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Where is death gaze exactly?

There are two preset tiles, aren't they?
So where sre they?

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valiantstar answered:

To find deathgaze, land your airship and board it again so that the airship face north. Just incline it a bit to the west or east and speed up.just speed up straight and you can cover nearly all the map.But it takes time so you must be patient.
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LeviathanMist answered:

The tiles are randomly placed on the map - you just have to fly over every square until you find him. (Pre-set means Death Gaze will never move from his randomly-placed location until you encounter him)
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gamingmaster12 answered:

No there aren't two preset tiles. There are a lot more. Just fly around randomly until it appears. If you're having bad luck, try landing and then taking off again. And also, deathgaze is not preset either, I think. It's just randomly set everytime you take off.
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PNTempest answered:

It appears randomly when your flying around i suggest getting abunch reflect rings and climb the tower of cults or use sabin edgar cyan and the runic person
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vegso answered:

Everytime you land your ship and take off again it resets. And it's randomly 2 out of the 4096. The tiles are fixed once you take off so you'll find him eventually.
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