Smart Breeding Guide by PokeChris

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Smart Breeding in Dragon Warrior Monsters
by PokeChris

Version 1.1

      -Added breeding list for boss family
      -Added Legal Stuff 
      -Expanded info about link-cable breeding
      -Added credits section
      -Added list of incompatible personalities

    1.Don't breed to get more pluses, breed to get better stats
     -A.How pluses are gained
     -B.The benefit of pluses
     -C.The big mistake 
    2.Determine whether potential breedings are beneficial
      -A.The formula
    3.Breed monsters to create new ones with better stats
    4.Whenever possible, breed over a link cable
      -A.Special breeding situations
      -B.Incompatible personalities
      -C.A cheesy (but effective) way to use link-cable breeding
    5.Keep an eye on your monster's personalities
    1.Monsters you must breed to get
    2.How to breed boss monsters

Dragon Warrior Monsters (DWM) is an excellent game.  The number of 
quality RPG's in the gameboy library is a bit thin, and DWM is a real 
gem.  It arguably has more depth and replay value than Pokemon.  The 
range of over 200 monsters to collect is diverse and varied.

One of the best and most unique aspects of DWM is its breeding feature. 
There are many important reasons to breed your monsters

-Breeding allows you to get new kinds of monsters without having to      
  find them in the wild and persuading them to join you with expensive   
  meat treats.

-Normal wild monsters learn only three special skills. Through breeding   
  you can create for your monster a set of eight powerful and diverse    

-Monsters you have bred are capable of reaching higher levels before     
  they are fully grown.  This gives them more time to accrue stat         

-Monsters that have been bred can have potentially much higher level     
  one stats than their wild counterpart.

Breeding is the key to success Dragon Warrior monsters.  Not only is it 
fun, but you simply  won't be able to beat the game unless you do a 
whole heck of alot of breeding.  However, you must breed intelligently, 
not all willy-nilly.  Bad breeding can actually wreck your favorite 
monster!  There are certain key points to good breeding, and there are 
certain mistake you need to avoid.
{-Donít breed simply to get more pluses, breed to get better stats}
Some people may make the mistake of breeding monsters together quickly 
and at low levels to get monsters with high pluses. THIS CAN BE A HUGE 
MISTAKE! Let me explain.

Firstly, it is important to know exactly what pluses do and how you 
earn them. Pluses are earned by the offspring of two monsters. The 
number of pluses inherited by offspring is directly dependent on two 
factors.  These factors are:
      1) The combined levels of the parent monsters                      
  The following chart explains how many pluses a child will inherit      
  from its parents depending on their combined total level (Momís Level   
  + Dadís Level)
                 Total Experience Level         + Level
	                  20-39                    +1
	                  40-59                    +2
	                  60-75                    +3
	                  76-99                    +4
	                   100+                    +5
      2) The number of pluses which the pedigree parent already had           
       before mating.
  The number of pluses the non-pedigree mate has is irrelevant. The      
  number of pluses gained by the combined level of the parents is added   
  to the number of pluses the pedigree monster had before the mating.

Pluses have several benefits for your monster.  Firstly, a monster with 
pluses can reach a higher level than the same variety of monster 
without any pluses.  The more pluses your monster has, the higher the 
level they can reach before they are fully grown.  This gives the 
monster more time to accrue stat points, leading to a better monster.  
Secondly, pluses can provide a stat boost every time you go up a level. 
This plus stat boost apparently begins to affect your monster around 
level 14.  The more pluses you have, the bigger the stat boost is.

    -Plus-                   -Effect of the plus after Lv. 14-
  0-(+10)              Random +(0-1) to HP & ATK for max total of +2
  (+11)-(+20)          Random +(0-2) to HP & ATK for max total of +3
  (+21)-(+30)          Random +(0-3) to HP & ATK for max total of +5
  (+31)-(+60)          Random +(0-3) to HP & ATK for max total of +6
  (+61)-(+80)          Random +(0-4) to HP & ATK for max total of +7
  (+81)-(+90)          Random +(0-4) to HP & ATK for max total of +8
  (+91)-(+255)         Definite +4 to HP & ATK for a total of +8

As you can see, unless you have alot of pluses, their effect on your 
stats is relatively small. With that in mind, you should always breed 
monsters together in a way in which the offspring will have the best 
possible level 1 stats.  Donít breed monsters together in a way which 
gives you a bunch of pluses, but ends up greatly lowering the 
offspringís level 1 stats in relationship the level 1 stats of either 
of its parents. You should strive to make every monster generation 
stronger than the previous one.
{-Determine whether a potential mating will benefit your monsters} 
As said before, not all breeding possibilities will be beneficial to 
your monsters.  You should breed so that the level 1 stats of the 
offspring monster are greater than the level one stats of both of the 
parent monsters. 

Before breeding, you can determine whether this will be so.with this 

Stat of Pedigree Monster+Stat of mate monster/4=Lv. 1 stat of offspring 
If the mating is beneficial to your monsterís stats, then the following 
statement should be true.

   Lv. 1 stat of pedigree< Lv. 1 stat of child > Lv. 1 stat of mate

{-Try to breed monsters together to create monsters with better stats}
This is kind of an obvious thing, but you donít want to make this 

Lets say you have two very powerful monsters with a small amount of 
pluses. For exaple, a GreatDrak and A spotking. Both have killer stats 
and techniques and you want to combine then into one awesome powerhouse 
monster, so you breed them together, putting GreatDrak as the pedigree 
and Spotking as its mate. You would get a DragonKid.  Sure the 
DragonKid will have good Lv. 1 stats that reflect its parents, but it 
will become fully grown very quickly, without time to gain much in the 
way of stats, especially since every time a monster like DragonKid goes 
up a level it doesnít gain alot of stat points anyways.  Not only would 
you have create one so-so monster from two awesome ones, but if the 
dragonkid did not get to a high enough level before it maxed out, you 
could lose completely skills which monsters acquire at a high level, 
like BigBang, Gigaslash, and Chance.  You would have to go through all 
of the trouble of breeding the lost skills back into your monster.
{-Whenever possible, breed over a link cable}
Breeding over a link cable is the absolute best way to breed.  Each 
person gives one monster and after the breeding, each person gets one 
egg.  You can keep breeding your monsters together over and over again, 
acquiring more and more pluses without ever having to go and catch more 
monsters. This can really help you create super powerful monsters in a 
short period of time.

Normally when mating across a link cable, you and your friend will get 
new, different monsters. However, there are two notable exceptions. 

Firstly, if you and your friend mate together two monsters from the 
same family, both of you will get back the same monster you used for 
the breeding. There are however some exceptions.

Secondly, in the following breedings listed below both people will get 
the same new monster. The order of the monsters in the mating is not 
                         SLIME FAMILY
 GoldSlime= MetalKing + MetalKing     KingSlime= Slime + Slime
 Metabble= Metaly + Metaly            MetalKing= Metabble + Metabble
 SpotKing= SpotKing + SpotKing

                         DRAGON FAMILY
 Coatol= WingSnake + WingSnake        Dragon= DragonKid + DragonKid
 GreatDrak= Dragon + Dragon           WingSnake= Crestpent + Crestpent
            DragonKid + DragonKid
            BattleRex + BattleRex

                         BEAST FAMILY
 KingLeo= Trumpeter + Trumpeter       Trumpeter= WildApe + WildApe

                         PLANT FAMILY
 Maneater= EvilSeed + EvilSeed        Snapper= Maneater + Maneater

                          BUG FAMILY
 Armorpion= HornBeet + HornBeet       Droll= Butterfly\   /Butterfly
 Hornbeet= StagBug + StagBug                    Eyeder| + |Eyeder
                                             Taileater/   \Taileater
                         DEVIL FAMILY
 Akubar= Grendal + Grendal            ChopClown= 1EyeClown + 1EyeClown
 Durran= GoldGolem + Centasaur        GateGuard= Demonite + Demonite
 Jamirus= Akubar + RainHawk 

                         ZOMBIE FAMILY
 Boneslave= Hork + Hork               DeadNoble= DeadNite + DeadNite
 Servant= Skeletor + Skeletor         Skeletor= BoneSlave + BoneSlave
                         /WhiteKing   BombCrag= SpikyBoy + SpikyBoy
 Skullgon=Dragon Family +|DeadNoble   Golem= MudDoll + MudDoll
                         \Skullgon    MudDoll= Goopi + Goopi
 MetalDrak=Andreal + |Roboster

                          BOSS FAMILY
 DeathMore= Zoma + Mirudraas(TransFormed)

Sometimes you will attempt to breed two monsters together only to get 
the message that the breeding failed. This means that you and your 
friend's monster's personalities clashed. 

The following are lists of incompatible personalities. Monsters with 
incompatible personalities cannot successfully mate. A personality IS 
NOT COMPATIBLE with any of the personalities listed after it. A 
personaliy IS COMPATIBLE with any personality not listed after it. 

HOTBLOOD= Vain, Smug, Snobby, Rebel, Spoiled, Uncertain, Sly, Coward,
--------  Lazy

DARING= Snobby, Coward, Lazy
DAREDEVIL= Snobby, Nosy, Ordinary, Coward, Lazy
LONE WOLF= Lone Wolf, Vain, EZ Going, Smug, Snobby, Nosy, ordinary, 
---------  hasty, rebel, spoiled, uncertain, careless, carefree, coward

VAIN= Hotblood, Lone Wolf, Vain, Snobby, Reckless, Cool/Calm, Ordinary,
----  Hasty, Stubborn, Rebel, Spoiled, Careless, Lazy

EZ GOING= Lone Wolf, Cool/Calm, Stubborn, Rebel, Lazy

SMUG= Hotblood, Lone Wolf, Smug, Snobby, Reckless, Cool/Calm, Ordinary, 
----  Hasty, Stubborn, Rebel, Spoiled, Careless, Lazy

SNOBBY= Hotblood, Daring, Daredevil, Lone Wolf, Vain, Smug, Snobby, 
------  Reckless, Cool/Calm, Ordinary, Hasty, Stubborn, Rebel, Spoiled,
        Careless, Lazy

RECKLESS= Vain, Smug, Snobby, Ordinary, Rebel, Spoiled, Uncertain, 
--------  Coward, Lazy

COOL/CALM= Vain, EZ Going, Smug, Snobby, Whimsy, Nosy, Hasty, Stubborn,
---------  Rebel, Uncertain, Gullible, Sly, Lazy

WHIMSY= Cool/Calm, Ordinary, Stubborn, Lazy

NOSY= Daredevil, Lone Wolf, Cool/Calm, Lazy

WHIZ KID= Gullible, Lazy

ORDINARY= Daredevil, Lone Wolf, Vain, Smug, Snobby, Reckless, Whimsy, 
--------  Stubborn, Rebel, Spoiled, Coward, Lazy

HASTY= Lone Wolf, Vain, Smug, Snobby, Cool/Calm, Stubborn, Rebel, 
-----  Spoiled, Uncertain, Careless, Carefree, Coward, Lazy

STUBBORN= Vain, EZ Going, Smug, Snobby, Cool/Calm, Whimsy, Ordinary, 
--------  Hasty, Stubborn, Rebel, Spoiled, Uncertain, Careless, Coward,

REBEL= Hotblood, Lone Wolf, Vain, EZ Going, Smug, Snobby, Reckless, 
-----  Cool/Calm, Ordinary, Hasty, Stubborn, Rebel, Spoiled, Uncertain,

SPOILED= Hotblood, Lone Wolf, Vain, Smug, Snobby, Reckless, Ordinary, 
-------  Hasty, Stubborn, Rebel, Spoiled, Uncertain, Careless, Carefree,
         Gullible, Coward, Lazy


UNCERTAIN= Hotblood, Lone Wolf, Reckless, Cool/Calm, Hasty, Stubborn, 
---------  Rebel, Spoiled, Lazy

CARELESS= Lone Wolf, Vain, Smug, Snobby, Hasty, Stubborn, Spoiled


CAREFREE= Lone Wolf, Hasty, Spoiled

GULLIBLE= Cool/Calm, Whiz Kid, Spoiled   

SLY= Hotblood, Cool/Calm, Sly, Lazy

COWARD= Hotblood, daring, daredevil, lone wolf, reckless, ordinary, 
------  hasty, stubborn, spoiled, lazy

LAZY= Hotblood, Daring, Daredevil, Lone Wolf, Vain, EZ Going, Smug, 
----  Snobby, Reckless, Cool/Calm, Whimsy, Nosy, Whiz Kid, Ordinary, 
      Hasty, Stubborn, Rebel, Spoiled, Uncertain, Shrewd, Sly, Coward,

Unfortunately, if you get the message that the breeding has failed, 
this means you will have to change your monster's personalities until 
the are compatible. This is a real pain, but at least it gives you a 
chance to improve your monsters' personalities.


There is also a really cheesy way you can use a link cable to easily 
breed monsters like Servant, Golem, SlimeKing, SpotKing, Goldslime, or 
Coatol. Let me explain using GoldSlime as an example.  

Get two gameboys, two copies of DWM, and a link cable.  On your copy of 
the game, catch two Metalys.  Now get in a cable link battle with the 
other copy of the game and offer one of the metalys as a prize for 
winning.  Then lose in the link battle so the metaly is tranferred to 
the other copy of DWM.  Now that you have one metaly on each copy of 
DWM, mate them together, after the mating there will be one Mettable on 
each copy of DWM.  Raise both Metabbles until they are old enough to
mate and mate them.  Then there will be one MetalKing on each cartridge. 
Here comes the best part. Mate the MetalKings together and you will 
have...TWO GOLDSLIMES!!!  Now Get in another link cable battle and have 
the GoldSlime on the other cartridge be offered as a prize.  Purposely 
win and you will get the GoldSlime back.  Now you have two GoldSlimes 
on your copy of DWM and all you had to catch to do it was two Metalys. 
{-Keep an eye on your monstersí personalities}
There are 27 different monster personalities in DWM.  These 
personalities run the gamut from HotBlooded to Lazy.  These 
personalities are especiallly important when you are fighting in the 

In arena battles you cannot directly command your monsters to perform 
specific attacks.  Instead, you can only assign them a general
attack posture like CHARGE, CAUTIOUS, or MIXED.  Montsters with the 
best personalities pick the best skill corresponding to thier category. 
Monsters with the worst personalities sometimes donít even pick moves 
that correspond to the attack strategy you assigned them.  For instance 
you might be losing in an arena battle and you desperately need one of 
your monsters to cast HealUsAll to save your team.  If your monster has 
a personality which causes him to choose CAUTIOUS skills poorly, then 
he might choose to use a move like FireSlash instead and your team 
would lose.

Below is a chart outlining the different personalities and thier effect 
on how well monsters of each personality choose skills for a MIXED, 
CHARGE or CAUTIOUS strategy.
   -PERSONALITY-          -CHARGE-       -MIXED-         -CAUTIOUS-
     HotBlood              Great          Great             Great
     Daring                Great          So-so             Great
     Lone Wolf             Great          Great             so-so
     Cool/Calm             So-so          Great             Great
     Vain                  Great          So-so             So-so
     Whimsy                So-so          So-so             Great
     Whiz Kid              So-so          Great             So-so
     Daredevil             Great           bad              Great
     Humane                 Bad           Great             Great
     Smug                  Great          Great              Bad
     Ordinary              So-so          So-so             So-so
     Hasty                 So-so           Bad              So-so
     Carefree               Bad           So-so             So-so
     Rebel                 So-so          So-so              Bad
     Reckless              Great           Bad               Bad
     EZ Going              Great           Bad              So-so
     Snobby                Great          So-so              Bad
     Nosy                  So-so           Bad              Great  
     Stubborn              So-so          Great              Bad
     Uncertain              Bad           So-so             Great
     Shrewed                Bad           Great             So-So
     Spoiled               So-so           Bad               Bad
     Careless               Bad            Bad              Great
     Gullible               Bad            Bad              So-so
     sly                    Bad           Great              Bad
     Coward                 Bad           So-so              Bad
     Lazy                   Bad            Bad               Bad

Personalities also have specific benefits and penaties outside of arena 

-Monsters with High CHARGE compatibility can make critical hits with     
 skills and physical attacks.  Monsters with a low compatibility to     
 CHARGE can sometimes be hurt 50% more than usual when defending. 

-Monsters with a high compatibility to the CAUTIOUS command can         
 sometimes use a healing skill without spending MP.  Monsters with a    
 low compatibility to the CAUTIOUS command might use one of your other   
 monsters as a shield.     

-Monsters with a high compatibility to the MIXED command can sometimes   
 affect a monster with a status attack while ignoring the target's      
 resistances.  Monsters with a low compatibility to the MIXED command   
 automatically counterattack instead if obeying your commands. 

As you can see, your monster's personality can be an important factor 
in how effective they are in battle.  As you breed you monsters, if 
don't pay attention to molding their personalities, you will notice the 
quality of their personality decreasing. If you raise a monster to a 
high level and then realize you have forgotten to pay attention to its 
personality, you might find yourself having to spend a ton of money to 
buy books to raise your monsters personality.

The best time to raise a monster's personality is while the monster is 
very young.  It is easiest to change a monster's personality, without 
personality books, before it reaches level 11.     

If you want to raise your monster's personality a lot without using BK 
items (Books) go back to one of the first gates and fight the monsters 
there.  You can raise you monster slowly, while at the same time using 
all three strategies equally.

The following monsters cannot be caught in the wild or from foreign 
masters. I did not include gate boss monsters which join you, only gate 
bosses which don't join you and aren't members of the boss family.

 Goldslime= MetalKing + Metalking

  Coatol= WingSnake + Wingsnake
          BattleRex \
          Gasgon    |    /CopyCat
          LizardMan | +  |Darkhorn
          Pteranod  |    |MadKnight
          SkyDragon /    \StoneMan

  Divinegon= SkyDragon + Orochi

                      /DarkHorn  Gulpbeast
  KingLeo= Roboster + |MadCat    SuperTen
                      \Trumpeter Unicorn
           Trumpeter + /Balzak    GoldGolem
                       \MetalDrak Trumpeter

  Rainhawk= Blizzardy + Phoenix


  HerbMan= DanceVegi + Devil Family
           Plant Family + FunkyBird

  Rosevine= Plant Family + Boss Family


  Armorpion= HornBeet + HornBeet


  Akubar= ArcDemon + GateGuard
          Grendal + Grendal

  Durran= GoldGolem + Centasaur
          Centasaur + GoldGolem

  Jamirus= Akubar + RainHawk
           RainHawk + Akubar


  WhiteKing= Zombie Family + Boss Family
             BoneSlave\    /Andreal    Blizzardy
             DeadNoble|    |GoldGolem  GreatDrak
             Skeletor | +  |KingLeo    KingSlime
             Skullgon /    |Metaking   SpotKing
                           \WhipBird   ZapBird


  EvilPot= Gizmo + Devil Family
           Material Family + Snaily

  GoldGolem= IceMan + LavaMan

You can't catch these monsters either. I did not include them in the 
above list because you can't catch any monsters in this family. You 
have to breed to get them all.  Don't waste meat treats on them when 
you fight them in the mystic worlds.  There is no way you can get them 
to join you.

  Baramos= Hargon + Orochi

  Darkdrium= DeathMore(Final Form) + Watabou

  DeathMore= Zoma + /Mirudraas
                           Mirudrass\ + Zoma
  DeathMore(Transformed)= DeathMore + Armorpion
  DeathMore(Final Form)= DeathMore(Transformed) + Mudou

  DracoLord= Servant + /Andreal
  DracoLord(Dragon)= DracoLord + Divinegon

  Esterk= Pizzaro + KingLeo

  Hargon= WhiteKing + MetalKing

  Mirudraas= Esterk + GoldSlime

  Mirudraas(Transformed)= Mirudraas + Spikerous

  Mudou= Baramos + Darkhorn

  Pizzaro= Durran + Divinegon

  Sidoh= Jamirus + Rosevine

  Zoma= Dracolord(Dragon\ + Sidoh

I have a few organizations to thank

Prima Games, for coming up with an excellent guide for DWM

Enix for creating one of the best Gameboy games, ever.

LCOTA Dragon Warrior Monsters- a great site with a message board that 
supported me. The sites creator, Jimeous, is a nice guy


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