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"The weakest entry in the series..."

I've never seen a game as weak as this one before, I'm kind of surprised this is a Final Fantasy game. I've always loved the FF series and I just don't think this game came through to me, I think this game is the worst of the series in my opinion. Anyways, here's the review:

Graphics 5/10
The graphics have not changed at all from the SNES version, and scarcely changed from Final Fantasy IV, the overworld is a pain in the eyes and the characters are poorly developed. The graphics are this game's best part, but they're still pretty mediocre at best. I would say that you probably won't enjoy the graphics very much.

Gameplay 0/10
This game is almost unplayable in terms of gameplay. All battles start out slow and you most likely be only using attack and cure for random battles. Boss battles can be slightly hard sometimes, but you'll find that they can be easily beaten by using the same move most of the time, maybe healing a couple times in between moves. This game has lots of classes for you to choose from and try to master, but you'll probably not want to go through the pain of mastering them.

Story 0/10
This game's story is very bad, I don't think they worked on the story at all. You start off with a guy named Bartz with utterly no personality at all. He meets a princess named Lenna and you guys are already on your adventure, as I said, there's no story in that. This game is obviously rushed, and when an RPG is rushed it usually shows it. Sadly, this game showed it more than any other game ever did.

Music 2/10
The music would've been good if it wasn't copied. Nobuo Uematsu probably just used the Final Fantasy 4 soundtrack and revised it a little bit. The battle theme and the victory theme sounds only slightly different from Final Fantasy 4's battle and victory themes. The music is also very repetitive, more so than Final Fantasy 4, you'll probably find yourself turning off the volume pretty fast.

Replay value 0/10
I'm sorry to say that there's basically no replay value either, the characters have no personality. So there would be no story to drive you on, the gameplay is also very repetitive. You'll also find the music being repetitive and boring, it was really hard for me to get more than 1-2 hours on this game. Then again, you might think of this game differently.

Overall 1.4/10
Final Fantasy 5 is the worst video game I have ever played in my life. I highly recommend you to stay away from this game at all costs. The graphics are mediocre, the music is pretty repetitive, and the characters don't have much personality. I highly suggest not buying this game, unless you collect final fantasy games or you're just a hardcore fan of the series, there's really no point in going through the pain that Final Fantasy 5 brings. There is, however, a chance you might enjoy this game. This game never came through to me and I think of it as the worst of the series, you might think of it differently.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 05/09/09, Updated 11/23/09

Game Release: Final Fantasy V Advance (US, 11/06/06)

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