Virus Battle FAQ by Buretsu

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 06/25/06 | Printable Version

           M     M EEEEEEE  GGGGG     A    M     M    A    N     N
           MM   MM E       G         A A   MM   MM   A A   NN    N
           M M M M E       G        A   A  M M M M  A   A  N N   N
           M  M  M EEEEE   G  GGGG AAAAAAA M  M  M AAAAAAA N  N  N
           M     M E       G     G A     A M     M A     A N   N N
           M     M E       G     G A     A M     M A     A N    NN
           M     M EEEEEEE  GGGGG  A     A M     M A     A N     N

                BBBBB     A    TTTTTTT TTTTTTT L       EEEEEEE
                B    B   A A      T       T    L       E
                B    B  A   A     T       T    L       E
                BBBBB  AAAAAAA    T       T    L       EEEEE
                B    B A     A    T       T    L       E
                B    B A     A    T       T    L       E
                BBBBB  A     A    T       T    LLLLLLL EEEEEEE

      N      N EEEEEEE TTTTTTT W     W  OOOOO  RRRRRR  K   K     66666
      NN     N E          T    W     W O     O R     R K  K     6
      N N    N E          T    W     W O     O R     R K K      6 
      N  N   N EEEEE      T    W  W  W O     O RRRRRR  KK       666666
      N   N  N E          T    W W W W O     O R   R   K K      6     6
      N    N N E          T    WW   WW O     O R    R  K  K     6     6
      N     NN EEEEEEE    T    W     W  OOOOO  R     R K   K     66666

By: Buretsu (
Strategies in part by: AJAQ (

Version History:
06/25/06: Version 1.5 Completed.
06/23/06: Strategies begun with help from AJAQ.
06/19/06: English Version Completed.
06/15/06: Updated for English Version
05/12/05: Japanese Guide Started.

Questions, suggestions, and comments are always appreciated.

Table of Contents:
Section 1: What is it? [WHT?]
Section 2: How do I get Started? [STRT]
Section 3: How do I play? [FGHT]
Section 4: What are the Viruses? [VIRS]
Section 5: Who are my opponents? [OPPT]
	Level 1 [LVL1]
	Level 2 [LVL2]
	Level 3 [LVL3]
	Level 4 [LVL4]
	Level 5 [LVL5]
Section 6: Frequently Asked Questions [FAQS]
Section 7: Credits and Anknowledgement [THNK]

Simply hit Ctrl/Apple + F, and type in the characters in the brackets to
skip to the section you want.

Section 1: What is it? [WHT?]
Virus Battling is a newly implemented minigame in Battle Network 6.  In a way, 
it is related to the friendly virus collecting from Battle Network 3.  Except,
instead of being given chips to summon the viruses, you battle your viruses 
gainst an opponent's.

Section 2: How do I get started? [STRT]
Any time after you receive your second Cross, jack into the blackboard in
class 1-2 at School. There you will find a red Punk Navi.  Pay him 2000
Zenny to receive your Virus Battle Card and two viruses, Mettaur and Gunner.
Now you can start collecting viruses.

After getting the Virus Battle Card, new groups of viruses will begin
appearing on the net and in the storyline "dungeons".  They show up instead
of a regular virus battle, and not in a set location like the V2 Ghost Navis.

These groups consist of a "Rare" version of the virus, usually appearing 
with two regular versions.  Beating a "Rare" virus group adds that particular
virus to your collection.  There are also "Rare 2" versions of the virus, but
there's no difference to the data received.

Section 3: How do I play? [FGHT]
Once you have your viruses, you need to find an opponent.  There are five
opponents in the game, which are detailed below.  Agree to a battle and the
fight will begin.  Virus Battles consist of multiple rounds, each pitting
2 of your viruses against 2 of your opponent's.  

Battles take place on a standard battle fields, including various panel
types as well as obstacles such as stones.

You can select up to 2 different virus groups each round.  However, each
Virus has an MB rating, and the maximum MB you can have on the field at once
is 50MB.  After you select your first virus, the ones that would put you over
limit will be grayed out.

Once you have selected your viruses, you can place them on your side of the
field as you see fit.  When that is done, the fight starts.   Each Virus acts
according to its own AI without input from you.  Elemental strengths and 
weaknesses apply, and counter hits are possible, but only stun.

Individual viruses are not destroyed; rather, their HP is combined into one 
stat.  Victory or defeat is declared when the total HP of either your viruses
or your opponent's reaches zero.

The Custom Gauge at the top of the screen serves as a timer.  If, at the end
of the time, there is no winner, the fight is declared a draw, which, in this
case counts as your loss.

Section 4: Viruses [VIRS]
This section lists all 27 viruses in the order they are shown in the menu, as
well as their stats, what area of the 'Net you can find them, how they act in
battle, and a brief commentary on their effectiveness.

The letter/number in the [ ] is its call sign for future reference.

[A] Mettaur [Rflectr Virus]
HP: 40
ATT: 10
MB: 10
Area Found: Central Area 1
Actions: Moves up and down on the row selected.  Fires shockwaves at the
nearest enemy.
Rating: **
Comments: It can be partnered with any of the other viruses, but its weak in
both Attack and HP.

[B] Piranha [TrnArrw Virus]
HP: 70
ATT: 20
MB: 10
Area Found: Seaside Area 1
Actions: Moves randomly up and down the row selected firing a crosshair.  If
the target touches an enem virus, a spear is fired.  Water Type damage.
Rating: **
Comments: Moves frequently, which helps it avoid attacks, but little attack

[C] HeadyA [Aura Head Virus]
HP: 130
ATT: 40
MB: 20
Area Found: Underground Area 1
Actions: Floats around area, occasionally launching its head 3 spaces forward
to attack.  Is protected by Aqua Aura, but head is vulnerable during attack.
Breaking Type Damage.
Rating: ***
Comments: Excellent overall.  Strong offense and defense along with low MB
make it ideal for many situations.

[D] Swordy [LongSwrd Virus]
HP: 90
ATT: 30
MB: 20
Area Found: Underground Area 1
Actions: Moves to and then up and down the front row, attacking with either
Long Sword or Wide Sword.
Rating: **
Comments: Short range, and likes to stay in place too much

[E] KillrEye [Sensor Virus]
HP: 100
ATT: 50
MB: 30
Area Found: Underground Area 2
Actions: Stays in place, targeting either down its row or diagonally up or
down.  When it finds the enemy, it launches an electric bolt.  Elec Type
Rating: **
Comments: Fires too slowly to be of much use.  Sitting duck.

[F] Quaker [WaveArm Virus]
HP: 80
ATT: 20
MB: 10
Area Found: Seaside Area 3
Actions: Jumps into the air and lands on the same row as the nearest virus,
sending a shockwave down the row.
Rating: **
Comments: Good movement and decent attack, but the attack is blocked by 
missing panels.

[G] Catack [TankCan Virus]
HP: 130
ATT: 70
MB: 30
Area Found: ACDC Area
Actions: Slowly moves forward, firing cannon down row.  If the shot goes off
screen, it hits the back row with a wide sword area of effect.
Rating: ***
Comments: One of the best.  In addition to high HP and ATT, enemies take 50
Damage just by touching it which is great against high maneuverability
enemies like the FgtrPlne.

[H] Champy [FireHit Virus]
HP: 60
ATT: 20
MB: 30
Area Found: Central Area 3
Actions: Sits still.  If an enemy moves into its row, and the square in front
of that enemy isn't missing or occupied, it will more to that square and 
punch the enemy.  Fire Type Damage.
Rating: **
Comments: Decent especially early on, but has too low HP to really be a

[I] Wind Box [Wind Virus]
HP: 130
ATT: 0
MB: 30
Area Found: Mr. Weather PC 1
Actions: Sits in place, blowing enemies to the back row.
Rating: *
Comments: Good HP, but otherwise of little use.

[J] OldStov [FireBrn Virus]
HP: 80
ATT: 20
MB: 20
Area Found: Central Area 3
Actions: Moves slowly, attacking nearest enemy with a 3 square long flame.
Prefers to keep its distance when firing.  Fire Type damage.
Rating: **
Comments: Low damage, but decent range.  Good against Wood viruses.

[K] HntdCndl [BurnSqr Virus]
HP: 150
ATT: 50
MB: 30
Area Found: Graveyard Area
Actions: Sits in its area, occasionally lighting up a 2x2 square in the
enemy area with lasting flame.  Fire Type Damage.
Rating: **
Comments: Good range of attack and damage, but a sitting duck.

[L] Puffy [AquaNdl Virus]
HP: 80
ATT: 10
MB: 20
Area Found: Seaside Area 2
Actions: Sits in place, launching spikes at the nearest enemy.  Rate of fire
increases as it gets hit.  Water Type damage.
Rating: **
Comments: Increased rate of fire doesn't quite make up for low HP.  Best when
kept out of the direct line of fire.

[M] StarFish [BblStar Virus]
HP: 60
ATT: 20
MB: 20
Area Found: Aquarium PC 3
Actions: Sits in place.  Fires three bubbles which head towards the back row
and then either up or down it.  Enemies hit by the bubbles are trapped in
them for a second.  Bubbles can be destroyed by attacks.  Water Type damage.
Rating: ***
Comments: Get hit once, and the enemy is likely to get hit multiple times.
Needs more HP, though.  Good against enemies that don't move or only move
forward and backwards.

[N] ErthDrgn [HeatDrgn Virus]
HP: 200
ATT: 100
MB: 40
Area Found: Graveyard Area
Actions: Moves around its area.  Occasionally leaves its pot to circle
around a 2x3 section of the enemy area.  Flame Type Damage.
Rating: ***
Comments: Great HP and potential to hit each enemy on the field.

[O] ScarCrow [DolThndr Virus]
HP: 100
ATT: 30
MB: 40
Area Found: Sky Area 2
Actions: Sits in place.  Gets struck by lightning, healing itself, and
then launches a lightning attack down the row.  Elec Type damage.  Takes 
0 damage from Elec Type attacks.
Rating: **
Comments: Decent ATT and HP, but high MB means you have a very limited
choice of partner for it.

[P] PulsBulb [ElcPuls Virus]
HP: 100
ATT: 30
MB: 30
Area Found: Mr. Weather PC 3
Actions: Moves slowly around the area.  At this point, it is only 
vulnerable to Breaking Type attacks.  When it spots an enemy in its row, 
it moves forward, opens up, and launches an Elec Pulse hitting in a short, 
sideways T shape.  It is vulnerable to attack while it is attacking. Elec 
Type damage.
Rating: ***
Comments: Excellent defense, but slow attack speed.

[Q] BigHat [FlshBom Virus]
HP: 100
ATT: 30
MB: 30
Area Found: Undernet Area 1
Actions: Moves randomly about the area, launching Flash Bombs 3 squares
ahead which burst a second later and stun the opponents.
Rating: **
Comments: Attack does no damage unless an enemy moves below the bomb, but
it sets up others to hit.

[R] BombCorn [CornSht Virus]
HP: 140
ATT: 30
MB: 20
Area Found: Judgement PC 2
Actions: Moves right and left along its row and launches two Corn Shots from
the front row.  Wood Type damage.
Rating: ***
Comments: Good HP and multiple shots, but it only fires from THE front row,
so its blocked by holes.  Trap it in the front row for best results.

[S] Shrubby [RlngLog Virus]
HP: 100
ATT: 20
MB: 10
Area Found: Judgement PC 3
Actions: Hides behind an obstacle or ally, moving to the front row to roll a
log down the row. Logs can be destroyed by attacks. Wood Type damage.
Rating: *
Comments: Will only attack if it has something to hide behind like a stone
or an ally.

[T] HnyBmbr [RskyHny Virus]
HP: 130
ATT: 5
MB: 20
Area Found: Judgement PC 1
Actions: Sits still, rarely moving. After taking a hit, it launches three
groups of bees which hit multiple times each. Wood Type damage.
Rating: ***
Comments: Multiple hits, high HP and low MB make a great combo, but it only
attacks after its attacked. 

[U] Gunner [MachGun Virus]
HP: 60
ATT: 10
MB: 20
Area Found: Central Area 2
Actions: Sits in place, sending out a crosshair down its row. When it locks
on, it fires 3 shots.
Rating: **
Comments: No maneuverability and low HP, but good chance for Counter and

[V] FgtrPlne [Air Raid Virus]
HP: 140
ATT: 20
MB: 30
Area Found: Sky Area 1
Actions: Moves down the row and heads off screen twice before strafing enemy
area with machine guns.
Rating: ***
Comments: Good, especially early on.  High maneuverability allows it to
evade attacks easily.

[W] DarkMech [MchnSwrd Virus]
HP: 180
ATT: 100
MB: 40
Area Found: Undernet Area 2
Actions: Moves around its area and fires off an energy ball.  This does Elec
type damage.  If the ball hits, the target is stunned.  It will move in front
of any stunned enemy and slash with a Wide Sword.
Rating: ***
Comments: Good against opponents that don't move a lot or move horizontally.

[X] SnakeArm [SandWrm Virus]
HP: 130
ATT: 60
MB: 30
Area Found: Graveyard Area
Actions: Moves around in its area several times before popping up in the
enemy area and hitting 3 horizontal squares with its body.
Rating: ***
Comments: Good stats and potential for hitting multiple enemies.

[Y] Armadill [IronShl Virus]
HP: 100
ATT: 20
MB: 20
Area Found: Green Area 2
Actions: Moves up and down the row it's placed on.  Rolls into a hard ball to
attack enemies to a maximum range of 3.  Is stopped by holes.  Can only be 
hurt by Breaking Type attacks when rolled into a ball.  Breaking Type damage.
Rating: ***
Comments: Good range with the potential for multiple hits.  Hard to damage
when rolled into a ball.

[Z] Cragger [GolmHit Virus]
HP: 120
ATT: 50
MB: 40
Area Found: Judgement PC 2
Actions: Sits still.  Occasionally it will punch the enemy with a wide-
sword range.  Only takes 1/2 damage from non-breaking attacks.  Breaking Type
Rating: **
Comments: High MB, and it has trouble hitting enemies that move around a lot,
a problem which its high defense doesn't make up for.

[0] Nghtmare [SumnBlk Virus]
HP: 100
ATT: 40
MB: 30
Area Found: Underground Area 2
Actions: Moves around the enemy area, occasionally attacking with a wide
sword.  Can only be harmed by Sword Type attacks.
Rating: **
Comments: Immune to most attacks, but next to useless against fast moving 

Section 5: Who do I fight? [OPPT]
There are 5 potential opponents which increase in difficulty.  Here's the
lowdown on each of them, as well as a good strategy for winning almost as soon
as you can begin Virus Battling:

* = Cracked Panel  x = Missing Panel
g = Grass Panel    i = Ice Panel
s = Stone          > < /\ \/ = Arrow Panels

Level 1: [LVL1]
Location: Robot Dog PC outside Aster Land
Opponent: Red Mr. Prog up and to the right of the Jack-In point
# of Rounds: 3

1st Round:
[*][ ][ ]|[*][A][ ] - Mettaur
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][U] - Gunner
[ ][*][ ]|[ ][ ][*]
Difficulty: *
Strategy: This battle is so easy you don't even have to gather any new viruses
to win.  Just place Gunner and Mettaur on the top row one in front of the
other and you'll win.

2nd Round:
[ ][*][ ]|[ ][J][*] - OldStov
[ ][ ][ ]|[*][ ][H] - Champy
[*][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][ ]
Difficulty: *
Strategy: The strategy from the first battle doesn't work this time.  For best
results early, get a Champy and place it in the upper right corner and put a 
Gunner in the upper left.

3rd Round:
[ ][ ][ ]|[A][ ][*] - Mettaur
[ ][ ][*]|[ ][ ][ ]
[*][ ][ ]|[*][ ][J] - OldStov
Difficulty: *
Strategy: Last battle, and its not any harder than the first two.  Once again,
you can win by just placing Mettaur and Gunner one in front of the other on
the front row.

Air Wheel 1 F (1st Win)
2 Bug Frags
500 Zenny

Level 2: [LVL2]
Location: Circular water vending machine in Seaside Town
Opponent: Blue Mr. Prog up and to the left of the Jack-In point
# of Rounds: 5

1st Round:
[ ][i][ ]|[B][ ][  ] - Piranha
[i][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][Bi] - Piranha
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][i][  ]
Difficulty: *
Strategy: Level 2 starts off with a fairly easy one.  As the Piranhas move up
and down, Gunner and Mettaur are at a disadvantage.  Elec type viruses clean
up, but if you want to win early in the game, get a Starfish and a Puffy and 
place them one in front of the other in your middle row.

2nd Round:
[ ][ ][i]|[  ][i][  ]
[i][ ][i]|[i ][ ][Li] - Puffy
[ ][i][ ]|[Fi][ ][  ] - Quaker
Difficulty: **
Strategy: A little harder this time, though not by much.  Take advantage of
Puffy's immobility by lining a StarFish up with it, preferable not on the
ice panels, as Puffy's needles can freeze.  Keep the Quaker occupied with your
own Puffer in the lower right hand corner.

3rd Round:
[ ][i][i]|[i][Li][ i] - Puffy
[ ][ ][i]|[i][ i][ i]
[ ][ ][ ]|[i][ i][Mi] - StarFish
Difficulty: **
Strategy: The game's using our own combo against us.  Show it the error of its
ways by double teaming Puffy with a Puffy and StarFish of your own.  Just keep
them off the back row or else the enemy StarFish will hit them.  Alternately,
trap a Mettaur in the lower left corner with a stationary virus like Puffy
and its shockwaves will not only do damage, they'll destroy StarFish's bubbles.

4th Round:
[ ][i][ ]|[ ][Bi][ ] - Piranha
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][  ][F] - Quaker
[ ][i][ ]|[ ][ i][ ]
Difficulty: **
Strategy: Starfish and Puffy might have a little trouble with this set. Placing 
StarFish in the top right corner and Puffy directly below it can win, its just 
not 100%.  More like 90%.

5th Round:
[i][i][ ]|[ ][i][Li] - Puffy
[ ][i][i]|[ ][ ][ i]
[ ][ ][i]|[i][ ][M ] - StarFish
Difficulty: **
Strategy: Starfish and Puffy, don't fail me now.  Puffy can't move so, once
again, tag team him with your own Puffy and Starfish, once again keeping out
of the back row so StarFish doesn't hit you.

Hp +500 NCP (1st Win)
4 Bug Frags
700 Zenny

Level 3: [LVL3]
Location: Punishment Chair in the Green Town courthouse,
Opponent: Orange Mr. Prog down and to the left of the Jack-In Point
# of Rounds: 5

Round 1:
[ ][g][g]|[ ][ g][T] - HonyBmbr
[ ][ ][g]|[g][ g][ ]
[ ][ ][ ]|[g][Yg][ ] - Armadill
Difficulty: ***
Strategy: First of all, Fire type viruses like OldStov and Hntd Cndl are
perfect for these battles.  If you want to get this round out of the way early,
though, back up our old friend StarFish with some new Green viruses.  Double
team HonyBmbr with StarFish in the back row and Armadill in the front.
HonyBmbr has a nasty counter attack, but Armadill is immune to it while rolled
in a ball.

Round 2:
[ ][ ][  ]|[T][g][gs] - HonyBmbr
[ ][ ][g ]|[ ][ ][g ]
[ ][g][gs]|[g][ ][S ] - Shrubby
Difficulty: ***
Strategy: Shrubby spends most of its time in the lower left corner of its area,
hiding behind your stone.  If you occupy it with a virus of viruses doing the
same, it keeps attacking them, and just hitting the stone.  Double team him
with a Gunner and a Puffy on the same row as him for a flawless victory.

Round 3:
[ ][g ][ ]|[R][g ][ ] - BombCorn
[ ][g ][ ]|[ ][g ][R] - BombCorn
Difficulty: **
Strategy: BombCorn moves in a straight line, giving OldStov the potential for
multiple hits, and making it so StarFish and Armadill literally can't miss.

Round 4:
[g][g][g]|[ g][x][Tx] - HonyBmbr
[x][g][g]|[ g][g][ x]
[x][x][g]|[Rg][g][g ] - BombCorn
Difficulty: ***
Strategy: Another BombCorn, another good opportunity for OldStov, Armadil, and
StarFish.  Double team BombCorn with StarFish and OldStov/Armadill for best

Round 5:
[g][x][g]|[Yg][x][ g] - Armadill
[g][g][g]|[ g][g][Rg] - BombCorn
[g][ ][g]|[ g][x][ g]
Difficulty: ***
Strategy: Final battle.  Another BombCorn, another chance for StarFish.  Add in
an Armadill of your own, and he'll roll out another victory.

BugFix * (1st Win)
6 Bug Frags
1500 Zenny

Level 4: [LVL4]
Location: Oxygen Tank, Main Computer room in Sky Town
Opponent: Yellow Mr. Prog down and to the right from Jack-In point
# of Rounds: 10

Round 1:
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][ ]
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][P][ ] - PulsBulb
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][V] - FgtrPlne
Difficulty: **
Strategy: The first appearance of the PulsBulb, an annoying enemy whose tough
shell is hard to crack.  So, ignore him and focus on the FgtrPlne.  It flies in
a straight line through your area with the greatest of ease.  Catack really
starts to shine here.  Just touching Catack deals 50 points of damage, so
place it in line with the FgtrPlane.  Add in StarFish for more damage.

Round 2:
[ ][*][ ]|[P][*][ ] - PulsBulb
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][G] - Catack
[*][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][*]
Difficulty: ***
Strategy: Another PulsBulb.  Ignore him again (which isn't quite so easy this
time) and focus on the Catack.  StarFish in the back row middle and HonyBmbr
two squares ahead can do it.

Round 3:
[*][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][*]
[ ][ ][ ]|[G][ ][ ] - Catack
[ ][ ][*]|[*][G][ ] - Catack
Difficulty: **
Strategy: Ahh, a repreive from PulsBulbs.  Catack just moves in a straight line
and can't hit anything above or below it unless the target is in the back row.
So hit them with something that CAN hit other rows like a Puffy or HntdCndl.
Tempt fate by putting Puffy in the upper left corner.  It'll get hit once
by the top Catack, but only for half damage, and that will increase its rate of

Round 4:
[*][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][V*] - FgtrPlne
[*][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][ *]
[*][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][V*] - FgtrPlne
Difficulty: **
Strategy: Two FgtrPlnes this time.  Once again Catack shines.  Place him on
line with either of the planes, and do the same for StarFish.  Easy victory.

Round 5:
[x][ ][ ]|[P][ ][ x] - PulsBulb
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][  ]
[x][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][Px] - PulsBulb
Difficulty: ****
Strategy: ...  Two PulsBulbs...  Can't ignore them this time.  So, hit them 
hard instead.  The attacks of HeadyA, SnakeArm, Armadill and ErthDrgn can
pierce that tough shell.  In this case, Armadill in the front or middle row
and HeadyA anywhere are a good bet.  PulsBulb is unpredictable, so its a bit
of a crap shoot.

Round 6:
[ ][ ][x]|[x][ ][ ]
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][G] - Catack
[x][ ][ ]|[ ][G][x] - Catack
Difficulty: **
Strategy: Phew.  No PulsBulb in sight.  Catack is far more predictable.  Place
a StarFish in the middle row back and a HonyBmbr on the bottom row for best

Round 7:
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][ ]
[ ][>][ ]|[ ][<][G] - Catack
[ ][ ][ ]|[V][ ][ ] - FgtrPlne
Difficulty: **
Strategy: Still no PulsBulb.  Catack still works against FgtrPlne and StarFish
still works against both of them.  The two of them together can't miss.

Round 8:
[\/][ ][  ]|[\/][V][  ] - FgtrPlne
[  ][ ][  ]|[  ][ ][  ]
[  ][ ][/\]|[  ][V][/\] - FgtrPlne
Difficulty: **
Strategy: Two FgtrPlnes again.  StarFish and Catack will straighten them out in
no time flat.

Round 9:
[>][ ][ ]|[>][ ][V] - FgtrPlne
[ ][ ][ ]|[P][ ][ ] - PulsBulb
[ ][ ][<]|[ ][ ][<]
Difficulty: ***
Strategy: PulsBulb returns, but he can be ignored again.  Once again, put
Catack and StarFish in line with FgtrPlne, keeping StarFish 2 squares behind
so he doesn't get caught in PulsBulb's attack.

Round 10:
[ ][>][ ]|[>][P][ ] - PulsBulb
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][ ]
[ ][ ][<]|[P][<][ ] - PulsBulb
Difficulty: ****
Strategy: Final battle time, and its two PulsBulbs again.  Once again, HeadyA
and Armadill are your best bets, but there's no such thing as a sure thing
against this unholy duo.

FldrPack2 NCP (1st Win)
8 Bug Frags
2000 Zenny

Level 5: [LVL5]
Location: Central Area 1 through Warp Hole
Opponent: Gold Mr. Prog
# of Levels: 10

Round 1:
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][ ]
[ ][ ][ ]|[D][ ][ ] - Swordy
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][X] - SnakeArm
Difficulty: **
Strategy: Swordy's not very bright and SnakeArm leads with its face.  Not a
good idea.  Keep Swordy busy with HonyBmbr while Catack draws out SnakeArm.
You take some damage, but with Swordy wailing away on HonyBmbr, HonyBmbr keeps
up the counterattacks and wins the battle.

Round 2:
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][xO] - Nghtmare
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][  ]
[x][ ][ ]|[ ][A][  ] - Mettaur
Difficulty: **
Strategy: Nightmare's quick, and he can only be hurt by Sword type attacks like
DarkMech and Swordy.  Mettaur doesn't have the same protection.  Double team
him with a Catack on the bottom middle and a HonyBmbr directly in front.  Two
shots and its over, folks.

Round 3:
[ ][*][ ]|[ ][ ][*]
[ ][ ][ ]|[*][W][ ] - DarkMech
[*][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][E] - KillrEye
Difficulty: ****
Strategy: Easily one of the hardest battles you can face, wiping out most
weaker teams easily.  HonyBmbr is your friend, but don't let that stop you
from putting it out front to take a couple of hits for the team.  Back him up
with an indirect attacker like StarFish or HntdCndl for the win.

Round 4:
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][*]
[ ][ ][*]|[G][ ][ ] - Catack
[*][ ][ ]|[*][ ][N] - ErthDrgn
Difficulty: ****
Strategy: Another hard battle, but not quite as hard as the last one.  The
might of this team makes you wish you had enough MB to pull it off.  Anyway,
ErthDrgn starts off in the back row moves once and returns.  Make him pay by
putting a StarFish in the upper right corner to nail him with 3 bubbles.  Have
somebody else like Puffy provide backup and cover the Catack and you can win.

Round 5:
[*][*][*]|[ *][*][ *]
[*][*][*]|[P*][*][ *] - PulsBulb
[*][*][*]|[ *][*][T*] - HonyBmbr
Difficulty: ***
Strategy: Not as hard, but still tricky.  PulsBulb resists a lot of damage,
but he can't resist HeadyA's attack.  Plus, while PulsBulb is busy attacking
HeadyA's attack immune body, the head can hit twice.  HonyBmbr's counterattack
can be rough, but HeadyA isn't strong enough to get the job done by himself,
so put a StarFish in the bottom left corner to assist.

Round 6:
[x][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][ ]
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][V][ ] - FgtrPlne
[ ][ ][ ]|[Y][ ][x] - Armadill
Difficulty: **
Strategy: Remember how we took out FgtrPlne last time?  Do it again.  Place
Catack in the middle row along with StarFish and its no problem.

Round 7:
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][ ]
[ ][x][ ]|[K][x][ ] - HntdCndl
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][J] - OldStov
Difficulty: ***
Strategy: Twin Fire type viruses this time.  Puffy and StarFish can shine here
and win quickly.  Interestingly enough, WindBox actually isn't useless here!
The wind coming from it puts out HntdCndl's flame and blows OldStov backwards 
before it can get out its flame.  After that just leave StarFish to pelt away 
at the now useless candle.

Round 8:
[x][ ][ ]|[Q][ ][ ] - BigHat
[ ][>][ ]|[ ][<][ ]
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][F][x] - Quaker
Difficulty: ***
Strategy: Wonders never cease here, as WindBox comes in handy a second time!
This time, the wind blows off BigHat's glasses, causing its bombs to land
harmlessly in its own area.  Put it in the back row and HonyBmbr in the front,
just don't put them on the same row or Quaker's attack will hit them both.

Round 9:
[  ][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][  ]
[\/][x][ ]|[H][x][/\] - Champy
[  ][ ][ ]|[ ][ ][B ] - Piranha
Difficulty: **
Strategy: This is a battle the likes of which you haven't seen since the V1
Virus Battler.  Put StarFish in the middle back and Puffy right above it for
about a 2 second victory.

Round 10:
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][  ][ ]
[ ][ ][ ]|[ ][!!][ ] - Blastman
[ ][ ][ ]|[A][  ][ ] - Mettaur
Difficulty: ****
Strategy: Yes, that's right.  That's not a typo.  You actually fight Blastman. 
400HP and all.  Fortunately, it's not as hopeless, or even as hard, as it might 
seem. No, really.  Blastman goes down before one of our most favorite friends,
StarFish.  Place him front row center and occupy Mettaur with HonyBmbr.  While
Blastman is taking double damage from StarFish's bubbles, HonyBmbr will keep
counter attacking and carving huge chunks from the enemy's collective HP.  Sit
back and enjoy.

SuprVulc V (1st Win)
3000 Zenny
10 Bug Frags

Section 6: Frequently Asked Questions [FAQS]

Q: Where exactly in Seaside is the PC with the Level 2 Battler?
A: Up and to the right of the Mermaid Fountain

Q: Where exactly in Sky Town is the PC with the Level 4 Battler? 
A: Head up the first elevator and past the 4 machines lining the path.
   Through that door is the Main Computer Room.  The Air Tanks are in
   the lower left corner of the room.

Section 7: Credits and Acknowledgements [THNK]
First of all, I'd like to thank GameFAQs and The EXE UnderSquare member 
Chibi Soma as, without his walkthrough, I would probably still be stuck 
about halfway through the Japanese version of the game.  Thanks go also to
GameFAQs and the regulars on the Battle Network Boards for all the help
(and entertainment) that they've provided me throughout the series.

Strategies courtesy of AJAQ(AJAQ007)

(c) Buretsu, 2005