Question from UnluckyAssassin

Is there one Pokemon that can learn Whirlpool, Waterfall, and Surf?

I'm tired of bringing a bunch of throw-away water Pokemon with me every time I want to do the above.

Accepted Answer

Gunbladelad answered:

I often use Gyrados as an HM slave, as it can learn all 3 plus strength, making it the most useful HM Slave Pokemon for getting around.
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icantfindname answered:

I think feraligator, or import a mew if you have rby and used the glitch.
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Cartridge88 answered:

I'm sure several water pokemon can learn all three, but Feraligator sounds most likely. Sometimes, you just have to check and see which can and can't.
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Spartanx3 answered:

I am pretty sure that a Gyrados can learn all three of those HMs.
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