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Where can i get level 5 death?

I was stupid enough to not get level 5 death from the 1st world, so now i am in the 2nd world and i found a really great place to get quick ABP but the only way i can the things are with 'Zeninage' which, as you know, costs around 5,000 gil every time you use it.. I mean it's worth it but i was watching a video of people using level 5 death on the, and killing them and making tons of gil and getting tons of ABP. Anyway, if anyone knows where i can get 'Level 5 Death' in the second world, please help.. I'm not far into the world.. I just finished the part where Galuf's friend dies.. I don't remember his name but anyway it was when you shut down the barrier for Exdeath's castle.. So yeah.. My levels are:
Bartz - Knight Lvl 6 - Level 30
Faris - Knight Lvl 2 - Level 30
Lenna - Time Mage Lvl 5 - Level 30
Galuf - Samurai Lvl 0 - Level 30

I want to learn some new abilities and get their jobs up really high but i can't without level 5 death! Please help if you know the answer. I've googled it like a million times and nothing comes up..

bladeyboy11 provided additional details:

Well yes i know about the page 64 but like i said, i forgot to get it from there and i am in the second world now and i want to know where i can get it in the second world.. My levels now are all my characters are level 40 and stuff.. Where is executioner and all the other ones if someone could tell me..

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amp888 answered:

Executors can be found in world three in the Island shrine, and Azulmagia is a boss you'll run into in world three. I don't know where you find Level Checkers, sorry. I would just try to get it from Executors, instead of from a boss. Make sure you unbalance your partys level. You can do this by killing three characters, then letting the survivor fight alone until they level up. If you don't unbalance, then level 5 death will just wipe you out, instant game over. Good luck!
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amp888 answered:

To get Level 5 Death needs a little preparation. First, unbalance your characters levels. Make sure one character, the target, has a level divisible by 5, and that the other three don't. Pick a fight with a page 64 in the library of ancients in the first world. Wait until the monster casts the spell, which will kill the target but miss the others. Revive the target, then kill the monster, and you should have level 5 death. Some other monsters that can use it are Executioner, Trickster, Azulmagia, and Level Checker, but Page 64 is by far the easiest to get it from. Good Luck!
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amp888 answered:

Another solution to your problem: Did you keep an alternate save? If you did, you can then you can just go to the library of ancients and get level 5 death, then redo everything you've done in the second world. It sucks to lose progress, but the alternative is to restart your game entirely from scratch, and thats worse. Once you travel to the second world, you can NEVER fight monsters in the library again. It disappears when you return to the first world. Sorry to give you bad news, but if you kept an old save, you have a little hope. Otherwise, just finish the second world, then get to the island shrine where you can find executors. Good luck!
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DigitalDice answered:

Prepare to kick yourself...

Level Tricker in the tower you just blew up has level 5 death, as well as level 2 old and level 4 graviga, available in its Control menu. You need to finagle things with mixes or captured Neon enemies in order to learn things in the tower, but it is possible. (Said trick is more often used for learning level 3 flare from red dragons found in chests.) Unfortunately having just blown it up, there's no going back, and no other world 2 enemies have that blue magic.

You can still destroy Objet d'Art enemies at a net financial gain with gold needles, so no need to hurt your pocketbook with zeninage abuse.
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cyborg_2021 answered:

Be sure ur blue mage's level is divisible by 5. The easiest that u can learn it is fighting Page 64 in Library of Ancients.
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gamingmaster12 answered:

You can wait till the end of the game, at best. There, you can get it from Level Checkers in the void.
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timo4142 answered:

Page 64.
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timo4142 answered:

Try looking at the tower where you go with Xezat and find some level checkers.
Use beastmaster's ability control and do the rest of it on your own.Good luck.
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