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Plot Help status answers
Bad Ending? Answered 1
GAH!!!! What the heck? Answered 1
Where is Shiva? Answered 1
Technical Help status answers
Has anyone had a cartidge that erases the saves by itself? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
A good place to train? Answered 3
A strange final reward? Answered 1
As a freelancer, will i learn blue magic w/out equiping learning? Answered 2
Can anyone tell me how my jobs are? Answered 2
Can I go back to get Mime? Answered 1
Can you refight the bosses in the Sealed Temple/Cloister of the Dead? Answered 1
Can't get softening potion again? Answered 1
Does Return change the item you can steal from a monster? Answered 1
Does Undead make you a zombie? Answered 1
Galuf keeps dancing randomly?? Answered 1
Good places to level for the bonus dungeon? Answered 1
How can I find Crystal Dragons easily? Answered 3
How can i get the blue magic pep- up and Mighty guard? Answered 2
How can I get the jobs Gladiator, Oracle, Cannoneer and Necromancer? Answered 7
How can I land with black chocobo? Answered 1
How do I get the Cloister of the Dead? Answered 1
How do i get the diamond dust in the summoning job? Answered 1
How do I get the Motor Trap enemy to use Missile? Answered 1
How do i push the stone statue in seald temple? Answered 1
How do you learn blue magic, and what is the best strategy to do so? Answered 1
How do you transfer your game into the pc? Answered 1
How to go to Istory in World 3? Answered 1
I freed the wolf? Answered 2
In what correct level will I fight neo shinryu? Answered 1
Inns not fully healing mp? Answered 1
Is it possible to revisit the rift after beating Neo Exdeath? Answered 1
Is Meteor elemental? Answered 2
Is there any bonus for mastering a job other than inherited innate abilities? Answered 2
Is there any way to be immune to Encircle? Answered 2
Is this a good level for where i am? Answered 1
Level-38 : Defeated neo exdeath 2 times and entered the bonus dungeon . am i under leveled? Answered 2
Maxing Freelancer stat? Answered 1
My lvl 51 can i battle with neo shinryu? Answered 1
Necromancer and Bone mail combo: do they affect each other? Answered 2
Reentering same character's trial? Answered 1
Save state for Level 5 Death? Answered 2
What exacty does "Learning" do? Answered 2
what if you use Undead as a ability? Answered 2
What is rapid fire? Answered 2
What is that shrine in World One? Answered 1
what is The next challenge? Answered 1
What is up? Answered 1
What spell says "cant remember" that acts like "banish" and how do i get rid of the effect? Answered 1
What status ailments do ribbons guard against? Answered 2
What would be a good job...? Answered 3
What's the point of leveling up your piano skills? Answered 1
What's with the skull looking thing? Answered 2
Whats an easy way to find Movers? Answered 1
When i get Lenna back will she have gained any levels? Answered 1
Where are the best places in each world for gil? Answered 1
Where can i find Ramuh? Answered 1
Where can I find Shinryu's Lair? Answered 1
Where can i get level 5 death? Answered 8
Where do you find the enemy Prototype in World 1? Open 1
Where do you get the sub? Answered 1
Where in the sealed temple is Enou? Answered 1
Where is the last tablet to open the last three legendary weapon? Answered 1
Where's Lix? Answered 1
Why do I not have to fight neo exdeath if i mix a dark matter and a blitzshot? Answered 1
Why would a lose gill after winning a fight? Answered 1
Wondering about differences and glitches between this, and the original game? Answered 1

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