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Am I overleveled? 2
Any codebreaker code to obtain all magic? 1
Around what level should my party be before going for Kefka's tower? 8
Behemoth King rage? 2
Best place to level up? 1
Can I get back on the Phantom Train? 1
Can I get back Shadow again if I already finished the game? 1
Can I new game + levels? 1
Czar Dragon encounter gameshark code? 2
Dark Side on The Veldt? 1
Do have to beat the boss to earn Tetra? 3
Do my other party member gain exp? 1
Does anyone know of a website that shows how all the FFVI weapons look like? 1
Does anyone know the game's dialogue well? I'm looking for one particular dialogue. 6
Does the vanish trick work in this version? 1
DS re-make? 3
Gameshark code help? 1
Gameshark? 1
Gau's rage? 1
GBA Veldt pack mechanics question? 1
Good Set-Up for a party with max stats? 1
Help me. my psyco cyan doesn't work? 1
How are rages sorted? 1
how can i get back Strago? 2
How can I get two Ultima Weapons ? 6
How do I continue cleared game data? 1
How do i get the ultima spell? 2
How do you do the Terra, Handheld item dupe glitch? 2
How do you run away ???? 2
I would like a save state for sealed cave(?) 1
In depth explanation on how "steal" works? 2
In Response to Incorrect Traveler answers: is it possible to correct the info once the topic has been closed? 1
Lores? 1
Not an FFVI question: How do I gain more gamefaqs levels? 2
Quick question about Traveler? 2
Quick spell always misses? 3
Rage Cheat? 2
Stamina Help? 1
Status Meny? 1
The Save file section on Gamefaqs? 3
What do the guys in maranda mean? 1
What has been changed from the SNES version? 3
What is the difference between this and the one on the DS? 2
What kind of 8 dragon that I must beat for dragon den? 1
What magic spells, including white magic, isn't affected by reflect? 1
What should i obtain? 1
What the.. does Heiji's Jitte mean? 1
What's the easiest way to get Gil in the World of Balance? 2
whats the best place to reach level 99 solo in the WoB? 5
When i awake in the WoR...? 2
When or how does Mog join my team? 1
Where are these? 2
Where can I find the song for the Ultima Weapon battle? 2
Where do i find my character when she became a light and flew after we defend esper from kefka? 1
Where do I find Shadow if I found Relm in the Veldt? 1
Where do I find Shadow in World of Ruin? 3
Where do I find the Dragon's Horn? 4
where do I found the last 3 espers? 3
Where do I hack the rare items? 1
Where Does Wrexsoul Go? 2
Where in the game does Fanfare 2 play? 3
Where is death gaze exactly? 5
Where is the location of the hidden statue room? 1
Where's a good place to train? 1
Where? 3
why did I recieve 3 ragnarok swords? 2
Why I can't find Death gaze? 1
Why is this game so expensive? 2
WoR level-recalculating? 1

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