Question from kantuten

What's the use of bugfrag in this game?

Don't know to do with bugfrag

jackfiftynine asked for clarification:

you need bug frages to buy som chipes in sky arey and other places and thats all i now
oh yau there is this one place wher if you give it ten bugfrags it will give you a chip you have or a chip you dont have. Its in the area with the big hole in the ground but you can only go in there if your navi runs away.


DarkSoul198 answered:

You use the bugfrags to trade with a guy in sky area 1 for chips. I recommend accumulate the bugfrags to trade by the giga chip.
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megacybeast answered:

Sk heres the deal theres an almost unlimated amount of bugfrags but getting them isnt easy i always take my ultimate folder and go to the undernet theres lots of them in there simply install millions which you can get from the program seller in green area and voula you got instant money.
Also there is a bug frag in every are except for seaside and central.
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Super1589 answered:

You can also use a certain giga chip that relies on bugfrags.
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WildWesley answered:

There are a few shops that use bugfrags as currency instead of Zenny. They sell navicust programs or rare chips. I know 3 on the net:
1: Green Area (sells navicust programs)
2: Sky Area (sells some rare chips, including a gigachip)
3: UnderNet (sells chips, I think)

Also, there is a bugfrag trader in Underground 2, so you can never have too many bugfrags! It works like the chip traders, but uses 10 bugfrags instead.
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ArcanaEdgeSigma answered:

You can buy a certain giga chip with around one-hundred Bugfrags in Sky area, and you also use bugfrags to power up this chip to it's full-extent, I think every frag you use, that it is approximatly 150-200 damage done by the chip. And you can also trade 10 frags for rare chips somewhere in the undernet( I THINK).
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