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Jachol cave leads to Odin? PLZ HELP!!!!

Okay,when I was reading the FAQs it said at the end of the cave,climb the wall and it will lead to castle bal's basement,which is where Odin is. Can someone PLEASE tell me which wall though? It's confusing and I'm getting very angry. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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I know that. >.< and thank you.

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reb8 answered:

Once you are passed all the switches and have used the switch in the chest to open the way just work your way into the last part of the cave. The wall is at the top of the screen on the GBA, so it would be considered the rear wall or the north wall. If I recall correctly, you will automatically start climbing the wall if you get next the the center of that wall. Since you are following a faq, I will assume that you are far enough in the game to gain access to that.
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moglinkun answered:

the cave does lead to odin but not intill world 3.
And its the wall at the very end of the cave. just examine the wall and you'll start to climb it.
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gamingmaster12 answered:

Yes, at the end of the Jachol cave, there will be a small rope type thing at the north wall that you will automatically jump and start climbing. This leads to a room with Odin.
But you can only do this after you have reached at least world 3 and visited Bal Castle normally.
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