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I cant find excalipoor?!?!!?

I want gilgamesh, but the auction house never has excalipoor! i have tried over and over, but it keeps having the model ship, and the robot imp, i have never had trouble with this before, is this some glitch?

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RevenantThings answered:

First of all, make sure you're playing the actual GBA game and not just using these guides for another version. Gilgamesh is not available in the SNES or PS1 games.

Really it comes down to just patience. Play through the storyline if you haven't advanced it in a while and then go back and try again. There's no trick to it - just gotta keep trying.
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DigitalDice answered:

There's an NPC outside the auction house. He's one of the GBA tack-on NPCs, so he should be easy to spot. (He says something about some cool new sword up for auction.) Talk to him, and Excalipoor will start showing up.
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