Sidequests/Secrets FAQ by Alecander

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Sidequest 'n' Secrets faq 
written by the infamous Alecander
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*1.00 Version history
1.00-Most sidequests + Secrets, bonus dungeon coming in version 3 now

2.00-Put in Misc sidequests/secrets and included an faq section

3.00-Parts 1 and 2 of the bonus dungeon, other small additions.

*2.00 Contents

*1.00: V-history
*2.00: Contents
*3.00: Notice

The 4th section: World 1 secrets and sidequests    

*4.01: Tule beginner house
*4.02: Pirates cove-revisited
*4.03: Cold as ice...rods
*4.04: Pickpockets should not be freed!
*4.05: In the frying pan
*4.06: Out of the frying pan, and into the shiva
*4.07: Tycoon Castle
*4.08: Desert fever!
*4.09: Yellow as thunder
*4.10: The village of Jachol-shopping
*4.11: An endangered species
*4.12: Bartz's past

The 5th section: World 2 secrets and sidequests

*5.01: Kuza castle
*5.02: Amphibians for gold
*5.03: Quest for float (reccomended getting before section 5-02)
*5.04: Shoat the goat-Catoblepas
*5.05: Reflect on your emotions

The 6th section: World 3 secrets and sidequests

*6.02: An old friend
*6.03: Feel my blade
*6.04: The village of phantom
*6.05: The bahamut
*6.06: The phoenix
*6.07: Repeat after me
*6.08: Super jobs...sorta

7th: Misc secrets-not in any particular order:

*7.01: Genji quest
*7.02: The Moai head
*7.03: Magic lamp
*7.04: Statistics guy
*7.05: Midi player
*7.06: Galuf+Bartz=Disturbed minds?
*7.07: 3 women to keep Bartz company
*7.08: Ribbons

8th: Frequently asked questions-any question 
     emailed to me basically

*8.00: frequently asked questions

9th: Bonus dungeon (Incomplete)

9.01: Part 1
9.02: Part 2

10th: Credits

*10.00: Credits to people

*******************3.00 NOTICE-I'D REALLY LIKE YOU TO READ ******************

Okay, being a secrets faq, there is bound to be 1 or 2 things missing, so i 
would really appreciate emails telling me stuff i've missed. If you would like
to submit a boss strat that you find to work well, I'll highly consider 
including it providing it's for a boss/enemy that is relevant to the sidequest.
Also, If you have any questions, Id be more than happy to include them in the
frequently asked questions section of this faq.
Comments can be also be forwarded with others to:


PS: Feel free to use this without my permission but if you do use part of this
    , please include me in credits :)

*4.01 Tule beginner house
Bosses: N/A
Items: Potion, Phoenix down, Tent, Ether, 100gp, Leather shoes
Other: Goblin fight
First available: As soon as you gain control of the ship

This can be found in tule, simply go to tule village and to the far left, enter
the building. In the reception, talk to the lady at the counter and say that 
you're a beginner. She'll let you in now. On the first floor, there's a group
of old men who'll tell you about game basics. But we're after the treasure, 
right? Take a look in the top-left corner. You'll see 2 chests and 1 pot, 1 
barrel and a crate. Examine the pot for a Potion, the barrel for a phoenix down
and the crate for a tent. Then head left directly from where you're standing. 
Follow the secret path around to reach 2 chests. Open them for an ether and
100gp. Now it's time to go upstairs.

Up here, they'll be more old geezers to take you through game basics and a 
chest. Talk to the man and he'll say he has a present for you. Talk to him a
second time and he'll reveal what's in there with the treasure. After the 
battle, collect the leather shoes. You're done here, so exit the house.

Also note: While in tule, go to the pub and go upstairs to find faris asleep
           and you'll witness...a somewhat disturbing scene...

*4.02 Pirates cove-revisited 
Bosses: N/A
Items: Tent, Ether, 300gp
Other: Meet Boko
First available: As soon as you gain control of the ship

This is the pirate cave where you met faris at the very beginning of the game.
as soon as you gain control of the pirate ship, you may re-access it. Go a bit
east and follow the channel south. Keep a look out to the left for a gap in the
mountains and go through. Head north and you'll find the pirate cave. 

As soon as you arrive outside, you'll notice your prized chocobo is gone. Time
to follow him. Go all the way through the cave and exit through the 2nd doorway
in there. Once in the hideout, head left and hit the switch. Now enter the
leftmost door and collect a tent, ether and 300gp.

Whist in the hideout, enter the other door to find boko resting say hello and
exit out of the cave.

You may also want to learn the blue magic vampire after getting your new jobs.
It can be learne from the steel bats.

*4.03 Cold as ice...rods
Bosses: N/A
Items: Ice rod
Other: N/A
First available: As soon as you reach Carwen

You can't miss Carwen, just a little south-west of north mountain. On your way
here, find where the gentleman who guards the dock is, and search for a secret 
path that leads to a crate. Examine the crate for an ice rod. Although these
can be bought a couple of towns after, they will benifit all ice attacks you 
use when equiped.

*4.04 Pickpockets should not be freed!
Bosses: N/A
Items: Leaves them available for later on
Other: N/A
First available: As soon as you reach Walse/Worus castle

In the dungeon, you'll find prisoners (suprise suprise!) who want to be let
out, however, only pickpocket can be let out. He say's he'll not forget this
however, by doing so you'll be missing out on great items like the blitz whip,

*4.05 In the frying pan
Bosses: N/A
Items: 1000gp x2, Elven mantle,"Speed" 
Other: Jackanapes
First available: When you enter Walse/Worus castle

When you reach this castle, go up from the entrance and go down the stairs in 
the first room. Head north-east through the silver doors. Go down the stairs
but...BE PREPARED! Down here is an enemy that will be undefeatable the first
time you come to the castle, so run, or use the quicksave trick. !Guard works

E-mailed from "death genocide":
I read your faq, another way to defeat the jackanapes is the blue magic 
"Level 5 death"... I found it so useful in my quest to kill those jack*****!
the blue magic "level 5 death" can be obtained early in world one.  
Just control the monster Page 64.  I think the page 64 monster can be found 
in the library of the ancients... 

Credit to Death Genocide.

I should also note that pg64 does not really need to be controlled. Just have
a blue mage, last level digit at 5 or 0 and wait. He'll use it in a few rounds
usually.Keep proceeding and check the 3 urns in the first room, 2 for 1000gp
each, and the middle one for the time spell: Speed. A little further to the
left is the elvel mantle. This will, on occasion, dodge physical attacks.

*4.06 Out of the frying pan, and into the shiva
Bosses: Shiva + Ice commander (3)
Items: N/A
Other: Summon: Shiva
First available: As soon as you enter Walse/Worus castle

When you reach this castle, go up from the entrance and go down the stairs in 
the first room. Heas south-east and exit outside. Now go up the stairs and
follow the water up. Now, walk into the middle of the cascade and climb up.

Once at the top, work your way into the middle of the room, and prepare for 
battle. This will be harder without fira, but I can take you through.

|                                  Shiva    Notes: Drops Ice rod            |
|                                  Lvl: 11                                  |
|                                  Hp: 1500                                 |

Before you begin the fight, Put 2 characters in the front row, and 2 in the 
back, as you'll find that Shiva's Blizzara spell will only affect either the
front or the back, saving you some damage. Have your back 2 characters able
to cast cure and your front 2 monks. 

Once engaged, its showtime. Have your healers cure the party every round, and
have the monks !Kick every turn. Once the ice commanders are dead, just have
the 2 monks focus on defeating shiva by using regular attacks.

*4.07 Tycoon castle
Bosses: N/A
Items: Hi-Potion, Ether x2, cottage x3, Phoenix Down x2 Elixir x2,  
       Maiden's Kiss

Main treasure: Ashura, Shuriken, Diamond Bell, Healing staff
Other: Lenna + Faris's past
First available: As soon as you beat north mountain + get the dragon.

Find the pirate cave entrance, and follow the way down then once you hit the 
mountains at the bottom, go east, fly over the meteor and land down infront of
the building there. Once inside, choose to stay over the night to witness
a scene about lenna + faris' past. After the scene, head out into the courtyard
and go left and follow the way down. In here, Press the switch and follow the
secret path to reach a room which holds the "main treasures" of castle. To find
all of the other treasures, simply ransack all of the crates, chests and pots
etc, then, search the right side of the courtyard to find a tower which holds
2 cottages.

E-mailed from "Jason Rogers"
In your FFV "Sidequest 'n' Secrets" faq, you wrote about the scene in Castle 
Tycoon after you get the dragon, but you should also mention that there are at 
least two more scenes about Faris's past. You see the first one if you go there
once you get the dragon, the second right after you obtain the airship, and the
third after the Exdeath is freed and Galuf leaves the party.

To  see  them you go into the throne room and choose "Yes" when
the chancellor asks you to spend the night.

Credit to Jason Rogers

*4.08 Desert fever!
Bosses: Dhorme Chimera
Items: N/A
Other: The great blue magic "Aqua breath"
First available: As soon as the karnak wall is blown apart

As soon as karnak castle explodes, the wall will collapse, leaving the trail 
for you to continue on your game. Before departing, buy 1 or 2 elemental rods
from the karnak weaponary, it doesn't matter what kind.

Go through until you reach the small desert, save, and make sure you have 
either a blue mage or a character with learning and a character who can equip
rods. Wander the desert to fight a creature called the Dhorme Chimera. Let
it use aqua breath on your party, then break the elemental rod to kill it

Note: For those who do not know how to "break" a rod, it must be equiped to 
a character, then used in battle by selecting it while it is in the equipment
slot (Press up when at the top of item menu) and use it as if it were a battle

*4.09 Yellow as thunder
Bosses: Ramuh
Items: Ramuh (not a typo)
Other: The summon Ramuh
First available: As soon as you get the black chocobo/Airship

This can be done as soon as you get the black chocobo, or you could also use 
the airship. 

There is a town called Istory up in the north-west. There will be a waterfall
to the right of it, but a bit less right, will be the istory forest, holding
the summon: Ramuh (Not Ramhu or Rhama) 

|                                  Ramuh    Notes: Drops Ramuh              |
|                                  Lvl: 21                                  |
|                                  Hp: 4000                                 |

Throw any shurikens you have and cast cure2/Cura every round. Use powerful 
summons every round with the approapriate rod (IE: Ifrit=Flame rod, Shive=ice
rod) and have your melee fighters attack every turn

*4.10 The village of Jachol-shopping
Bosses: N/A
Items: N/A
Other: Lots of shops
First available: As soon as you get the black chocobo/airship

Jachol village can be located to the south-west. Here you can find some of the
most up-to-date armour and weaponary.

Armour shop:
Ogre kiler 3200gil
Coral sword 2800gil
Mage masher 900gil
Trident 2700gil
Ashura 5800gil
Silver bow 1500gil

Weapon shop:
Green beret 2500gil
Ninja suit 3000gil
Sage Surplice 1000gil

After stocking up, head up from the town and enter the cave...

*4.11 An endangered species
Bosses: N/A
Items: Tent, Shuriken, Blitz whip
Other: Lots of abp
First available: As soon as you get the black chocobo/airship

To the north of Jachol village, there is a cave. Inside there will be fights
with such enemies as Nut eater or the skull eater-! which can fetch a handy 
profit of abp. Go in and south and press the switch to open the wall that 
blocks the way. Now go all the way down and press any switch on the wall. All
but 1 will dissapear, so rush and press it. Now the next wall will open for you
,so follow the route and examine the chest northmost chest to open the sealed
door. This is your treasure room. In here, provided you DID NOT release him 
earlier like mentioned in a previous section.

*4.12 Bartz's past
Bosses: N/A
Items: N/A
Other: A song available only in world 1 and esuna magic if you missed it as 
       well as items with cheap discount.
First available: When you get the black chocobo/airship

Lix can be found north on the world map. With the airship, there is only 1 
square you can land in by airship but most of that can be black-chocobo'd. 

In lix, visit the house on the mid-left. This happens to be Bartz's house that
he lived in a while ago, but it seems a bard has moved in. Examine the tape
player in the corner then talk to the bard and you'll have learned something
shocking about his mother and a new song. You can also visit her grave to the 
far left of the town. In the upper-right there's a shop where you'll be getting
lots of items for half-price. You can also talk to the man dressed as a scholar
to learn of his childhood memories. If you missed the magic spell esuna earlier
when karnak was burning down, you have another chance to buy it here.

*5.01 Kuza castle
Bosses: N/A
Items: N/A
Other: Fights with shield dragons and plenty of xp+abp
First available: After visiting the border town. 

After the barrier blows you away, you'll no doubt come across a castle, full
of undead dragons, powerful and such called shield dragons. They serve you for
10,000exp and 5abp if you manage to defeat one. Use !control and spam blaze on
it for precisely 4999 damage. Do this 6-7 times to kill it.

*5.02 Amphibians for gold
Bosses: Gilgame (Gil turtle)
Items: 81910gil
Other: N/A
First available: Once you leave bal castle

To the far east of bal castle, walk across the plains to find a cave. Before 
you go in i reccomend casting float if you have it, in fact if you don't have
float, unless you are highly over leveled, you're probably doomed anyway.

Find the area where you take a step and you get a amount of gil. You can expect
to fight this enemy upto 6 times or more. Teleport is also good for when you
want to escape from the dungeon.

|                                  Gilgame    Notes: Abs most elements      |
|                                  Lvl: 57           weak to ice            |
|                                  Hp: 32768                                |
To begin with, make 2 casters sword mages, preferably with !rapid fire and
blizzaga sword magic and a white mage with a high enough summon level to
summon golem, and another character to use useful mix's and enough time level
to cast float. Your 2 sword mages should begin by casting Blizzaga sword
and your time mage haste/aga or float. Have your white mage cast protect on 
your frontal characters hopefully you might have double cast for the white mage
so do 2x protect. Cast curaga or double curaga on the party every round and
remember to keep golem up. If you happen to have lv3 flare, you could equip 
that to your character too replace doublecast if you don't have it.

*5.03 Quest for float
Bosses: N/A
Items: 5000gil
Other: Float spell + Speed song
First available: Once you reach the point in the game

This can be found directly west from where sage ghido's cave sank.

Once you reach it, pull the chain and enter the main castle. Go up the stairs
to the bottom-left and examine the book on the kings desk to learn a new song
then go back down and go up the other set of stairs on the left. Follow until
you come across 3 books, put them back in the correct shelves (Shelves labeled
A-Z, go by the 1st letter of the book) Once you put them back, talk to the
librarian and she'll open the secret door. The path now is fairly simple.
Check all the pots, chests and so on for treasure, follow the path to the
very end and once outside, go underneath the turret bridge to reach the room
that holds float.

*5.04 Shoat the goat-Catoblepas
Bosses: Catoblepas
Items: Catoblepas
Other: Summon Catoblepas
First available: Once you get the submarine.

Once you have the sub, go underwater and check the north-western mark on the
map and head there. Pass through the cave and wander the forest that you end
up at to encounter this summon.

|                                  Catoblepas    Notes: Drops Catoblepas    |
|                                  Lvl: 38                                  |
|                                  Hp: 5000                                 |
Use rapid fire with the blood sword and another decent weapon and he's as
good as gone. Bear in mind, he counter-attacks all moves with his evil eye 
which causes petrify. 

*5.05 Reflect on your emotions
Bosses: Carbuncle
Items: Turtle shell?
Other: Summon carbuncle
First available: Once you enter x-deaths castle

In X-deaths (Or ExDeaths) castle, follow the route around the caste until you
reach a room teaming with skull-marks on the floor. Your aim is to reach the
skull to the very top of the room. If you have the Geomancer's Pitfall ability
to avoid falling through the floor. 

Once you manage to reach the top skull, it'll warp you directly to carbuncles
prescence. Prepare for battle, then examine the light.

|                                  Carbuncle                                |
|                                  Lvl: 44                                  |
|                                  Hp: 15000                                |
The cheap suck-up way is to cast catoblepas on him, or use break sword and
rapid-fire him, however, if you prefer it the non-cheap way, cast bio or some
strong element on your mystic knight, and keep curaga'ing your party.
Rapid fire him every turn, bear in mind blood sword works well with rapid fire
on a solo-game. Element-absorbing equipment may be useful too. 

I'd also like to point out that although monster/bestiary guides and the game
bestiary say carbuncle is immune to petrify, he is not. Use petrifacation 
attacks often if you are really having a hard time.

6.01 Buk-buk-buk-buk-ark or Macho?
Bosses: N/A
Items: Best Weapon in whole game: Chicken knife, or Brave blade
Other: N/A
First available: As soon as you actually have access to the pyramid in world 3

Once Sage Ghido finds the ancient library, he begins having a field time of fun
with all these books and tells you about the 12 legendary weapons

"Yes. They're 12 of them, they're legendary and they're weapons"

or somewhere along those lines. Once he tells you to go to the pyramid, go to
the desert in which it rests, but skip it and keep going west to reach the
village of Mua/Moore. There, find the pub/inn (forgot which), its the building
to the left of when you enter and go behind it and follow it around. Once you
reach a shed sort of thing, follow the path around and meet up with some old
git at the end. He'll give you a choice of 2 VERY powerful weapons. The 
chicken knife or the Brave blade. If you ran away from any battle take the 
knife, if you haven't, you may take the blade, but It's still better to take
the knife as when powered up, it combines attack and agility for power. 
The brave blade on the other hand, stands there alone with attack power. 

-The chicken knife's power raises 1 for every 2 battles ran from, caps at 127
 It cannot be reduced

-The Brave blades power begins at 150, and drops 1 for every battle ran from
 Cannot be raised

*6.02 An old friend
Bosses: N/A
Items: N/A
Other: Summon Syldra/Hydra
First available: Once you get the airship back

You know where the pirate hideout used to be back in world 1 right? Time for a

Again, follow around the cave and when you reach the pirate hideout, you'll 
witness a scene between the party and the deceased Syldra's spirit. 
After of which, you'll gain the wind summon, Syldra.

*6.03 Feel my blade
Bosses: Odin
Items: N/A
Other: Summon odin
First available: Once you get the airship back

Remember the village Jachol and the cave a bit north? Now, the cave has a 
special characteristic about it. Head all the way in, and in the final room, 
head towards the back, and you'll find the wall climable. It will lead into the
bal castle basement, where you can find the summon odin at the very back. 

|                                  Odin                                     |
|                                  Lvl: 2                                   |
|                                  Hp: 17000                                |
Odin has an extreme weakness to lightning. Use the Thundaga sword magic and
use rapid fire or 2-handed with that. He'll use Zantetsuken occasionally so 
heal with curaga when he does. Just blast him with everything and aviod 
anything holy. 

*6.04 The village of Phantom
Bosses: N/A
Items: Thief knife, mirage vest
Other: Lots of excellent magic spells + armour
First available: Once you get the airship back

This may be hard to find. Go to crescent village, and follow the south-west
stretch of land. After counting 3 blocks of forest, land and search the 3rd one
and you'll find the village. Here, you'll find plenty of excellent magic like
quick and arise. Simply go to the far left of the magic shop, go up and hit the
barrier and press right on the D-pad. Here, you can buy Quick, Banish, Arise, 
Dispell, Death and osmose. Also, go to the pub and hug the barrier above it, 
then press down to reach behind the pub counter. Follow the path to reach a 
secret weapon shop and a black chocobo, used for flying over mountains. In
the armour shop, examine the crate in the bottom-left corner to release a 
segment of the shop counter and follow the secret path to find another shop
containing some precious accessories like the coral ring. 

For now, you may want to go and grab the black chocobo because we're going
Eidolon/Esper/Aeon/Call/Summon hunting!

*6.05 The Bahamut
Bosses: Bahamut
Items: N/A
Other: Summon Bahamut
First available: Once you get the black chocobo

Once you get the B-Chocobo, open the map and look for the largest area of 
desert. To the south-east sort of part, there will be a forest you can land in.
Once you've landed, head north in the desert until you reach north-mountain.
Brings back memories eh? Anyway, the usual drill. Climb to the top and engage
in a fight with bahamut.

|                                  Bahamut                                  |
|                                  Lvl: 99                                  |
|                                  Hp: 40000                                |
Summon up Carbuncle and use mighty guard if you have it. Use rapid fire and
flare/holy doublecast meteor, give him all you got. Keep Golem up too.
Lv3 flare goes down well, quick and use dragon power (hi-potion+dragon fang)
onto a melee fighter to increase their attack power and heal with spells such
as white wind.

*6.06 The Phoenix
Bosses: N/A but one helluva lot of enemies that you can't escape from
Items: Pheonix down x4, Aevis killer
Other: Summon Phoenix
First available: Once you get the black chocobo

The phoenix tower is located west from the forest where the black chocobo can
actually land. Once in the tower, take the doors as the following to avoid
annoying battles: 


On your way up, you may find 2 pots on a floor. 1 will contain some gil and the
other will be a magic pot. Feed these pots elixers for 100abp.

Once at the top, you witness a scene between a farmilliar face and Lenna.

*6.07 Repeat after me:
Bosses: Gogo 
Items: N/A
Other: 7 extra mins of air and the Mime job
First available: As soon as you get the submarine

This area can be found almost directly under Phoenix tower with the sub which
in turn can be found in the underground hatch after getting the flare and holy

Once in the underwater/sunken walse tower, you'll have 7 minutes to reach the
very end of the tower where the mime shard is kept. Make your way through the
tower, bearing in mind that if you do happen to get low on air, there is a 
chest you can get to to refill your air to full. 

Once you reach the end, you will be able to engage in a fight with gogo.

|                                  Gogo                                     |
|                                  Lvl: ??                                  |
|                                  Hp: 55,000                               |
Don't do anything to win. No, seriously don't do anything. 

If you want it the harder way, have a freelancer wield 2 weapons, use flare
sword and then use rapid fire. This should kill him, however, if you fail to,
he will triplecast meteor on you. 

*6.08 Super jobs...sorta
Bosses: N/A
Items: N/A
Other: Gladiator, Oracle and Cannoneer jobs.
First available: After unsealing all 12 legendary weapons, go south to find
                 bubbling water. Submerge with the submarine.

Submerge with the submarine and collect the jobs at the bottom. They are the 
Gladiator, Oracle and Cannoneer. They aren't great, but carry some pretty 
useful abilities such as Abp+ and exp+. 

*7.01 Genji quest
Upon meeting a certain somebody called gilgamesh, you may learn, that in later
battles, first being in world2, that this man has some pretty neat stuff to 

Battle#1: X-deaths castle-nothing that special

Battle#2: Big bridge-nothing that special

Battle#3: Xezats fleet-!!!Gengi gloves!!!

Battle#4: X-deaths castle-nothing that special, but when he morphs...

Battle#5: After morphing in battle#4-!!!Genji helmet!!!

Battle#6: N-zone-last area, first room-!!!Genji Shield!!!

Battle#7: N-zone-last area, 2nd last room-!!!Genji armour!!!

If this is your first or second playthrough, chances are you're reading this
section wondering "yeah okay, got that. Now how do i benefit from equiping 
these awsome pieces of equipment?" Well I'll show you: 

The genji gloves: 
Stat bonuses

-Mg Def+1

and they prevent toad and paralyze.

The genji helmet: 
Stat bonuses

-Mg Def+2

and they prevent confusion and mini

The genji shield:
Stat bonuses

-Mg Def+1

and they prevent mini and paralyze

The almighty genji armour: 
Stat bonuses

-Mg Def+2

and they prevent toad and confuse

and to help you see just how good they are, I feel like reviewing them, but

When all are equiped, they may not bring the best defense stat, however, 
just because they don't hold the best defense, it doesn't mean they aren't
good. I would choose the ribbon over any other helmet anytime, but genji
helm comes close. 

Total stat bonus: 

-Mg Def+6

and grant immunity too: 

Toad, Confuse, Mini, Paralyze. 

It's up to you how to use them, they may not be the best in the game, but they
are pretty valuable!

*7.02 The Moai head
This appears after defeating enuo and pressing the switch. 

Many theories surround this head. Some include

-"This is the sealed temple itself bringing you back to the submarine"


-"This is the submarine" (funny looking sub)

Email from Tulio Segal:
the head is there even after u kill enuo or reach the sealed temple 

If you know, or think you know what it REALLY is, please, I urge you and would
be appreciative to email at

*7.03 The magic lamp
The magic lamp is a special items that summons espers to aid you. some people 
say the summons are random, but however, are not. They go from the strongest
esper you have, to the weakest, and ends up powerless and performs a dud attack
when used. In order of attacks:


-It does not include phoenix
-It raises with you magic power
-It is found at (not in) Istory falls (big waterfall near where Istory village
 used to be), use Boko, the yellow chocobo to get there.
-Once it begins using the weak summons you don't want, return to where you 
 it to recharge it, and it will once again begin summoning the likes of bahamut

*7.04 The statistics guy
Once X-death has melded the 2 worlds together and you have got upto the point
in which you recieve the submarine, the statistics guy will be accessable.
You don't get any items from him, but he tells you various things from his
"psychic" powers. To find him, find karnak and head south a few spaces (yes, 
only a few) so that you're in that what looks like a birds beak when submerged
or flying. Dive about there to find the underwater cave with the old man in it.

*7.05 The midi player
Yup. Like most other GBA ff games, you can unlock the midi player, simply by
beating NeoExdeath. Thats it really. But I should say incase you didn't notice,
they have changed the likes of "Lenna" back to "Reina" in the list there (oh
the sensible and good old times. I loved them)

*7.06 Galuf+Bartz=Disturbed minds?
You can unlock this scene as soon as you get the first ship. Go to tule and
you'll notice faris and his/her pirate buddies will rush into the pub (wow, big
suprise) and begin drinking. Faris on the otherhand, feels the need to sleep.

Go upstairs in the pub and go knock on her door to witness...a somewhat 
disturbing scene with the group. O_o

*7.07 3 women to keep bartz company
Down stairs in the Tule pub, take a seat to the left of the stage and witness
yet another disturbing scene...

*7.08 Ribbons
If you have been playing the ff series for a while now, you should probably
know by now, that ribbons have always been a prime form of status-prevention.
In ffva, the protection includes: 


the main 4 can be found: 

-Karnak castle (10:00)
-Ancient Pyramid (World 3)
-Regole border town (World 3, equipment shop, talk to girl when you have one)
-The forest in the rift

They also are a "rare steal" from the lemures in the phoenix tower incase you
miss one.

*8.00 F-A-Q
Email me any questions you may have to

1) My gil's dissapearing!!! Whats up with that!
Check what attack you are using to kill enemies. Zeninage drains your gil to 
dish out damage to enemies. When you gil reaches zilch, it does no longer deal
any damage to your opponents.

2) Am I underleveled for ___________?
There is no such thing as underleveled. There is such thing as overleveled, 
like being lv99 for the pirates cave (Seen a jap video of that somewhere on
youtube) is overleveled. As long as the monsters in that area aren't giving
you problems, you're fine.

3) Who are you exactly Alecander?
Why not include a bit about myself anyway? I wrote this thing...

Im called Alexander Crampton (god, you have to love me for that summon) 
I live in England/North east tyneside
I am Geordie on my fathers side and Aussie on my mothers 
I support Australia in the ashes dispite being english (0_o)
I'm 14
ffv is my favorite game (at the moment)
I have 1 cat named henry. I love him very much.
My favorite cartoon=Futurama (WooT Dr.Zoidberg "Woob, woob, woob")
My ffv website is:
*9.00 The new dungeon
Items and Challenges galore in here! If you followed the sections, by now you
should have gotten the 3 jobs: Oracle, Gladiator and Cannoneer. Now, the rest
of that dungeon is accessable. Press the switch which is now unjammed below
to gain access to the door to the upper-left. I should also note I completed
this dungeon a while ago so I can't remember where EVERY treasure is 
positioned, so email me on that please. I'll mark chests I forgot about with
a number.

9.01 Part 1-Net A Behemoth
Enter the door to the upper left and save if you want. You'll probably need to
so I advise strongly that you do. Go through the other exit to find yourself
in a castle-like area with "sealed temple displayed on the top of the screen. 
Follow your way down, take either direction, they meet up together anyway. 
Once you reach the bottom go to the far right and enter the doorway up there.

Inside this area, find your way through the halls and go down first chance
you get. Examine to light to the LEFT and you'll be transported to the grotto.

Grab the chest with some dark matter in front of you, then head all the way 
over to the right and pick up an elixir from the chest. Now, go all the way 
back over to the left side of the cavern and ride the very far left waterfall 
down, simply by stepping in to it and pressing down. Head over to the left to 
get a very useful vishnu vest. Equip it to someone if you like, then go to the 
right and climb the stairs. Follow the route around and enter the cave to reach
the next level of Titans grotto.

-Note, In this area, have a character who can !Capture a Behemoth. This is 
 Mandatory for later in the dungeon.

Once you've made a prize catch or if you feel you can do it while following
this section, do so. Head down the stairs in front of you and pick up the
Elixir in the chest. Now head back up and follow the path to the right around 
(its very easy, no intersections) to reach yet another area of the sealed 

In this area, you may go upto the top to find a little man. Talk to him if you
like although it's not nesscissary at this point in time. From where you came
from titans grotto B2, go over to the right and warp into the river of souls.

Go down the stairs into the water to be carried along the riverbank, then go
down the next set of stairs you see. Head over to the left and pick up an iron
draft. Follow the path back and go DOWN at the first chance you get. Go down
the stairs and pick up a powerdrink from the chest you see. There is also a
Goliath tonic but you can only get 2 of the 3 items in here depending on the 
route you take. You may come back later and from where you came from the area
with the "little man", head to the far left, take the stairs 2nd from the left.

Now, resuming where we are, after picking up the power drink, head down and 
drop through the pitfall into B2. Go left and pick up the DarkMatter from the
chest. Hop into the river via the stairs and go left for a turtle shell. Now
head up (ingoring the first set of stairs that lead into the river you come to)
and take the 2nd set of stairs to reach an island. Snatch an elixir and go down
the stairs. Now head up until you hit the top wall, head rightand down. 
Now, in world2 of the game, you may remember this devious little bugger, but 
this time, he sooo much easier:

|                                  Gilgame    Notes: Abs most elements      |
|                                  Lvl: 57           weak to ice            |
|                                  Hp: 32768                                |
To begin with, make 2 casters and 2 sword mages, preferably with !rapid fire 
and blizzaga sword magic and a white mage with a high enough summon level to
summon golem, and another character to use useful mix's and enough time level
to cast float. Your 2 sword mages should begin by casting Blizzaga sword
and your time mage haste/aga or float. Have your white mage cast protect on 
your frontal characters hopefully you might have double cast for the white mage
so do 2x protect. Cast curaga or double curaga on the party every round and
remember to keep golem up. If you happen to have lv3 flare, you could equip 
that to your character too replace doublecast if you don't have it.
Also, now that you will have spells such a mightyguard, there is no need for
float as mightyguard will cast it on you anyways. 

After that episode, go down to find yourself in B3 of the River. Firstly, 
head right if you want a cottage, then go back and left. Follow the path around
and pick up a Fuma at the end. Now, assuming you took my advice and caught a
Behemoth earlier, head up and speak to the man. He'll ask you to go and catch 
A behemoth for him, but since you already have one, talk to him again and he'll
open a new path in the sealed temple entrance. You'll get to keep the Behemoth
so release it for a bit of chaos if you wish.

Now, we've got quite a journey back now. Start by finding your way back through
this floor and re-entering B2 again (Where you beat Gilgame/Gil turtle). Now
head up then left and enter the tunnel to reach B1. Now, head around the way 
and you can now collect the goliath tonic if you want, but you'll have a longer 
journey back. Head far right and enter the cave door. You will now be back in
the sealed temple.

Follow the way around, yes, you'll see a chest blocked off but i'll get around
to that. You may see a demon imprisoned, the Archeodemon, but we won't be 
fighting him for a LONG time yet. Keep going until past Archeodemons cage and
head up. Once you hit the top wall, search the wall beside the chest you see 
to gain access to it. Thing is, you are still blocked off. aww bummer...anyways
follow the secret passage around (Theif or theifs !Secret really helps) until
you reach a chest at the far side. Pick up a cannoneer buckshot and feel
your way on the wall to the left, go to the next cell, then feel the wall to 
the left again and pick up the combine item blastshot. Head back around the way
exit through the door to the far left. Now, head up through the sealed temple's
castle area, into the area at the top and save. You honestly don't want to go
through this again after all this hard work do you?

Go back into the sealed temple and head through the centre door. Follow the 
path around until you come into a forked section, go for the path underneath
at the one above leads into nothingness. Follow the path you took around.

Once you reach the first chest, grab it for a Dark matter. Feel the wall to the
left and mug the chest for a Hero's Cocktail. Go back through the 1-square
passage and follow it down. Collect some holywater from our best friends in the
game (yes, chests) then go right into the main hall. Go up and examine the 
statue. This is actually a demon who is petrified, but unfortunatly we can't
move it when its this heavy can we? Hug the wall to the right and pick up the
Gladius it holds. You probably know this was a sword often used for colliseum
matches in roman times and basically a well-used sword in battle. Well, in this
game, it is depicted as a knife, which in fact is good seeing as how more jobs
can equip knifes than swords. With a whopping attack of 118, this knife is
second best knife in the game besides chicken knife.

Well, looks like we have some searching to do for an item that'll cure the
demons petrifacation. Looks like gold needles aren't sharp enough for this
task. Who could help us...wait...that little man???

9.02 Part 2-Softening touch
Exit the area from where you are and skip happilly on your way the the right 
killing Grenade enemies as you go. Again, follow your way round the path and
take the bottom teleport, same crap. Go down the stairs on your right and just
follow the path around as usual. Once in B2 of Titans grotto, go down the right
path and follow that until you're back in the area full of Mechaheads and that
little man, but DONT SPEAK TO HIM JUST YET! We need to have preparations at 
hand. From now on, make sure you have a character who has some sort of command 
that allows them to flee such as teleport, !Smoke, !Flee ect, ect. Then have
either a thief in the party or the thiefs ability, !Sprint. This will give you
a much easier time when runni-uh, !Sprinting with the item you are about to 
recieve, and I reccomend these abilities for good reason. If you have a 
character with Read-Ahead, that will also qualify as useful (definatly)

Once you are ready, talk to the "Little man" to get the serum of softening, and
friggin run for it. Since you'll be busy running, you won't want to read big
paragraphs like this, so, just for you, I'll put directions in bullet points.

Also Note: If you're having trouble with something or need to take a break 
           while the timer is still ticking, get into battle and press pause
           to freeze the timer. 

Just so you know guidelines on time, I'll include them to a maximum (This will
be without Read ahead or escaping abilities, only normal flee along with 

-Go to bottom of room, go right and warp

-Go up and follow path, ignore everything else and exit at end

-Head into centre door

-Follow path, remember to go through the southern path

-Get your characters ready before fighting

 (1:00) (Once in battle, timer will be eliminated)

More than enough time, just make sure you don't stumble along the way.

1) Have 1st character who can doublecast Curaga and use items
2) Have 2nd character who can doublecast hydra or Bahamut and Black magic
3) Have 3rd character who can use items, Rapid fire, dual-wield and Sword magic
4) Have 4th character who can use Zeninage or Time magic and Rapid fire
5) Heal all characters with Hi-potions, elixirs and ethers
6) Have a ribbon equipped to as many characters as you can
7) Try to make good use of angel rings, equip them on the whole party
8) Keep holy water near the front of your inventory

|                Grand Aevis + 2 dark elementals  Notes: Abs most elements  |
|                                  Lvl: 97                                  |
|                                  Hp: 42000                                |
Right, action time. As soon as the battle begins, have someone dual-cast
Hydra (Wind damage) to take out the 2 dark elementals. They will re-spawn but
not always right away. Once they're away, Have the 3rd character use flare
sword magic and blast away with rapid fire. Have the 2nd doublecast flare, 
and the 4th use hastaga on party, then quick on self and 2x rapid fire. 
If you choses !Zeninage over !Time, every time the Dark elementals appear, 
Use zeninage to take them out. The Aevis has a hobby of zombifying your team, 
but if you equiped some angel wings before the battle, it'll blow right over.
If you have not got angel rings, then have your 1st character use holywater
and doublecast Curaga on the party. Avoid using elemental spells on the Aevis
as she'll just absorb them.

With that over with, you can now continue your conquest through the tunnels of
the sealed temple. More coming very very soon (by the 27th I hope)

*10.00 Credits
This is the section where I would like to thank people (duh!)

Thanks to: 

CjayC-creator of G-Faq's
Myself-Making this faq for you
You-For reading this faq
Death Genocide-For contacting about Lv5 death+Jackanapes.
Tulio Segal-Snippet on Moai head.
Jason rogers-Email extract added on tycoon castle

And remember, if you wish to submit anything to me via email to improve this
faq, You'll be included in the credits.

Thanks now.

------------------------------------End of faq--------------------------------