3D ArtistEric Turmel
3S ArtistJean Banville
Additional ArtWiliam Douville
Additional ArtMathieu Duchesne
ArtistJean-Francois Duval
ArtistJuliana Erimina
ArtistChristian Mercier
Concept ArtistJean-Jacques Cournoyer
Game DesignerMike Kitt
Game DesignerDave Richard
Game DesignerStephen David Wark
Game DirectorDaviv Williams
Game programmarSimon Boucher
Game programmarGuy Fleurant
Game programmarBenoit Lebel
Game programmarStephane Leblanc
Graphic DesignKhanh-Long Huynh
Lead ArtistYan Bohler
Lead ProgrammarAlexandre Gauthier
Project ManagerNabil Yared


Data and credits for this game contributed by Cosmic!, odino, PZT, crrool, and oliist.