Slot Guide by Master ZED

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 04/24/07 | Printable Version

Final Fantasy 6 Advance Slot ability guide
By Master ZED <>

0. Joker's Death; The fastest, simplest how-to I can cook up!
1. Version history
2. Intro
3. Explanation of Slot and its abilities
   - Reel symbol order
   - Attack stats and reel combos
4. Selecting your attack and screwing over the rigging
5. List of RNG users
6. The random number table
   - Combination reference table
7. No triple 7's allowed!?
8. Slot bugs
   - Version Specific
9. Credits (or lack thereof)
Non-numbered. Legal bull

0. Joker's Death; The fastest, simplest how-to I can cook up!

A simple quick-reference because I know what you *really* came here for.  This
isn't the end-all of Joker's Death methods, just the most basic until you know
how the bug behind it works.

a) During combat, make sure two characters, one with Slot, are ready to move.
b) Have the non-Slot character cast a White/Effect Magic, like Curaga or Haste.
c) When you see the spell name appear at the top of the screen, open Slot.
d) Before the initial casting animation finishes, confirm the first 7.  You may
want to use pause a lot to make sure you can catch it (see section 4 for more).
e) Use the same pause trick to make sure you get the next two 7's.  These don't
require any special attention; the only thing you really to worry about timing-
wise is the first 7.

And that's it!  Unlike in prior versions of Final Fantasy 6, this exclusive
trick can be used at any time during combat.  See section 8 for more on how it

1. Version history

v1.01 - 9. Relevant RAM offsets pulled.  It wasn't updated and came from FF3us,
not FF6j, for which FF6 Advance closely mirrors the 7E bank in its own RAM.
Had the offsets come from the SFC version, they may have been accurate, I don't
know.  As it stands, though, that section wasn't meant to be in the guide and
as such needed to be immediately deleted.  I don't *think* anyone will miss it

v1.0 - Initial release.  Aside from terminology changes, an FF6A-exclusive bug
has been added, and select sections revised to include it.

2. Intro

This version of the Slot guide is for FF6 Advance only, namely due to one
critical new piece of info specific to this version.  The guide features all
of the info you need to derig Setzer's Slots and use them the old-fashioned
way, ya know, Echo Screens, Confuse/Attack and such.  Only in this version, you
can chunk all of that and learn a proprietary technique that's far better.

So enjoy reading up on some history (which still works BTW), and then enjoy the
newest and deadliest exploit FF6A has to offer.

Note that I didn't change too much in the guide, so some details are missing,
like what values cause Prismatic Flash and Chocobo Stampede to fail, and I
didn't exactly check if the new formations can prevent triple 7's, but really,
the new bug outdates that stuff anyway, and it's a big enough find for me to
forgo whatever small new details may have crept up for this initial release.

3. Explanation of Slot and its abilities

Slot calls up a window with three rotating slots with which to choose an
attack.  There are six different symbols available, but each reel has 16
different choices, each symbol repeating at different frequencies.  For
example, the diamond shows up at least four times on each reel, but the 7 only
shows up once per reel.  Each reel has their own set order of symbols that
never changes, so it's not a guess as to what will show up, and they all start
with their 7 so you can't choose it immediately (they scroll down before you're
able to confirm anything).  These reels rotate and repeat infinitely until you
hit confirm, and while the first reel stops immediately, the other two may not
depending on the results of a random number generator, explained in the next
section.  Four of the attacks, including triple 7 Joker's Death, Mega Flare,
Dive Bomb, and 3 BAR can be rigged against you.  Chocobo Stampede and Prismatic
Flash are rigged in your favor almost no matter what, though they, as of
Advance, now have a rare fail rate as well.  7-7-BAR Joker's Death is not
rigged for or against your using it either way.  Finally, Slot works with the
Wait battle mode, so if you're using Wait, you can take your time without much

Reel symbol order

Since the reels scroll down, this chart has been formatted to read from the
bottom up to prevent confusion when applied to the game.  I'd rather it be
initially confusing than confusing in practice.

| Reel 1  | Reel 2  | Reel 3  |
| Chocobo | Chocobo | Dragon  |
| Diamond | Dragon  | Airship |
| Airship | Diamond | Chocobo |
| Chocobo | Airship |   BAR   |
| Diamond | Chocobo | Diamond |
|   BAR   | Dragon  | Chocobo |
| Diamond | Diamond | Airship |
| Dragon  | Chocobo | Dragon  |
| Chocobo | Airship | Diamond |
| Diamond |   BAR   | Chocobo |
| Airship | Diamond | Airship |
| Diamond | Chocobo |   BAR   |
|   BAR   | Airship | Diamond |
| Airship |   BAR   | Chocobo |
| Dragon  | Diamond | Diamond |
|    7    |    7    |    7    |

Attack stats and reel combos

NOTE: Some info was trimmed for this guide.  Anything else you want to know can
be found in the Attack guide (hit back since the Attack guide will be found in
the same list).

3 Diamonds                             3 Chocobos

Prismatic Flash                        Chocobo Stampede
Hits all enemies                       Hits all enemies
Bat.Pwr: 84                            Bat.Pwr: 36
Unblockable                            Unblockable, but only hits ground
Randomize target                       targets
                                       Randomize target, ignores defense, no
                                       split damage.

3 Airships                             3 Dragons

Dive Bomb                              Bahamut (Mega Flare)
Hits all enemies                       Hits all enemies
Bat.Pwr: 130                           Bat.Pwr: 92
Unblockable                            Unblockable
Randomize target                       Ignores defense, only hits monsters,
                                       aborts on characters. 

Triple 7's / 7-7-BAR                   Any other combination

Joker's Death                          Mysidian Rabbit
Hits all enemies (triple 7's)          Hits all allies
Hits all allies (7-7-BAR)              Bat.Pwr: 10
Targeting cannot be altered*           Lifts Dark, Poison, Sleep
Causes instant death                   Unblockable
Learn if cast (teaches Lv. 5 Death)


This is not its own attack; it is replaced with a random Esper summon,
excluding Odin, Raiden, and the new Espers.  When Mimicked, the summon
initially picked will be used, unlike Magicite in which the item is used
because the item *is* an attack.  For stats on summon attacks other than
Bahamut (covered above under 3 Dragons), see the Attack guide, which should be
on the site you found this on.  Hit back and look through the guide list this
was found under.

* - This only holds true when Joker's Death isn't screwed with via the use of
Mimic (if all prior targets are dead, the targeting defaults on the next turn
to all enemies) or Confuse (applying and curing the status defaults aiming to
all enemies as well).  See section 8 for more info.

4. Selecting your attack and screwing over the rigging

This section starts with info on how the reels work and the pause abuse trick.
I used to have a snippet here about Prismatic Flash and Chocobo Stampede, but
since they now have a rare failure rate, I can't really use it anymore....

Reel behavior

Each of the reels behaves differently; this is because of the rigging code's
modifications to the symbol selection.  Here's how the game tends to act:

Reel 1 - The symbol selected is the symbol it stays with.  There is no
         modification code to alter what's chosen.  You won't be helped, but
         there will be no hinderance either.

Reel 2 - Will help you get the next correct symbol if you confirm a little
         early (one to around four max), but only if you can get the attack.
         If the rigging won't allow it, you can still get the symbol, but the
         game won't help you.

Reel 3 - Will help you get the next correct symbol if you confirm a little
         early (one to around four max), but only if you can get the attack.
         If the rigging won't allow it and reel 2 is a match to reel 1, reel 3
         will actively skip over the correct symbol instead of offering any
         help.  If reel 2 doesn't match reel 1's choice, however, it will act
         like the first reel since Mysidian Rabbit is all but guaranteed now.
         Be aware that if triple 7 Joker's Death is available, 7-7-BAR Joker's
         Death may be harder to obtain as the game will try to look for the
         last 7.

Pause abuse

Aside from knowing how the reels behave and each reel's symbol lineup, there is
an actual trick to help you get what you're looking for after everything is set
up; the use of pause to freeze the reels.  Unlike later FF's where slot reels
continue to spin while the game is on a break, FF6's Slot command won't
continue on until you unpause.  By pausing and unpausing the game, you can spin
the reels at your own pace, and by hitting confirm as soon as you unpause, you
can easily snag what's next without any real effort.

Rigging Slot

In order to successfully control Slot's attack availability, you should first
learn how it works.  A random number generator (RNG) ultimately controls
what attacks are available to you.  It uses a table of pre-randomized values
from 0 to 255 and an index, a value telling the game where it is in the table,
that changes under certain conditions to grab numbers at "random."  The index
for this RNG only increases in value, but it resets upon reaching 256 since it
can only go up to 255.  Unlike other RNG's in the game, however, the index
always starts off at zero upon entering battle.  Not only that, but this
generator is not in use as often as others; only certain functions such as
Slot, Roulette, and some battlefield animations make use of it during combat
(see section 5).  This guaranteed starting point, along with its rather seldom
use, makes the RNG easily controllable.  Control the generator, and you control

The last thing you need to know, however, is when you have your chosen attack
in hand.  While you definitely have it if you have the right combination
confirmed, the last thing you need to worry about for setting up that combo to
be selected is the first reel.  When you confirm the first reel, that's when
Slot plucks a value from the RNG and then increments the index for the next
time the RNG is used; once you have the first reel down, you can take your time
with the rest.  The game has its value and knows how to react when confirming
reels 2 and 3, so further usage won't affect Slot.  From here, it's all on you.

If you need an example, let's see how the tried-and-true Echo Screen/Joker's
Death trick works.

As previously stated, when you enter battle, the RNG index for Slot's generator
starts at 0.  Assuming the enemy's entrance or initial attacks do not alter the
index, in order to use Joker's Death, you need to change the index to something
that will permit the attack.  Sections 5 and 6 list their numbers in
hexadecimal (base 16), so you'll probably want either a scientific calculator
or Windows calc for your own work (since Echo Screen is a one-turn setup, you
don't need it here).

First off, let's see what the closest value to 0 is that will permit triple
7's.  To do that, flip to section 6 and look for the (J) symbol in the
combination reference table... or look below:

    0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   A   B   C   D   E   F
0  07  (H) (M) 1F  55  5B  37  E3  (H) 4F  (H) (H) 99  (H) 77  CB
1  (J) 8F  43  (H) A7  (M) 2D  (M) C7  (M) D7  D1  (H) (H) C1  DD

10h is the closest value.  However, now that you know what value you need, you
now need to use some abilities that will raise the index to 10h.  A quick look
in section 5 shows three abilities that add 10h to the index, seemingly perfect
for the task at hand!

Echo Screen                   - 10h 
Smoke Bomb                    - 10h 
smoke entrance/exit animation - 10h 

Of course, two of these aren't exactly practical; the entrance/exit animation
is enemy only, for one.  Smoke Bomb would work, but it hits multiple times,
so each hit would increment the index 10h.  A full party would result in a 40h
increase, exactly what you're NOT looking for.  This is all disregarding the
fact that Smoke Bomb makes you run away unless an enemy has the Can't Run
property.  That limits it to a lone Setzer/Gogo; unless Setzer has Quick,
that's far from ideal, and a lone Gogo can't have Quick anyway, leaving it
open a turn.

Echo Screen's the easiest choice given all this.  When you use Echo Screen,
there's nothing special about the item itself as it doesn't use the RNG; its
smoke animation does.  This means that you must wait until the smoke clears
before you can confirm the first reel.  Once you've done that and have your
first 7, though, you're through with manipulating the rigging.  Now your timing
and maybe the newfound favoritism towards you of the code will determine if you
get Joker's Death.

5. List of RNG users

NOTE: In case you're not familiar with base 16 numbers, all of the numbers in
these two tables are in hexadecimal (0 thru F instead of 0 thru 9).

       White Magic       |       Black Magic       |       Grey Magic
 Spell  | Index increase | Spell  | Index increase | Spell  | Index increase
Curaga  |      38h       |Drain   |      1Eh       |Rasp    |      30h 
Arise   |      16h       |Holy    |      12h       |Silence |      0Ah 
Poisona |      18h       |Flare   |      75h       |Imp     |      02h 
Regen   |      18h       |Banish  |      08h       |Osmose  |      1Eh 
        |                |Meteor  |      22h       |        |
        |                |Tornado |      02h       |        |

         Espers        |         Skeans         |           Blitz
   Spell    | Increase |    Spell    | Increase |     Spell     | Increase
Mega Flare  |   3Ch    |Water Scroll |   84h    |Rising Phoenix |   0Ch 
Earth Wall  |   18h    |             |          |               |

           Dance          |       Magitek        |         Slot
     Spell     | Increase |   Spell   | Increase |      Spell     | Increase
Forest Healing |   0Ch    |Banisher   |   3Ch    |Dive Bomb       |   0Ch 
Rock Slide     |   30h    |           |          |Prismatic Flash |   14h
Cave In        |   12h    |           |          |                |
Snowball       |   12h    |           |          |                |     
Whump          |   0Ch    |           |          |                |

        Enemy spells       |          Lore           | Criticals/Desperations
      Spell     | Increase |     Spell    | Increase |   Spell   | Increase
Imp Song        |   06h    |Roulette*     |   01h    |Red Card   |   12h 
Venomist        |   09h    |1000 Needles  |   06h    |           |
Silence         |   0Ah    |Self-Destruct |   18h    |           |
Net             |   06h    |              |          |           |
Fireball        |   12h    |              |          |           |
Atomic Rays     |   12h    |              |          |           |
Wave Cannon     |   02h    |              |          |           |
Leech           |   1Eh    |              |          |           |
Magitek Barrier |   0Ch    |              |          |           |
Overture        |   08h    |              |          |           |
Southern Cross  |   27h    |              |          |           |
Freezing Dust   |   33h    |              |          |           |
Meteor          |   12h    |              |          |           |
Dread Gaze      |   18h    |              |          |           |
Hailstone       |   12h    |              |          |           |

          Item          |          Throw         |     Throw and Fight
    Spell    | Increase |   Spell     | Increase |    Spell   | Increase
Potion       |   0Ch    |Water Scroll |   84h    |Cards       |   06h 
Hi-Potion    |   0Ch    |             |          |Darts       |   06h
X-Potion     |   0Ch    |             |          |Death Tarot |   06h
Ether        |   0Ch    |             |          |Viper Darts |   06h
Hi-Ether     |   0Ch    |             |          |Final Trump |   06h
X-Ether      |   0Ch    |             |          |            |
Megalixir    |   08h    |             |          |            |
Phoenix Down |   0Ch    |             |          |            |
Antidote     |   0Ch    |             |          |            |
Gold Needle  |   0Ch    |             |          |            |
Remedy       |   84h    |             |          |            |
Echo Screen  |   10h    |             |          |            |
Smoke Bomb   |   10h    |             |          |            |

          Tools          |        Miscellaneous
     Spell    | Increase |     Spell      | Increase |
Auto Crossbow |   04h    |Slot command**  |    1h
              |          |smoke animation |   10h

*  - When the enemy starts their cursor rotation, or when you confirm the
     attack when the arrow is spinning.  Note that the cancelling of an enemy
     Roulette spell does not affect the already effected RNG (it doesn't
     decrease by one because the spell never happened), the new enemy Roulette
     spell will just raise it by one as per normal.
** - When the first reel is confirmed.

6. The random number table

NOTE: In case you're not familiar with base 16 numbers, all of the numbers in
these two tables are in hexadecimal (0 thru F instead of 0 thru 9).

    0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   A   B   C   D   E   F
0  07  B6  F0  1F  55  5B  37  E3  AE  4F  B2  5E  99  F6  77  CB
1  60  8F  43  3E  A7  4C  2D  88  C7  68  D7  D1  C2  F2  C1  DD
2  AA  93  16  F7  26  04  36  A1  46  4E  56  BE  6C  6E  80  D5
3  B5  8E  A4  9E  E7  CA  CE  21  FF  0F  D4  8C  E6  D3  98  47
4  F4  0D  15  ED  C4  E4  35  78  BA  DA  27  61  AB  B9  C3  7D
5  85  FC  95  6B  30  AD  86  00  8D  CD  7E  9F  E5  EF  DB  59
6  EB  05  14  C9  24  2C  A0  3C  44  69  40  71  64  3A  74  7C
7  84  13  94  9C  96  AC  B4  BC  03  DE  54  DC  C5  D8  0C  B7
8  25  0B  01  1C  23  2B  33  3B  97  1B  62  2F  B0  E0  73  CC
9  02  4A  FE  9B  A3  6D  19  38  75  BD  66  87  3F  AF  F3  FB
A  83  0A  12  1A  22  53  90  CF  7A  8B  52  5A  49  6A  72  28
B  58  8A  BF  0E  06  A2  FD  FA  41  65  D2  4D  E2  5C  1D  45
C  1E  09  11  B3  5F  29  79  39  2E  2A  51  D9  5D  A6  EA  31
D  81  89  10  67  F5  A9  42  82  70  9D  92  57  E1  3D  F1  F9
E  EE  08  91  18  20  B1  A5  BB  C6  48  50  9A  D6  7F  7B  E9
F  76  DF  32  6F  34  A8  D0  B8  63  C8  C0  EC  4B  E8  17  F8

Combination reference table

NOTE: It's recommended you use the find/search function of your browser or text
editor (you can usually use Ctrl+F or look under the Edit menu for this) to
look up a particular attack.  If you prefer seperate tables for each maneuver
so purely visual reference isn't such a strain, see the HTML version linked at
the beginning of the guide.

NOTE 2: This does not cover Prismatic Flash or Chocobo Stampede, but their
failure rate is so low that it really shouldn't be a problem.

(J) - Triple 7 Joker's Death.  Works with all attacks.
(M) - Mega Flare (Bahamut).  Also works with 3 BAR and Dive Bomb.
(H) - 3 BAR and Dive Bomb.
##  - None of the attacks that can be rigged against you will work.

    0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   A   B   C   D   E   F
0  07  (H) (M) 1F  55  5B  37  E3  (H) 4F  (H) (H) 99  (H) 77  CB
1  (J) 8F  43  (H) A7  (M) 2D  (M) C7  (M) D7  D1  (H) (H) C1  DD
2  (H) 93  (H) F7  (H) (M) (H) A1  (H) (H) (H) (H) (M) (H) (J) D5
3  B5  (H) (M) (H) E7  (H) (H) 21  FF  0F  (M) (M) (H) D3  (M) 47
4  (M) 0D  15  ED  (M) (M) 35  (M) (H) (H) 27  61  AB  B9  C3  7D
5  85  (M) 95  6B  (M) AD  (H) (J) 8D  CD  (H) 9F  E5  EF  DB  59
6  EB  05  (M) C9  (M) (M) (J) (M) (M) 69  (J) 71  (M) (H) (M) (M)
7  (M) 13  (M) (M) (H) (M) (M) (M) 03  (H) (M) (M) C5  (M) (M) B7
8  25  0B  01  (M) 23  2B  33  3B  97  1B  (H) 2F  (M) (J) 73  (M)
9  (H) (H) (H) 9B  A3  6D  19  (M) 75  BD  (H) 87  3F  AF  F3  FB
A  83  (H) (H) (H) (H) 53  (M) CF  (H) 8B  (H) (H) 49  (H) (H) (M)
B  (M) (H) BF  (H) (H) (H) FD  (H) 41  65  (H) 4D  (H) (M) 1D  45
C  (H) 09  11  B3  5F  29  79  39  (H) (H) 51  D9  5D  (H) (H) 31
D  81  89  (M) 67  F5  A9  (H) (H) (M) 9D  (H) 57  E1  3D  F1  F9
E  (H) (M) 91  (M) (J) B1  A5  BB  (H) (M) (M) (H) (H) 7F  7B  E9
F  (H) DF  (H) 6F  (M) (M) (M) (M) 63  (M) (J) (M) 4B  (M) 17  (M)

7. No triple 7's allowed!?

There are a few select battles in which the game will not allow you to use
Setzer's ultimate Slot technique, Joker's Death, against the enemy party.  This
section was made to draw attention to this fact and inform you of just which
battles this held true.  The table consists of the formation number, what the
formation contains, and is listed by formation number.  Remember, however,
that the title is exactly what this section is about, as 7-7-BAR faces no
such restrictions.

If you don't wish to use 7-7-BAR, proceed to section 8's Version Specific sub-
section for a bug that lets you ignore this ban, and as a result, this entire

Battles that don't allow triple 7's:

79  - Opinicus Fish x5, Rizopas
387 - Ultros (third battle)
420 - Humbaba (first fight)
421 - Humbaba (second fight)
422 - Humbaba (third fight)
432 - Ymir
435 - Vargas, Ipooh x2
439 - Ifrit, Shiva
445 - Guardian (Invincible)
452 - Behemoth King (living form)
456 - Chadarnook (woman and demon forms)
462 - Wrexsoul, Soul Saver x2
471 - Short Arm, Long Arm, Visage (first tier of final battle)
473 - Ultros (first battle)
477 - Typhon, Ultros
512 - Power, Tiger, Machine, Magic (second tier of final battle)
513 - Lady, Rest (third tier of final battle)

8. Slot bugs

NOTE - The new bug is in the Version Specific section.

NOTE 2 - Most of these are from the old Glitches and Bugs guide I wrote, found
at my site (see the beginning or end of the guide).

Joker's Death anyone at pretty much any time with Gogo's Mimic command -

Joker's Death's targeting under Slot is dictated entirely by which symbols are
used to summon it.  However, this forced targeting that even cuts through the
influence of ailments only applies to the Slot command; it does not apply when
Joker's Death is used through Mimic.  A popular use for this is to use Joker's
Death on enemies through 7-7-BAR, avoiding the rigging and triple 7 prevention.
To do this, have Gogo Jump (through Quetzalli or on its own) and have Setzer
use 7-7-BAR while Gogo is airborne.  When Gogo lands, everything 7-7-BAR hit
should be dead.  Have Gogo Mimic once (this can be buffered in when Quetzalli
is being cast so that this step is done immediately after Gogo lands) so that
the game sees that the attack's targets are all dead, then Mimic again.  The
game will remember that everything the spell tried to strike before was dead
or otherwise untargetable, so it will resort to the attack's original aiming
scheme and strike all enemies.  This happens because of Joker's Death's basis
in Lv. 5 Death and how the only things changed are the removal of instant death
protection and the addition of unblockability (level multiple targeting is
overridden by the latter).

Joker's Death sets you up in the opposite direction -

Try using Joker's Death via the Slot command (Mimic won't work for this bug)
with someone in the third position (upper-left position), front row, of a Side
attack.  When that person gets into their ready stance, they'll face the
opposite direction until they use Joker's Death.

Learn Lv. 5 Death from... Setzer? -

In the game, Joker's Death, Setzer's ultimate Slot technique, is really a
modified Lv. 5 Death that has instant death protection removed and replaced
with the Unblockable property.  This is most evident by the fact that Strago
can learn Lv. 5 Death from watching Setzer cast Joker's Death.

Version Specific

Final Fantasy 6 Advance:

Set Slot up in your favor, even when it should be impossible -

In all other versions, the majority of this guide is very helpful in attaining
what you want, though if it isn't at the start of battle, it could get
complicated.  This is no longer the case in the Advance version, as there is
now a bug that convinces the game to side with you, even when that's
supposedly impossible.  All you have to do is confirm the first reel while
either an attack name is on the screen or an initial animation is playing out,
such as the red orb that appears before Black Magic or even the double flash
enemies go through to signal they're about to attack.  That's it, the game will
then help you get the attack you want just as if you rigged it with the old
Echo Screen method (Echo Screen drives the RNG index straight to 10h, which
permits all attacks including Joker's Death).  The real kicker is that, unlike
Echo Screen, this method also bypasses the triple 7 ban some formations carry,
making it possible to use triple 7's Joker's Death against literally anyone
instead of having to retarget 7-7-BAR to get around the restriction.  The only
problem is that you may still fail if you time confirming the first reel in-
between when the attack name disappears and the initial animation begins, but
good timing will solve that.

Final Fantasy 6 (Super Famicom), Final Fantasy 3 U.S., both versions (SNES):

Setzer resents bird-hating comrades, sneaks off -

Whenever Setzer/Gogo lands from a jump executed by their Palidor spell from
3-BAR, they take a step backwards that they aren't supposed to.  One of a few
formation error bugs.

Setzer resents bird-hating comrades, walks off -

A formation error bug, if you cast Phoenix under Slot using 3-BAR, Setzer/Gogo
will take an extra step forward for each party member who is currently on the
battlefield.  This also occurs if 3-BAR's Phoenix is mimicked.  Keep in mind
however, this only works when the spell is blocked using a shield animation.

9. Credits (or lack thereof)

Text version:

Me - for producing it.  Yeah, there's no one else to credit, as this was
something I did entirely on my own accord (namely because G'FAQs doesn't take
HTML guides).  Most people credit the game's creators or whatever at this
point; I don't always do this as it's sort of implied by the fact that the
guide wouldn't exist if it weren't for Square or whoever's game we're talking
about.  Kinda like I'm doing right now.

Original version:

Shark, Assassin, and Mnrogar - Suggestions and proofreading, and possibly
other things. :)

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The Unoriginal White Sheet:
Final Fantasy 6 Advance 2006/2007 Square Enix.
I'm not responsible should anything stated in this FAQ/guide do anything.
I'm not responsible should anything stated in this FAQ/guide do nothing.
I'm not responsible for whatever you or anyone else do with this FAQ/guide or
the contents within it.
I'm not responsible for whatever you or anyone else don't do with this FAQ
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