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Asked: 5 years ago

How can I get two Ultima Weapons ?

I know that I can steal teh second Ultima Weapon from the Tier 3 in the final battle just before Kefka, but after I steal the sword and win the battle the fight against Kefka starts , and them when I load I appear just with Setzer in the airship. Is there any way that I can continue my game with the two ultima weapons ?

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From: FelixTrapper 5 years ago

You can get 2 Ultima Weapons before the final boss.

The first is in the north-east chest in a treasure room (Cave to the Sealed Gate)
The second is a 100% drop from defeating the Ultima Weapon boss.

Any additional Ultima Weapons can be stolen from "Rest" one of the final bosses, and then save the game afterwards to get more and more.

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You have to beat Kefka multiple times if you chose the Excalibur Magicite instead of the sword.You keep everything when you beat him at the end and then reload.

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Did you save the game after defeating Kefka? If so, you should have a star after the name. Check your inventory. You should have two Ultima Weapons.

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Rererererere beat the final boss and steal from ruin and rest youll get ragnarok and ultima weapon

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As poporulez said its true but after the game its lost again so worthless to steal that weapon if u have shadow just throw ur ultima weapon to kefka and its finish

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Hey, did my other post get deleted on here? Anyway, what ZoRo said is incorrect. Once the game boy advance version is beaten, you are given the chance to save your data. This means you'll keep whatever weapons you steal from the final battles. ZoRo must have been thinking of the older versions. Giantdonkeykongteam's answer is the most complete answer. Rest is in the third tier of the final fight, right before you face the fallen angel Kefka. Rest is accompanied by Lady, whom you can steal a Ragnarok from each time.

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