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Where is Lugia?

Where is Lugia and how do you get him???

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I heard there was a special item to get him if so what is it and where do I find it???

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Can you get the silver wing in pokemon gold?

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Thank you cr1985

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cr1985 answered:

Yes, you can get the Silver Wing in Gold, but much later than you do in Silver. When you get to Pewter City in Kanto, talk to the old man near the entrance to route 3. He will give you whichever wing you are missing (Silver wing for Gold, Rainbow wing in Silver).
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AJ2412 answered:

For Silver version. You need the Silver Wing. You get it (spoilers) when you save the Director in the Radio Tower from Team Rocket. Then you go to Whirl Islands. (or Whirlpool Islands. Forgot whats it called.) Just go through the cave. You might heard that it is really hard to catch him. Well I caught him with one Ultra Ball when his health was in yellow. Im not sure if it was luck, or the people was just over exagerating.
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