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Asked: 2 years ago

Translate what the tombstone says at Graveyard Area 1?

Does anyone here understands Japanese? Crack it. Who were those first 13 NetNavis who were buried there?

NOTE: Graveyard 1 Holds the graves of all NetNavis in MegaMan 1 to 5. And in one Tombstone 9 - 15 NetNavis are buried there.

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Yeah, I own a copy of the Japanese version...

Honestly, since I dropped out of Japanese 101 due to the fact that my practice books weren't available to me until 3 weeks into the class, I don't know what the text after the Navis have been named says...

Give me a bit of time... I can try to decode it using a really good Japanese-English dictionary I have available to me...

The last 9-15 Navis mentioned are either Megaman BattleChip Challenge or Megaman Network Transmission exclusive NetNavis.

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