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How do you get through the dark cave in pokemon gold?

I am having trouble getting through the dark cave And I need help getting through it to get to the first gym leader in violet city?

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1afteranother answered:

Do not go through dark cave. Instead, take a left, and fight the trainer. After you have defeated the trainer, got through the grass and through the small building. Heal up, and then got to the gym. Fight your way up, and you should be good to go.
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xboxjj1989 answered:

You do not need to go through dark cave to get to violet city. Instead of going into the cave turn left you will see a ledge right below with an opening in the middle; go through the opening you may have to battle one person. after the battle keep going left until you see another opening, go up that opening and go all the way through the building on the left until you exit that building, in which then you'll be in violet city to face the 1st gym leader. But do not go through dark cave again
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jakben answered:

You take left and then you take another left. There is a item you can get if you jump over the ledge before taking the second one
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