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Why does the game keep telling me corrupt save slot?

How come when i want to save the game it says that it cant as the save slot is corrupted?

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Ajogamer answered:

I heard that the advance version has a bug saving on the third slot can sometimes cause you to lose all your data. If you've saved on the third slot and corruption's only on that, then ignore the third slot and your first two will hopefully be fine. If it's multiple slots, you should probably try exchanging it for a new copy.
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Lufia_Maxim answered:

If this is on a real cartridge - You got screwed from wherever you bought it.

If this is on an emulator, you need to change the save type and restart the emulator. Use google to find out which save type is the right one.
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C0smic1 answered:

Apparently, you turned the game off while saving, or another owner in its history did so.
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rumblingrose answered:

Hi! I had this exact same problem when I first bought the game. I did a lot of searching on the internet at the time, and it turns out this is a known bug, it's something to do with which save slots are used (I can't remember the exact details). It doesn't affect all cartridges, but unfortunately there's nothing that can be done to fix it. You should get in touch with the seller to get a refund/replacement. Sorry about that!
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tigerlillyx answered:

The ONLY thing that will give you the corrupt save file is a bad check sum for that save position. If you are playing this on a cartridge there is nothing you can do. if you are playing this on an emulator i can tell you how to calculate and fix the check sum.
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TriforceSD answered:

I was gonna say you had a pirated copy, but considering the age of this question posting, I would think that these bad copies did not hit the market yet. All I know is that saving on these copies did not work too well if at all...
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