Question from bambi300

Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find PP ups?

Because I wasted three on my Typhlosion's Flamethrower and one a Solar Beam thinking you could buy them.

Accepted Answer

From: karl130 4 years ago

1) The first PP up you can find is when you have beaten the gym in Cianwood and got HM02. You have to fly to Violet city and then surf there over the waterway to get it (and Rare Candy also).

2) Second - In Ice Path after you get TM44 on the way out to Blackthorn City.

3) Rock Tunnel - just before Elixir and TM47 (not on the same floor) (near the exit to Lavender Town).
I will add Rock Tunnel Map as soon as I can to make it clearer.

4) Celadon City - In the west, hidden in the bushes

5) The Silent Bridge - I don't remember exactly, where


6) Duplication with the Box Trick (as I do)

7) GameShark - 013EB8D5 0163B9D5 (second one for being infinity, uncheck it to get your items back to normal)

8) (More GameShark - thanks to spunman)
Infinite PP up:

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Ohh... I made a typo:

In Celadon City, it is in the EAST.

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