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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find a fishing rod?

i am playing pokemon gold i got 4 badges and the HM #3 surf but i dont have eny water type pokemon can someone please help me either find a fishing rod or a pokemon that can use surf?

Additional details - 6 years ago

I dont have ruby can someone tell me how to get the super rod

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From: pokedude7 6 years ago

For the Old Rod: Talk to the guy in the straw hat in the Pokemon Center just outside of Union Cave.

For the Good Rod: Talk to the guy in the house just above the Pokemon Center in Olivine City.

For the Super Rod: It is where you found it in RBY.

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RBY =/= Ruby. RBY means Red/Blue/Yellow.
The super rod can be found in the house on the bridges south of Lavender town once you beat Johto's Elite Four.

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Alternitavely, you can Rock Smash the Rocks by Olivine and get a Krabby, they can learn Surf AND Whirlpool, but you'll have to find a different pokemon for Waterfall...

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