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Need help on getting all summons?

I have most of them and hard ones like Bahamut and Odin,but I still dont have Shiva and 2 other ones or probably missed could someone post a guide or something that tells where to get them?

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reb8 answered:

The first three Faq/walkthroughs have a separate section for summons that tells you where to get them. If there isn't enough information in those, the Sidequests/Secrets faq has more detail on the ones you don't buy.

In ebmid 's guide search "section 18" (without the quotes), in Courante's guide search "12.5c", and in KiaLobeli's guide search "11.4)".
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Thao987 answered:

I think u missed catoblepas which is located in the forest northwest of galufs castle. Shiva is located in the castle of walse in the beginning of the game. I think u missed carbuncle too, in exdeaths castle. Well Theres an FAQ for the summons here called magic FAQ. Hope it helps.
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