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Asked: 4 years ago

What type of pokemon are dragon pokemon?

I need one so i can get into the cave behind blackthorne city. i have already looked at the pokemon location faq and i know there have to be more than just dratini.

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From: diamond911 4 years ago
yes i know this is for ds games but it says in g/s/c there is only DRATINI, DRAGONAIR, DRAGONITE, AND KINGDRA, and from memory you can't get dratini untill you get inside the cave after you've defeated claire, she won't give you a badge she makes you go in the cave to get dragon fang before you get the badge you will need surf/whirlpool to get through here this cave is also where your given dratini

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No, there isn't. You don't need one at the moment anyways, you just have to beat Clair to get in.

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