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How to get easy duel point using cheats?

Duel point is important for me

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Snakesound answered:

I think the only way to get DP is to duel. The best way t get DP is to win using an Exodia deck.
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fotc_devon answered:

Exodia on the last draw with less than 100 LP. Seems hard but it gets easy after a while. Check my FAQ.
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Ronike answered:

Actually, Final Countdown wins are worth 2000, and destiny board wins are worth more I'm pretty sure... But yeah, last draw nets you like 1500 dp, and 100 is a lot too. So thats the fastest way...
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beelzemon360 answered:

Maybe you can use codebreaker or gameshark.
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winnies_revenge answered:

Destiny Board also gives you 2000.
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frd111 answered:

For action replay max here is an instant win cheat 80C06834 CDE02473 what you should do to get DP keep getting in the highest level duels possible Hope this helps
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