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How do I unlock Hercule in #2?

My son is playing this game and would like to know how to unlock Hercule?


godzillahomer answered:

you must get all of the character statues

goku - Complete the game
gohan, piccolo, vegeta, trunks - reach level 50 and break there level 50 doors, search the area behind there for their statues
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SedaUchiha answered:

You gotta get all the status like goku ( once beaten the game) , Gohan, piccolo, vegeta, trunks (Get them 2 level 50 and break the doors down to get the trophies.
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CallMeBanjo answered:

You must unlock all five character statues, viewable in the Atrium of Capsule Corp. All characters but Goky must be level 50 in order to obtain their respective statues. Here are the locations:
Goku: Complete the storyline by beating Cell.
Gohan: Level 50 gate located in Gingertown.
Piccolo: Gate located past Cooler on New Namek.
Trunks: In the areas between where you fight the Triceratops and West City.
Vegeta: Located in the mountains where Gero's lab is.

Sorry if those locations are vague, I'm answering this question from memory and it's been awhile since I've played the game. I suggest using your Scouter to locate the doors once you're in the correct area.
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