner. Yack it up with 
that Mr. Prog-look-a-like who's hiding behind that wall beside the 
green guy.

Now go to Seaside Town and talk to girl who's minding the stuffed toy 
stand three times. We've got the password now so go jack in somewhere 
and go back to the pink door in UnderNet 1.

On the other side of the door lurks a dreaded cut scene.

Location: UnderNet 2
Stuff to Get: HP Memory (BMD)
	      AntiDamage (PMD)

Work your way through the area until you get on the lower back path 
you'll see a warp point. Take it to drop the the lowest level, right 
smack dab between those two punk Navis is an invisible path that 
leads to the MoonStone. Grab it, jack out and take it back to the gal 
at the park.

(By the way, if you go northwest from the moonstone's location, then 
you'll run into a pink gate. The password to open it is 012. But 
since Capcom of America removed all of the Boktai sidequests from the 
game <understandably> the only things back there of interest is a few 
element gates and a Net Merchant. The entrance to the other side of 
UnderNet Zero is in UnderNet 1 on the other side of the Rush Road. 
The password for that gate is '729', on the other side is a guy 
who'll give you the 'Soul Folder' and a punk Navi who'll sell you the 
WWW ID for 3000 Zenny. The WWW ID <I didn't get it until after I had 
cleared the game, so I don't know if it'll show up or work before 
that or not> is about the only thing worth going after, really.)

Talk to everyone at the park (Navi Deleter? "Hit man" is more like 
it). Now it's time to go home and get some sleep and watch the cut 

B15: Dusty Trails.

Go to the office next to Shuko's and talk to the guy there. He's  
GroundMan's Op. Go to the PC and then we'll take off with GroundMan.

GroundMan's Charge shot sends his parts flying forward to ram the 
area. He's also as fast as a Box Turtle with a broken leg, so pack 
some chips that cover a large range of territory, you'll have to 
compensate for his slowness.

Head to Central Area 2. When you FINALLY arrive, it's time for a cut 
scene and mini-game.

In the game, line yourself up with the boulders. Press A and let the 
gauge get full, then release to break the boulders that are in your 
way Rescue the Progs as the appear, but don't drill 'em. You have to 
clear 35 rocks before the timer reaches zero. Fun, huh? Repeat the 
process at Central 1, the Warp, and the Skull Gate.

Ready to through your GameBoy against the wall yet?

Plug out and let's murder this can opener.

HP: 1000
Difficulty: Moderate/Hard.
 1) He'll tunnel up from below you. He does this pretty much whenever
    you pause to attack or miss a charge shot. So you'll want to
    bring chips that don't have a lot of firing delay.

 2) His Charge Shot.

 3) He'll fly into the back of your territory and rubble rains from 
    the sky. Dance around them but make sure not to back into or'd    
 GroundMan back there.

Pack Float Shoes or Tengu Cross and keep moving. Don't give him an 
inch or he'll make you pay by drilling through your boots.

Rewards: GroundMan G, GroundCross.

Now, head to the Aquarium and go to the room with the Penguins. Stop 
by the vending machines and talk to the dude there. Inspect the 
vending machines and we'll find ourselves in control of DustMan.

Head to Ura Net 2 and head up to the top of the skull-like panels. 
Talk to the punk and it's mini-game time. Press "A" to crush the 
garbage being chucked atyou, and "B" to smash the Bombs.

Wash, rinse, and repeat at the southwest corner of Ura Net 2 and at 
the Greiga/Falzer statues in Ura Net 1.

Get out of there and beat the stuffing out of DustMan!

"My Dust Break is a new kind of pain!"
HP: 900
Difficulty: Moderate
 1) He'll shoot trash at you that cracks the panel it lands on.

 2) He'll pop open his chest and fire floor panels at you. Probably 
  because Capcom was too lazy to make a new sprite for it.

 3) He'll suck you in and flatten you like a piece of trash.

Comments: Pfffft. With TenguCross' Float Shoes ability, you're safe. 
All of his moves are preannounced and he's almost as slow as 
GroundMan was.

Rewards: DustMan D, DustCross.

Congratulations, now that you have DustCross at your disposal, you 
can transform MegaMan into Kirby!

B16: Home again, home again...

Head to the LevBus station and select the ACDC option. It's time to 
go home...

Location: ACDC
Stuff to Get: HP Memory (Look at Dex's door.)
	      HP+300 (BMD in the Doghouse)
	      Going Road (BMD in Doghouse)

Run around town and talk to everyone, then enjoy your cut scene. Now 
go to the squirrel in the park and jack in.

Location: ACDC HP
Stuff to Get: IceSeed * (BMD)
	      Variable Sword W (PMD)

Talk to Roll, then head out onto the 'Net. 

Location: ACDC Area
Stuff to Get: Attack +30 (PMD, Enjoy it while you can.)
	      ACDC Key Data
	      Spin White (BMD)

Poke around the place then backtrack to the warp point and hit it. 
Talk to the Prog, then doubleback to Dex's HP and examine the large 
stone at the end. Go back to the Prog and talk. Fly little Prog, be 
free! ... or sit there and collect dust, what do I care?

Go back and talk to Roll, then hightail it over to Yai's HP.

Watch the cut scene and get outraged.

Go back to where the Prog was trapped and travel down that path. Then 
swing up the long staircase, enter Sky Area and head for UnderNet 2. 
Once there, climb up to the top of the skull and get a little 

"Kwohohohoho! Time for a barbeque!"
HP: 800
Difficulty: Easy
 Same as before.

Comments: This guy hasn't changed. Don't even waste your Beast Out 
turns on him.

"Comencing Attack! Awooga!"
HP 1000
Difficulty: Medium
 Same as before.

Comments: This guy has upgraded slightly, but we've upgraded a LOT 
since then. Sink this sub with a little electrical handiwork.

B17: Operation: Rescue MegaMan! (again)

Go back to Central Town and go home, you'll get a phone call. 
Hightail it over to Seaside and dash down the water vending machines, 
we've got a crisis on our hands!

After the cut scene, you'll get an EMail. Go to Sky Town and run over 
to the ledge to the left of the shower. It's where we jumped from 
during the ElementMan scenerio. Talk to Mach.

Snag the LinkNavi of your choice and go to Central 3. Talk to the 
orange Net Cop in front of that three panel ledge on the left side of 
the pit and then jack out. From here, jack out and head over to Cyber 
Academy. Run past the offices and go through that door at the back. 
Go to the right side of the screen and talk to the death-bot. You'll 
need to go downstairs to the Foyer Hall/lobby and talk to Mick. Now 
go back up and enter the room that the bot was guarding.

Cut scene. 'Sabout danged time!

Take another Link Navi and go to the pit in Central 3. Walk out to 
the end of that three panel ledge and you'll find yourself in the 

Location: Underground1
Stuff to Get: Circle Gun P (PMD)

Talk to the downed Net Cop. It's Ghostbuster time again!

Go forward and Snipe that Yellow in the first cluster you come to, 
ingore the Blues. Instead go left, then left again to find a lone 
Red, and then a Red/Blue cluster. Knife the two Reds then Sword the 
Blue in the back.

Continue along this path, and snipe that lone Blue from behind. Keep 
going. Sword that Blue in the back that's at the end of the 
Yellow/Blue/Blue/Blue line. Now go back around to the front of it, 
dispatch the Yellow with a Gun and a Knife, then Sword the two Blues 
from the rear.

Head down the new path and go to the trio of Blues. Knife the one in 
the back and then Axe the other two.

Final cluster... Axe the Blue/Red/Red on the left. Shoot the two 
Yellows from a distance, then Axe 'em to finish 'em. Sword the 
Yellow/Blue then the remaining Yellow/Red from behind.

By the way, make your life easy as you move around here. Set a Fan or 
a Wind as your Regular Chip. It'll wipe out the auras of those Aura 

Go to the next area and refill your weaponry.

Location: Underground2
Stuff to Get: HP Memory (BMD)

Go left at the first section and Sword that Yellow in the 
Yellow/Blue/Yellow combo in the back.

Now go back to the intersection and go right. At the Blue/Red/Red 
trio, Axe the lot and move on. Don't worry about the spare Yellow.

Knife that lone Blue lurking behind the one-way panel. Then move down 
to the Yellow/Blue/Yellow/Blue/Yellow/Red 'T' shaped pack. Snipe the 
Yellow that's on in the Blue/Yellow/Red line at the bottom. Then Axe 
away the three bottom Ghosts. Sword the remaining Two in the back and 
then Snipe that Yellow we passed up earlier.

Now, backtrack past the one-way tiles and go across that path at the 
back to the left side of the area. There's another 'T' shaped pack 
here. Snipe the Blue in the middle, Knife the Red and the Yellow, 
then finish up with an Axe.

The last two clusters are up ahead. Sword the Red/Yellows and then 
pick off the last Ghost with your Sword. Go around the one-way tiles 
and Axe the last two Ghosts from behind.

Save your game! Now go up the ramp and watch the cut scene.

Beast Out MegaMan:

Beast Out MegakMan
HP: 900
Difficulty: Easy

 Fazler Claw:
  He'll teleport around for somewhere around five times then pop 
  over into the space in front of you and slash twice, once at Long
  Sword range, once at Wide Sword range. This attack stuns, and if
  Rock hits you, he'll probably launch into attack #2.

 Feather Shoot:
  You know what this is. Rapid-fire pain if it hits.

  Why the Met is this here? Beast Out Rock throws a Boomerang that 
circles your
  outside panels.

 Aqua Needle:
  I've had him use this or the Boomerang on me, but never both. 

Comments: Seriously, Beast Out MegaMan isn't that tough (I beat him 
on my first try with AquaMan). Just wait for MegaMan to teleport over 
to your side of the field, then dodge the Beast Slash and launch into 
your attacks.

"I will not lose!"
HP: 1200
Difficulty: Medium

 1) Colonel points his buster at the sky and fires missiles. The
  missiles will curve around and hit the panels you're standing on.

 2) He'll fire one of his funny little Sonic Booms at you. The panels
  he will hit flash a second before they get hit. You can usually
  avoid this by standing in the front-center of your area.

 3) A Met Hat pops up at the end of a row and takes pot shots down
  said row. Step aside or blast it before it gets a chance.

Comments: Has Colonel been taking lessons from Craft or something? 
He's got the cannon bit down pat... Anyways, stay on your toes and 
you shouldn't have any problems. I highly recommend some Float Shoes 
or this fight, then you won't get trapped by broken panels.

Reward: 6000 Zenny.

After the cut scenes pass, let's put the plot on hold until we finish 
off some of those Help Board Missions.

HD10: Hot Potato!
Mission: Got a Problem.
Reward: Compression Code.

This one's bizarre. That's all I'm going to say.

Head over to SeaSide City and run past the receptionist's desk and go 
to that area where we had to find the seal's ball. Talk to the 
slightly edited EXE 4 person. From there, go to school and drop by 
classroom 6-2. Talk to Chubby and we're rewarded with french fries...

Take them 'taters back to the EXE 4 person in SeaSide City and 
our reward.

HD11: Sing Me a Song...
Mission: Songwriter
Reward: Regular Memory.

Time for an easy mission.

Accept our last one-star Help Task and then race over to Sky Area's 
Cafe. Talk to the generic Navi on the extreme north of the 
area select the following options: 

2 (Your love), 
1 (To soar in the sky), 
2 (Only memories), 
3 (Love...), 
1 (Your smile), 
1 (That you're free), 
1 (I still love you). 

If you pick a wrong option, you prevent the guy from commiting 
digital suicide by fighting a virus battle.

We just helped this guy compose a song. Go us!

We also just finished our one-star missions. Since there aren't a lot 
of them, 
let's go ahead and do the two-star missions, shall we?

HD12. Sell your Gun Del Sol!
Mission: For Victory!
Reward: HP Memory.

Accept our first two-star mission and we're good to go.

Head over to Central 1 and talk to the green Net Navi just in front 
of the cafe. Fork over a Gun Del Sol 1 C chip and collect our reward. 

Simple, huh?

Back to the Help Desk!

HD13: Sub-Woofer
Mission: Juvenile Division.
Reward: Folder Pack 1 NCP.

Go to the Foyer Room of Cyber Acedemy and jack into the big monitor 
there. Talk to the Net Cop, then go back to AsterLand's entrance and 
talk to the squirt in front of the RoboDog. After the conversation 
ends, jack into the dog, talk to the punk and fight the viruses. Jack 
out, talk to the squirt again, then go back to our client for our 

HD14: Fish Food.

Reward: Number Trader Code for HP+200 NCP.

Get ready, this one's a pain.

Head over to SeaSide City and enter the aquarium. Find the Chubby Kid 
and talk to him, he wants us to order food for him online.

Well, we gotta get some fish for Tubby, so run over to that green 
panel next to the door to the Marine Show and plug in. Get over to 
SeaSide 1 and drop down to the lower blue area.

Here's the deal, there are four vendors down here. Each one sells 
stuff for different prices. We've got to pick out an assortment of 
food for our chubby friend that doesn't go over 10,000 Zenny.

Basically, just compare their prices and get the cheapest one from 
each (which I have conveniently *-ed for you).

Green Navi: Snapper/1000 *
	    Herring/800 *

Pink Navi: Salmon/900 *
	   Eel/900 *

Brown Navi: Urchin/1500
	    Shrimp/800 *

Aqua Navi: Tuna/3000
	   Urchin/1000 *
	   Yellow Tail/15000

Punk Navi: Tuna/1000 *

Plug out, talk to Chubby and get our reward.

HD15: Help Task #13: Lights, Camera!
Mission: Stand in Recruit.
Reward: HP Memory.

Ready for our acting debut?

Get over to SeaSide and plug into the green screen, make your way 
over to the north corner of SeaSide's Home Page and we come across a 
film crew... Seems that their star is out of the running and they 
want us to fill in.

Talk to the Brown Director Navi, then talk to the Punk.

Filming starts and nobody told MegaMan his lines. Lend him a hand by 
picking these options: 

1 (Halt, villian!), 
3 (CyberWarrior Cybo), 
2 (My soul will die!). 
[Who writes this stuff?]


Select the following options: 

3 (Well, I'm off...), 
2 (It's just a dream...).

Collect your HP Memory and get back to the Chip Shop.

HD16: Penguin Roundup.
Mission: Penguins Ran Away.
Reward: Lotto Number.

Go to the Seaside Aquarium and drop by the Pirhana tank. Talk to the 
dude there and then let's russell up some pengin'.

Your first pengin' is where the Aquarium Dolphin and Seal show takes 
place, right outside the room where we fought DiveMan. The second one 
is just south of the mermaid statue in SeaSide Town.

Next up is one in Classroom 6-2, followed up by one in AsterLand. The 
final Pengin' is inside of the bathroom in Lan's house.

Go back to the client and collect reward.

HD17: Axe Raiders.
Mission: Lumber Merchant.
Reward: 10 Bug Frags.

Yet another bizzare mission...

Get to Green Area 2 and work your way around to that giant tree in 
the center of the area. 

Talk to the Brown Navi and he'll give you an Axe. From here, go to 
SeaSide 3 and head for that water spout that we got the water to 
restore MegaMan from. Along the way, we'll come across a bucket of 
water. A Program will pop out of the bucket and then launch into a 
speech. Once that's done, go back to Green Area 2, give the Axe back 
to the Brown Navi and shebang, we're done.

HD18: The Darkness Within...
Mission: Buy which Stock?
Reward: Zenny.

Get over to the Sky Area Cafe and talk to Ms. Generic Pink Navi. 
Exchange words with her and then get over to the exit to UnderNet 2. 
Talk to the punk Navi there and then you'll be presented with three 
options. Pick the BlackHole option and go back to the Pink Navi for a 
nice sum of Zenny.

(NOTE: If you do this mission at this point during the walkthrough, 
then you'll run into two Punk Navis along the way who will want to 
fight you. They're a part of the current scenerio, so be ready for 

HD19: Fish Finnanglin'.
Mission: Update Help.
Reward: MegaFolder 2.

I know you're tired of doing these Help Missions, and that annoying 
'Danger' Music in the background, but this is the last one we're 
doing before we finish the game, so hang in there. Thank the lousy 
Rank System for the fact that these have to be clustered together...

Anyways, go to the Aquarium Turtle Tank and talk to the SciLab dude 
there. Now go down to the Control Room and jack into the main 
computer, it's that place where we had to do the mini-game for 
DiveMan's scenerio.

The first Prog is right in front of you after you jack in. The next 
one is just past the entrance to Area 2. And your last Prog is hiding 
out in the exact same spot as where we tangled with DiveMan. Talk to 
them all then report back to the boss.

Dadgummit, are all SciLab scientists this absent-minded? Go back to 
the control room and jack into the main computer. 

The first Prog is to the northeast of the ramp that goes down into 
the 'sea'. Talk to him then go to the second area and hit the warp 

Go down into the 'sea' again and go straight northwest to find the 
second Prog. Now go on to the third area. Your final Prog is just 
over that funny bridge to the northwest of the 'sea' entrance. Jack 
out and report back to the scientist.


And now.... Let's actually get around to saving Iris and Baryl!

B18: The Beginning of the End.

Go to UnderNet 2, you'll have to fight Punk Navis along the way, and 
go up to the top of that skull-shaped plaza. Hang a right at the 
right eye and go up that 'horn' to find the BBS. Check the top post, 
then head over to Sky Town and check the helipad where your Link 
Buddy likes to hang out.

Enjoy the cut scene. (How many times is Yuika going to say, "I'll 
remember this?")

Head outta that classroom and go outside to the park. Talk to Mick 
and little Chibi-Higsby, then go home. After all of those help board 
missions, I think we're wiped out, so let's go to bed.

Once we regain control, go straight to the north corner of the 
classroom and talk to Mick. Then go downstairs to the Foyer Room to 
talk to Iris, and then drop by Chibi-Higsby's AsterLand to talk to 

Now go home and jack into the Net. Run down to ACDC Area and exchange 
words with Roll at her Home Page. Backtrack to the Warp Point and go 
southwest to find ProtoMan, then visit Dex and Yai's respective Home 
Pages and talk to their Navis. Jack out and go to bed.


Once Lan wakes up, talk to his Mom, go outside and head to the Park. 
Now head on over to the west edge of Central Town to find that the 
barricade is gone, head on through and watch the next cut scene.

Location: Expo Site
Stuff to Get: Regular Up 1 (BMD in that computer in the middle of the 
	      M Cannon M (BMD in Mascot Comp.)

Go northeast and enter the whale building.

Location: Seaside Hall.
Stuff to Get: Stamp
	      Regular Up 2 (examine the fountain by Mick)

Head to the end of the area and collect your stamp. Now exit and go 
to the next pavillion that's to the northwest of this one.

Location: Green Hall.
Stuff to get: Stamp.

The stamp that you want is right by the entrance. Grab it and get out 
of there.

Head to the other side of the screen and enter that blue building in 
the western corner.

Location: Sky Hall.
Stuff to Get: Stamp.

Climb to the top of the clouds and collect your stamp. Now leave this 
place and go back to the computer in the middle of the Expo site.

After the multitude of cut scenes pass, exit that room and head down 
the hallways. You'll want to go to the Principal's office. Once 
there, examine that bright yellow book that's sitting on the 
bookshelf along the back wall. Go through this new path and let the 
mini-game marathon begin!

Location: Pavilion Comp. 1
Stuff to Get: Spreader3 * (BMD)
	      Recovery200 Z (BMD)

Ho-kay, it's back to DiveMan's mini-game... thankfully there's only 
one area and three tanks.

Your first Prog is almost straight south of the tanks. He's a Clown 
Fish. Your next Prog is to the west of the tanks, saying anything 
about this one would ruin it. Just dump him in the tank closest to 
the pink gate.

Go straight to the back of the area to find your final Program, dump 
him in the last tank and go to the newly unlocked computer. Examine 
it to fix the trouble, jack out.

Head through the newly opened doorway, run around the path and jack 
in. It's time for JudgeMan's mini-game!

Location: Pavilion Comp. 2
Stuff to Get: Regular Up 2 (BMD)
	      Gun Del SolS2 E (BMD)  

It's the same deal as last time, use the L button to get the lay of 
the land and advance. At the end of the area you'll have to fight 
JudgeMan, so be prepared for that.

"Thou Shalt Not Pass!"
HP: 1100
Difficulty: Medium.
 Same as before.

Comments: He's exactly the same as before, just faster and stronger. 
The same strategy applies, smack him in the face when he uses his 
Whip attack, and stay on your toes to avoid the other attacks.


Go through your newly unlocked door.

Location: Pavilion Comp. 3.
Stuff to Get: Rainbow Power.
	      HP Memory (BMD)
	      Attack +1 (BMD)

It's ElementMan's mini-game. Collect your rainbow pieces and circle 
the storms. No biggy. And as a word of warning, you'll have to fight 
ElementMan at the end of the area.

HP: 1300
Difficulty: He puts up a decent fight.
 Same as before.

Comments: He's bigger, badder, stronger, that's about the most of it. 
Also, he changes elements avery few seconds, so don't bother trying 
get an elemental advantage over him. Just concentrate on beating him 
down fast.

Last one... head through the door and go forward.

Location: Pavilion Comp. 4
Stuff to Get: Long Blade B (BMD)
	      6000 Zenny (BMD)

Hey! It's BlastMan's stage...! ... With a few twists, instead of 
fireballs, we've got ghosts. They do 100 points damage this time, 
quite a jump from the original ten. And instead of Progs, we have to 
find the Red, Blue, and Yellow Ghosts in the area and put them to 
rest. It's not that hard, just keep moving when the sparks appear and 
you'll usually come across a block you can use to hide behind.

Your first Ghost is to the east of the entrance. Fight the viruses he 
releases, then backtrack to the junction. Follow the path all the way 
around to the Red Ghost, and then backtrack and swing onto the 
adjacent path for the Blue.

Let's go slaughter that Clown!

"Ahoo, hoo, hoo!"
HP: 1200
Difficutly: Hard
 Same as before, just grouped into threes. He'll use each attack 
  three times before cycling onto the next one.

Comments: Gah, psycho-clown's been upgrading himself. You're in for a 
fight this time, so make good use of your Beast Out...

Doesn't it just feel good to sit there and watch that clown explode?

Enjoy your cut scenes, then for love of mike save that game and 
prepare for...

B19: Final Chaos.

Location: Copyroid Comp.
Stuff to Get: Slaughtered. (It's the final boss, whaddaya expect?)

Ya know, it just ain't right to give the final boss his own section, 
but meh...

Anyways, on the other side of that doorway lies the final boss of 
this game make any last minute adjustments to that Navi Customizer 
and Folder then head on through that doorway. Cut scene.

Plug in.

Go foreward.

Battle Routine Set, Execute.

HP: 2000
Difficulty: Hard.

 1: He'll send a Tornado that sweeps down one row, tries to ram
    you down the column, then heads back.

 2: He sends a tornado at you which hits the row you are in when
    fired, as well as the panels above and below it in the back
    row (Think AquaMan's AquaHose here).

 3: He rains feathers down on you, and blasts wind at you which
    forces you to the back row.

 4: He summons birds from a fireball and sends them toward you.
    You can destroy the birds if you're fast enough.

 5: He'll vanish, then his claws will swipe at you randomly within
    the back two rows. Step to the front row to dodge this entirely.

This is it, the final fight of the game. I'll lay it out to you 
straight, obstacle chips like Time Bomb or Black Bomb won't take 
effect in this fight and you cannot use an Area Steal here, ground 
based chips are useless.

As towards Crosses, I played through this fight several times with 
different Crosses and didn't find any that offered a special 
advantage like we had with Gregar. Basically, pick your favorite one 
and blast him whenever he pauses. (BE CAREFUL if you use 
TomahawkCross. One stray firebird and you'll be roasted.)

You can go Beast Out if you like, and if your Buster Attack is 4 or 
higher, you might want to consider it. If you simply hold B while in 
Beast Out, all you have to do is dodge attacks. It's a cheap way to 
win, but it is incredibly effective if time consuming.

When you win, sit back and enjoy that cut scene. You'll get the 
lowdown on what the future holds for our heros... and the knowledge 
that you have just finished the last and final game of the EXE/BN 

C1. After the Final Boss.

So now what? We've whipped the Cybeast's tail, saved the world, and 
we've got the 'Mark of the Beast' on our game screen. Where do we go 
from here?

Now that we've got the Mark, drop by your house for a spiffy new Roll 
V3, then go to ACDC and go to your old house. Chaud's hanging around 
there and you can challenge him to a fight.

HP: Missed it, sorry.
Difficulty: Hard.
 1) He'll use a Hero Sword-like move on you.

 2) He'll teleport over so that he's standing in front of you and     
    slash at Wide Sword range.

 3) I'm assuming that this is the "Dark Cross" from the manga, he'll  
    use attacks 1 & 2 at the same time. This has the same range as   
    HeatMan's Heat Press attack, and if you get caught where the two  
    slashes intersect, you're in for some hurtin'.

 4) ProtoMan'll pull up a shield, if you hit the shield, he'll dash   
    in and swipe at you.

 5) In his later forms, ProtoMan'll shine for a second and then slash 
    at your center panel from nine different directions. This attack  
    is blazing fast, and it's pretty much insta-deletion if you get   
    caught in it. Thankfully, you can shut this down by using a       
    single Area Steal and hanging out in your back row.

Comments: His earlier forms are annoying, but not that hard. His 
later ones will have you sweating since he's fast and his attacks 
hurt. Plus he'll use his shield like there's no tomorrow, so be 
careful attacking.

Rewards: ProtoMan B, ProtoMan EX B, ProtoMan SP B.

Don't forget to pick up your WWW ID sometime during the course of 
these missions. Go to UnderNet 1 on the and on the other side of the 
Rush Road is a pink gate. The password for that gate is '729', on the 
other side is a guy who'll give you the 'Soul Folder' and a punk Navi 
who'll sell you the WWW ID for 3000 Zenny.

By the way, you might want to start clearing out those punk-infested 
Copybots as you come across them. (SAVE FIRST, then examine the 'Bot. 
You'll get plunged into a virus battle, if you win then you'll 
destroy the Copy Bot and the Punk in the process.) Defeating them 
seems to trigger ProtoMan's SP form.

But before we do anything else, it's back to the Help Desk with you!

HD19: White Capsule
Mission: Time Capsule
Reward: HP Memory.

Head over to Green Town and pay a visit to that sawed off stump next 
to the sub chip dealer. Talk to the client there and then head to our 
favored marble slab and plug in.

Go to Green Area 2, and go to that big tree again. Examine the two 
trees to the north of it to get a capsule of some kind. Take that 
back to our client and we're done.

HD20: A Famous Disaster.
Mission: Find the Virus
Reward: Fast Guage *

Go to the LevBus station and talk to Famous. 

Our first virus is in the famed RoboDog just outside of AsterLand. Up 
next we've got one hiding in the Foyer's main monitor in Cyber 
Academy's lobby. The next one is inside of that green screen at the 
top right wall of the Teacher's Room of Cyber Academy. Now go to 
SeaSide Town and jack into the Water Machine for our fourth virus. 
The fifth is inside that popcorn stand back where Lan and Mick 
watched the marine show.

HD21. What's your Number?
Mission: Can't Open Safe.
Reward: Millions NCP.

Visit the Aquarium over in SeaSide City and drop by ye olde popcorn 
stand. Plug in and talk to the green Net Navi. He wants a password. 
It's 564.

Punch that in, get your reward and get out of there.

HD22: Good Cop, Bad Cop.

Mission: Get the Bad Guy.
Reward: Custom+2

Go southeast of the LevBus station and talk to the EXE-4-edit person. 

Jack in from home and head out onto Central Area. Our first victim- 
er, punk is over there near the WWW gate. Our next punk Navi is on 
that branching path to the left of the Net Cafe. Now go over to 
Central 2 and down to where our regular harmless punk Navi hangs out. 
Slaughter the one there and then head up to Central 3. Just past the 
entrance to the Underground lies our next subject, and the last one 
is to the right of the Cyber Beast Statues.

Report back to the requestor.

HD23: Fish Fry

Mission: Do Something!
Reward: HP Memory.

Ho-kay, this one's simple. Go to Seaside Town and down to the Fish 
Stick stand. Talk to the manager, then jack into the stand to 
dispatch the four Kettle viruses that have infected the computer. 
They'll only react to fire, so pack some good fire-based chips and go 
wild on them.

Report back to the boss!

HD24: Father's Day

Mission: Want to Meet Daughter.
Reward: Spreader3 R.

Alrighty, go to Sky HP and talk to the punk Navi there- what the? 
HE'S our client? Didn't see that one coming... anyway, go to Green 
Area 2 and talk to the girl Navi by that huge tree. Now go back to 
the Sky HP and talk to our client. Take the top exit and beat up the 
two Punk Navis there. Now go back to our client and collect our 

HD25: Viral Symphony.

Mission: Not Enough Members.
Reward: Regular Up 2.

Visit Classroom 6-2, plug into the blackboard. Check with the green 
Net Navi there, he wants three chips: Ouenka Z, Discord S, Timpani T. 
I think he needs his head examined.

Ouenka and Discord can be found in Central Area and Akihara, but the 
Timpani can only be found in Area Zero- but usually in the wrong 

Once you get a Timpani chip, you can order it from the Chip Shop in 
the correct code.

HD26: Lan Hikari, Agent 007.

Mission: Track the Criminal.
Reward: Roll, Colonel, and ProtoMan Chips.

We need to get to SeaSide. Talk to the guy in the brown suit next to 
the trash cans, once we're done with that, run over to the guy in the 
green suit and talk with him three times. Go back to Mr. Brown suit.

Go up to the vending machine by the LevBus station, get thy coffee, 
and then go back down to where Mr. Brown suit is again.

Head through that door by the Fish Vendor and continue on until we 
get find Green Shirt. Talk to him and jack into the thing behind him.

Head through the area and emerge in Central Area 2. Knock the Punk 
Navi's heads together, get the data, and then go back to our client.

Roll, Colonel, and ProtoMan chips! In the "*" code! \o/ SCORE!

HD27: Pick Your Poison.
Mission: Self Research.
Reward: Number Trader Code.

Go to Classroom 1-1, jack into the blackboard. Talk to the green Navi 
there. The PA in question is the Poison Pharoah, which consists of 
Poison Seed, Poison Seed, Poison Anibus. Sky area 1's got that 
BugFrag dealer who'll sell you the Poison Seeds, but the problem here 
is that Poison Anibus is found in the Graveyard's PMD. And to get to 
it we've got to have all of the Standard Chips to get there, so hold 
off on this one until last.

Basically, just use the PA and then talk ot to the green dude.

This was one of the E-Reader missions that Capcom of America unlocked 
for the English version of the game, which is why the Anibus is in 
such an odd-ball spot.

HD28: What a bunch of whimps.
Mission: Official Request.
Reward: AreaSteal *, Anti-Navi *, and Bad-Medicine *.

Head on over to Sky Town, go up the elevator, and then go down the 
straight path. Enter the room, and jack into the main computer. Talk 
to the Net Cop there, and then battle the ghost data of the Net Navis 
you've fought through the game. It's the V1 version, so at our level 
it's like deleting Mettaurs...

Talk to the cop, get your reward.

HD29: All that Remains...
Mission: Where's My Navi?
Reward: NumberOpen. (Uselss NCP)

Go to Classroom 1-1 and talk to the old lady there. Now jack into the 
Net and go to UnderNet 2, climb to the top of the 'skull' and examine 
the center tile between the two 'eyes' to find what you're looking 

Talk to the lady, collect payment.

HD30: A Tulip by any other Name...
Mission: One More Time.
Reward: Number Trader Code.

Go outside and talk to the kid who's south of the Chip Shop. Now go 
to Green Town and talk to the person minding the flower shop. Hop 
over to ACDC and exchange words with the old gal outside of Yai's 
house... Now go back to the flower shop, collect your item, and go 
back to the kid.

HD31: Support me, please.
Mission: Support Chip Please...
Reward: HP Memory.

Ho-kay, head on up to that huge yellow orb above Sky Town and talk to 
the Copyroid there. The chips we need are Recovery80 H, Geddon A, 
BubbleWrap Q, Attack +30* and Discord S. Discord can be found in ACDC 
Area, you can swap out a Panel Return for a Geddon on Sky Town's HP. 
We have to give up that lovely little Attack +30 that we got from the 
PMD in ACDC for this chick, and the Discord can also be found in 

But... mixing codes like this, she doesn't have a prayer.

HD32: Almost there.
Mission: Negotiate.
Reward: Number Trader Code.

This one's a long one, so get ready. Basically, go to Sky Town and 
head to the room where Mr. Weather is located. Just outside of the 
door, along the path that leads to the elevator to no-where, is our 
client. Talk to him, then go to jack into Mr. Weather. Talk to the 
punk in the first area and accept his errand. 

Take the letter to the Punk Navi hanging out by the Cybeast Statues 
in UnderNet 1. Go back to the Punk in Mr. Weather and talk to him. 
Now head to the pink Navi in Green Area 2, she's in the Net Cafe. Now 
go back to the Punk in Mr. Weather, talk to him and jack out. 

Go all the way to Green Town and jack into the Judge Tree. In the 
third area is an Aqua Navi. Talk to him and free him, then go back to 
Sky Town. Talk to our requestor then jack into Mr. Weather and go to 
the third area. Beat up that snobby punk (this could be a tough 
fight, make it easy and preset a Wind or a Fan chip to dispose of the 
auras and flash bombs) and we're done.

Talk to the client for our hard earned reward.

HD33: A Famous Discovery.
Mission: An Experiment.
Reward: CircusMan *, JudgeMan *, ElementMan * chips.

Go to the Aquarium in Seaside Town and drop by the Shark Tank. Talk 
to Famous to fight twenty-consecutive virus battles. You win, you get 
the reward.

More *-coded chips! \o/

HD34: Last one.
Mission: Road to the Soul Battlers.
Reward: Lotta Code.

Go to Green Area's Home Page and talk to the Net Cop there. Remember 
that 'Soul Folder' from the Zero Area? It's no wonder these guys need 
our help. Jack out and go to the statue in front of the flower shop. 
Jack in and prepare for ten-consecutive battles, then talk to the 
punks. Do yourself a favor and preset a Fan or Wind chip, since each 
battle will involve some form of the Flash Bomb virus.

Report back to the boss and... WE. ARE. DONE!

C2: Final Zero.

Now, you're probably wondering why we slaved through all of that. The 
answer is that by completing the entire Help Board we grabbed Chaud's 
attention. After the phone call ends, head over to Classroom 6-1 of 
Cyber Academy and get ready to square off against one of the toughest 
secret bosses of the game...

HP: 2800
Difficulty: Extremely Hard.
  Exactly the same, just sped up and overpowered.

 Comments: Now ProtoMan doesn't pull any punches, in fact, he throws 
in a couple of doozies... His shield will be up almost all the time.

The first time I squared off against ProtoMan FZ, I was kinda 
disappointed. But I think that was due to the fact that I was toting 
a GroundCross reinforced AirHockey folder, AirHocks work wonders 
against this overpowered-swordsman, so use them if you've got them. 
If you don't... well, have fun.

Rewards: A lotta zenny. And the satisfaction of having Chaud admit 
your strength.

If you thought that that was tough, then brace yourself... We're 
about to move on up to the big leagues...

C3: Battle is my Forte.

Alright, go to Green Area 2 and examine the back of that huge tree 
with the fancy rings. Say 'Yes' to jump into the pit, and you'll find 
yourself in Internet Area Zero... continue on around the path and 
eventually you'll find yourself facing a stone coffin... Out of which 
our old nemisis appears...

"Pathetic weakling, be gone!!"
HP: 1800
Difficulty: Hard.

 Air Burst: He'll whip out his busters and target multiple, random    
   tiles on your side of the field.

 Hell's Rolling: Two black wheels will fall from the sky to Bass'     
  side of the field and then try to ram you. Bass' hand will glow     
  purple right before they launch, so hit him HARD to stop him from   
  summoning the attack.

 Dark Sword: Bass zips to his front column and launches a Dark Sword  
   at you. Hide in your back column.

 Golem Punch: He'll smash a stone fist onto one of your rows,       
cracking the panels.

 Hell's Burner: He'll launch a fire arm at you.

Comments: Has Bass been taking lessons from The Count? He's sleeping 
in a stone box... anyway. His attacks are very strong, so you're 
going to need some kind of defense. Invis and Barriers. Stunning is a 
must in this battle, since the more time Bass spends locked up in 
that flashing yellow sprite, the less time he has to pummel you.

Bass leaves behind a little something... no, it doesn't open the 
BatCave. It does, however, open up the gate blocking an Attack Max 
NCP in the Graveyard. Huh? Where's the Graveyard? 

Well, to get there, we need to have all of the Standard Chips, which 
stinks, doesn't it? Get a Collector from UnderNet 2's Bugfrag Trader 
and bleed those chip traders dry. When you have them all...

C4: Cemetary plot.

Go to UnderNet 2 and up to the top of that skull-shaped panel. Go to 
the left horn and speak to the gate. If you've got a clear-game save 
and 100 of your standard chip library complete, the gate'll open up. 
Continue on through to the Graveyard Area...

Location: The Graveyard.
Stuff to Get: Attack Max (BMD behind the Purple Gate)
	      HP Memory (BMD)
	      HP+500 (PMD)
	      BigHook H (received in EMail upon entering the area.)

Spooky place, huh? Examine the tombstones and work your way through 
the place, collect that Attack Max. When you complete your standard 
library, come back and open up that pink gate blocking the path past 
CircusMan's tombstone. Keep going until you come to a steep ramp. 
Save, then continue up to the unmarked grave... 

He's BACK!!

Bass SP:
"I'll send you to the depths of the deepest cyberpit!"
(I think you can figure out the untranslated version of that 
on your own.)

HP: 27000
Difficulty: HARD
  Everything's the same as last time, except he's gone and stolen   
  Colonel's Tank Cannon.

He's bigger, he's badder, he's faster, he's stronger. Once again, 
Defense chips are a must. 

Reward: Either Bass F (Gregar) or Bass Another (Falzer)

Get the hey outta there.

Alright, we're down to two challenges left, sure that you want to go 
through with this?

C5: Beast Cross.

Refill your health, save, take a break, whatever, but don't continue 
until you're ready to get you tail kicked again.

Head to Underground Area 2 and stop at the bottom of that ramp where 
we fought Beast Out MegaMan.


Beast Out MegaManSP:
HP: 1800
Difficulty: Medium/Hard
 Same as before, but he'll break out some Falzer Cannon now.

Comments: He's exactly the same as before, just slightly faster. The 
Rock Cube strategy still works, partially. A Falzer Cannon will 
destroy it outright, but it can be used to prevent him from attacking 
early on.

That wasn't the hard part, folks. Here comes the real problem, BASS 

Bass BX:
"Weak fool! Return to the 1's and 0's you're made of!"
HP: 3400
Difficutly: BLAZING HARD.
  Same as before, but this time he'll sport Gregar and Falzer's 
  trademark attack depending on your version. It'll be either the     
  Gospel Breath or Falzer Cannon.

Comments: Bass BX is extremly fast and insanely overpowered. 
Basically, if you get hit more than once, regardless of attack, 
you're dead. Invis *'s and stunning/freezing is a must for this 
fight, keep Bass pinned down so that he can't beat on you.

Reward: Colonel Force Q.

C6: The Last Stand.

Alright... take a breather, seriously... After all that you need a 
break... So spend some time completing all of your libraries. Once 
that's done, there's only one last thing to do before you've done it 
all in this game... and that's to take on the SP form of the Cyber 

Go back to the Principal's Office in Cyber Academy, through the 
hidden path and back around to the point of no return (where the 
clear-game save puts you) and go into the room like you would 
normally. Instead of fighting the regular Cyber Beasts, you'll be 
pitted against the Beast's SP version...

HP: 3200
Difficulty: HARD.
 All of the old ones but sped up and overpowered. He does have some  
kind of mutant tornado thing that targets you though.

Comments: Thankfully, Falzer isn't as hard as Gregar SP.

Congratulations, you can now say that you have totally whomped this 

D1. HP Memory Locations

Special thanks to one of our mods, Synchro-kun, for getting this 

01. BMD at Robot Control Computer 1. (Blastman's place.) 
02. BMD at Seaside Area 1. (Right below the portal to the lower Area, 
    there is an invisble road that carries to a platform containing   
    the HP memory.) 
03. Aquarium HP.
04. BMD at Classroom 1-2's main computer. 
05. Received from the BMD in Judgeman's scenario. 
06. BMD at Greenland's HP. 
07. BMD at Judgement Computer 2. 
08. Oxygen tanks at the operatoring room of Sky Town.
09. BMD at Weather Control Computer 2. 
10. Received after getting MoonStone. 
11. In front of Dex's house. 
12. BMD in Principal's Computer. 
13. BMD in Pavilion Computer 3. 
14. Popcorn Dealer Computer. (Located in the Aquarium.) 
15. BMD in Green Area 2. 
16. BMD in Undernet 3. 
17. BMD in Underground Area 2. 
18. In Sky Area 1, drink the Coffee at the Coffe Shop several times   
  to obtain the HP memory. 
19. Shop in Central Area 2 for 1000Z. 
20. Shop in Central Area 2 for 2000Z. 
21. Shop in Central Area 2 for 4000Z. 
22. Shop in Central Area 2 for 8000Z. 
23. Shop in Seaside Area 3 for 2500Z. 
24. Shop in Seaside Area 3 for 5000Z. 
25. Shop in Seaside Area 3 for 7500Z. 
26. Shop in Seaside Area 3 for 10000Z. 
27. Shop in Green Area 1 for 4800Z. 
28. Shop in Green Area 1 for 8400Z. 
29. Shop in ACDC Area for 4000Z. 
30. Shop in ACDC Area for 7500Z. 
31. Shop in ACDC Area for 10000Z. 
32. Shop in ACDC Area for 13000Z. 
33. Shop in Graveyard Area for 10000Z. 
34. Shop in Graveyard Area for 16000Z. 
35. Shop in Graveyard Area for 23000Z. 

D2. Regular Memory Locations

 - The calculation poster at Class 6-1. 
 - The trash can in the Aquarium. 
 - Aquarium Computer 2. 
 - Toilet Computer. 
 - The Air Conditioner computer in Sky Area. 
 - Weather Computer Area 1.
 - Staff Computer in School.
 - Tea cup in the principal's room. 

 - Robot Control Computer Area 2.
 - Central Area 2.
 - The pool next to the Aquarium in the final Area.
 - Class 6-2's Computer.  
 - Seaside Area 3 
 - Area Zero

 - Judgement computer Area 3.
 - Sky Area 2

D3. Number Trader Codes 

87341489 - Full Energy
45566783 - Full Energy
39345472 - Full Energy
79459146 - Sneakrun
15511679 - Sneakrun
74198795 - Sneakrun
59485971 - Untrap
22812406 - Untrap
09000465 - Untrap
04789479 - Unlocker
82564319 - Unlocker
04789479 - Unlocker
99910954 - Unlocker
41161139 - Unlocker
98766899 - Lock Enemy
68008194 - Lock Enemy
16336487 - Lock Enemy
37495453 - Lock Enemy

*Navi-Customizer Related*
37889678 - HP+50 . . . . . . Pink
49951337 - HP+100. . . . . . White
24823665 - HP+200. . . . . . White 
54654618 - HP+300. . . . . . Pink
08749780 - HP+400. . . . . . Green
55031325 - HP+500. . . . . . White
94305487 - Charge MAX. . . . Blue
12046210 - Rapid MAX . . . . Green
19790420 - Buster Pack . . . Red
28271002 - Body Pack . . . . Pink
32132348 - Rush Support. . . Yellow
70741543 - Beat Support. . . Blue
69548756 - Tango Support . . Green
41976910 - Spin Yellow
77837421 - Spin Red
09256524 - Spin Green

*Battle Chips*
23722234 - Time Bomb 3 M
60884138 - Drill Arm M
71757977 - Air Wheel 3 O
88674125 - Mega Boomerang M
14212857 - GunDelSol 3 W
38116449 - Geddon *
97403000 - Uninstall G
08789369 - Elemental Wrap *
44892547 - Colonel Army *
75641392 - Recovery 300 Y
69544569 - Bamboo Lance *
51378085 - Circle Gun V
97049899 - Blizzard Ball H
12404002 - Heatman *
30424514 - Elecman *
55910601 - Slashman *
84387543 - Killerman *
92070765 - Chargeman *
51702791 - Aquaman *
67520179 - Tomahawkman *
00297421 - Tenguman *
10414878 - Groundman *
79814666 - Dustman *
24616497 - Blastman *
32310827 - Diveman * 

D4. NCP Compression Codes and Rotation Programs

Highlight the program you're compressinging, press "->" and input the 

Super Armor . . . . . . . . ABLLAALRBA
Custom 1. . . . . . . . . . LBBRBAALRR 
Custom 2. . . . . . . . . . RALLAABRBA 
Mega Folder 1 . . . . . . . ARLALALLAB 
Mega Folder 2 . . . . . . . LALRBLRLRA 
Giga Folder 1 . . . . . . . BLBRLLLABA 
First Barrier . . . . . . . BBARABLARR 
Shield. . . . . . . . . . . RBBBAAABRL 
Reflect . . . . . . . . . . LAABRRLRLR 
Kawarimi. . . . . . . . . . BLALBRALBA 
Float Shoes . . . . . . . . RALABLBBRB 
Air Shoes . . . . . . . . . ARBABRRBAL 
Under Shirt . . . . . . . . RRALLRAABB 
Chip Shuffle. . . . . . . . RRABLRARLA 
Number Open . . . . . . . . BBBABBAARB 
Shinobi Dash. . . . . . . . BBBABBAARB 
Oil . . . . . . . . . . . . LRABARBBLR 
Fish. . . . . . . . . . . . ARAABARRBA 
Battery . . . . . . . . . . BRBBBBBARR 
Jungle. . . . . . . . . . . ALARBRARLB 
Collector . . . . . . . . . ALABBAAABA 
Millionaire . . . . . . . . RBARALBBBL 
Humor Sense . . . . . . . . LLABLBABLL 
Poem . . . . .  . . . . . . BABARRLLAB 
Slip Runner . . . . . . . . ALAAALLABR 
Auto Recovery . . . . . . . BBBAABAABB 
Buster Pack . . . . . . . . BAABBBALBA 
Body Pack . . . . . . . . . RLABLRLAAB 
Folder Pack 1 . . . . . . . ABLRRBRLBA 
Folder Pack 2 . . . . . . . BBARBLARBL 
Bug Stopper . . . . . . . . AAABRLBAAL 
Rush Support. . . . . . . . RLBAABALLR 
Beat Support. . . . . . . . LRBBALRABA 
Tango Support . . . . . . . BRBRRABBRA 
Attack MAX. . . . . . . . . LBRBABLBAL 
Rapid MAX . . . . . . . . . AALABRALBA 
Charge MAX. . . . . . . . . LLALLBABBB

Spin Programs:
Spin Pink:
  Weather Control Computer 3. 
Spin Blue:
  Sky Area 1. 
Spin White:
  Akihara Area. 
Spin Red:
  Lotto Number: 77837421.
Spin Green:
  Lotto Number: 09256524.

E1. FAQs.

Q) What's up with all of those Fire/Tornado/Tree panels that block my 
way in the Internet overworld?

A) Those are Element Gates. You can open them by grabbing one of the 
Net Navi you Cross with (HeatMan, TomahawkMan, etc.) and taking them 
to the panel. If it's the right kind, they will open it. If you 
actually go through and open them all, then you have far more 
than I.


Q) WAITAMINUTE?! Isn't there a Boktai sidequest in this game? And 
what about the Immortal Area!?

A) Those were removed from the English version of the game since 
Boktai 3 never made it to English speaking populus.

D5. Disclaimer + Contact Info

This walkthrough is the result of many hours of blood, sweat, tears 
and labor of the staff of the EXE HQ (www.exehq.com). Should you take 
this guide and claim it as your own or repost it to any forum, 
website, or publicly visible source without the consent of the EXE HQ 
(www.exehq.com) we will NOT be happy campers.  Should you steal this 
guide you will bear the brunt of our anger, be humiliated on the 
Internet, and top that all of that off with the fact that we will 
haunt you for the rest of your life (and afterlife!) after we die.

This walkthrough is NOT to be reproduced in any way, shape, or form 
on any website, CD or printed media unless you submit a full request
to the staff of the EXE HQ detailing why you want our work and how
it will be used, and such a request is approved.

This guide is only to appear on the following websites:
- GameFAQ's  < http://www.gamefaqs.com        >
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Should you read or see this walkthrough anywhere else, kindly let us 
know at mendicino@gmail.com. Thank you.

All copyrights and trademarks not expressly recognized anywhere 
this document are respected.

E2. Credits and Acknowledgements.
If you actually take the time to read this, you have earned my 

* TheWebBuilder (A.K.A. Web) for CREATING THIS WALKTHROUGH, and doing 
  a huge amount of work for the entire Rockman Community.
Much appreciation goes to the following people:
*  NotJim and Catastrophe for laboring through the Navi Cross        
scenerios and decoding ElementMan's stage.
* Synchro-kun for taking the time to translate the locations of the 
HP Memories, Regular Memories, and Number Trader Codes.
* CrossFusionStarMan for providing a lot of the information that      
brought this walkthrough together.
* Rockman PM (www.rockmanpm.com) for giving our FAQ team endless      
support for our guide from the start, and for helping with V1.2 on    
the Falzer version.
* Steff (Spork-Queen) for being just an awesome person and believing
  in the dictator of EXE HQ to be friends with the guys again.
* Head webmaster of the EXE HQ, Geoff Mendicino, for creating the    
RockMan community known as the EXE HQ (www.exehq.com) that brought
this walkthrough into existance in the first place.
* Thanks to all of the members and supporters of EXEHQ, Rockman PM,
Megaman Network, Megaman Community, Ciel Network, Megaman PC,
Plug-In, Mechanical Maniacs, Rockman TV, Rockman AMV, Poke-Netto,
Megaman Empire, Sprites Inc., EXE Warriors and many other Rockman       
communities for all the support you've given our FAQ team to keep    
creating for all the Rockman communities.
* Thanks to you, for spending your time, reading our guide.

E4. One Last Word.

Heya, people. Web here, I just wanted to get in one final one-on-one 
chat before this FAQ closes... Or as close to a one-on-one talk as 
you can get when all you're doing is reading these words that I've
typed out at 3:00 AM.

Anyways, I hope that his FAQ was useful to you, and that it helped 
you to lick the game without ruining the entire plot for you. If this 
walkthrough helps you, then good, if you find that someone else helps 
you out better, then I'm happy for you. The bottom line is that so 
long as these guides help a few people get through a great game, then 
I'm content with them. (Yeah, you can call me naive, but it's how I 

But I'm beating around the bush. So since the EXE series is 
officially over, where do we go from here? Well, with the 
announcement of the EXE sequel, currently titled Rebirth RockMan ZN,
I wouldn't be at all surprised if the series picks up a second wind
and lives on in several more incarnations. So me and the entire EXE
HQ staff'll probably be seeing you around in one way or another
to help out with those games.

Bottom line, RockMan.EXE ain't dead. Not by a long shot, he's got 
more miles to burn, adventures to have, and bosses to whip the tar 
out of, even if he does get a new name and a new look. So let's end on 
the hope that those EXE games will be just as much fun as this one was... 
Until then...

                                                  Respect the Mets.	

Fight, Rockman. For everlasting piece... Or peace. I forget.