Legendary Beasts FAQ by Xenobia

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Pokemon Gold/Silver FAQ
"How to catch the legendary beasts"
Game Boy Color
Written by: G.Pelletier (Aka: Xenobia)
Created:  01/08/01
Revised:  02/18/01
Version 1.701
E-Mail: poke101@hotmail.com

NOTE:  If you know which of these TMs each of them can learn, send it in
because I don't have them. 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21, 25, 32, 33, 36, 38,
40, 41, 42 and 48.  If you do send me an E-Mail, write what ones they learn and
what ones you tried.

====Table of contents====

1- Introduction
2- Disclaimer
3- History
4- Preparing yourself
5- Preparing your Pokemon
6- Releasing the beasts
7- Hunting the beasts
8- Building Entei, Raikou and Suicune into fighters
9- A little easier way to catch the beasts (For those of you that don't mind 
10- Final comments
11- Credits


     This is my first FAQ so I decided to start off with something simple.  I
hope you will find this FAQ useful.  Feel free to send in any constructive
comments and/or contributions.


     Please do not put this FAQ on your site without my permission.  This FAQ
is for personal use and is not to be used to obtain money, meaning that it is
not to be giving to someone that has given you a service bought something from
you or traded something with you.  You are not aloud to use any part of this
FAQ for your own FAQ, unless given permission by me.  Do not change any of this


Version 1.701:  08/12/01
-  Added my name
-  Changed a couple phrases

Version 1.7:  02/18/01
-  Added the Silver Pokedex information for Raikou, Entei and Suicune

Version 1.6:  02/16/01
-  Added some information on the trainers in the tower
-  Added that the Pokemon will get copied if you use section 9
-  Realized I wrote Suicine instead of Suicune
-  Put a list of usable TMs and HMs by the beasts (still not complete)

Version 1.2:  02/06/01
-  Changed where the Table of contents is to put it to the top of this guide

Version 1.1:  02/01/01
After reading my e-mails I have decided to update this guide again, even though
I was not planning on it.
-  Added some more text to the Preparing yourself section.
-  Added a final comments section.

Version 1.0:  01/30/01
-  Added the rest of the attacks for Entei, Raikou and Suicune.
-  Finished the cheating section.
-  Changed the word dog to beast.
-  Suggest Haunter or Gengar added.

Version 0.8:  01/24/01
-  Started the section on:  Building Entei, Raikou and Suicune into fighters.

Version 0.7:  01/23/01
-  Did some minor corrections
-  Added the section: A little easier way to catch the dogs.

Version 0.6:  01/08/01
-  This is the first version.  Sections included:  Table of contents; Preparing
yourself; Preparing your Pokemon; Releasing the dogs; and Hunting the dogs.

====Preparing yourself=====

     First of all, you will have to have certain items.  These items mentioned
are only the item I used to catch the legendary beasts, maybe you will use fast
balls instead of heavy balls or not even use the quick claw.

x1 Quick claw, x25 Ultra balls, x5 Heavy balls, x1 TM 08, x1 HM 02, x30 Super
or Max repels.

(You might need more or less Pokeballs than I have recommended.)

====Preparing your Pokemon====

     Your Pokemon play a very important role in obtaining the legendary dogs
Suicune, Raikou and Entei. You will have to have at least one Pokemon under
level 40 (meaning he has not yet reached level 40) with sleep powder or another
attack that can put a Pokemon to sleep.  Next you will have to put the Quick
Claw on that Pokemon.  Also, you will need a Pokemon that can learn Rock Smash
(TM 08).  Next you will need a Pokemon that can learn Fly (HM 02).

Level 29-39 Pokemon + Sleep + Quick Claw
Level (any) Pokemon + Fly
Level (any) Pokemon + Rock Smash

     You can have a Pokemon with any or all of the attacks mentioned but it
does not really matter.

     Suggestion:  Build a Haunter or Gengar up to level 39, have it learn
hypnosis and give it the quick claw.

====Releasing the beasts====

     Now that you are ready, fly to Ecruteak City.  Head to the top left corner
of the city, there you will find a small tower, someone in the town will tell
you that their was a fire that burned the top of it off years ago if.  Once
inside, head towards the top left corner of the room, you will need to use Rock
Smash on the cracked rock.  If you continue, you will have to face a trainer
named Ned.  There are two of them but one of them is optional and that would be

Ned                               Firebreather Dick
---------------                   ----------------
Koffing   Lv 15                   Charmeleon Lv 17
Growlithe Lv 16                   ----------------
Koffing   Lv 15                   Money: 816
Money: 720

     Once Ned is defeated, heal at the Pokemon center if you have to, then go
into the hole in the floor.  Continue towards the three "statues", once you
reach the top of the small stairs leading to them, the statues will come to
life then they will flee.  Copy their lead and leave the tower.

====Hunting the beasts====

     Next, heal at the Pokemon center if you need it.  At this time put the
Pokemon that is Level 29-39 at the top of your Pokemon that you are using, then
head towards the left of town, through the gatehouse and then to the patch of
grass.  Before you reach the patch of grass, save then use one of the repels
you bought.

     Keep on going back and forth, using a new repel every time the old one
wears out.  When you encounter one of the beasts, I suggest using your attack
that puts Pokemon to sleep, you may not be fast enough but eventually you will
get the first attack during one of your encounters. Once you do attack first
and that the beast is asleep, attack it until it is low in hit points (HP) and
now use your poke balls (I randomized my use of balls).  Most likely the beast
will run if you have not caught it before it has woken up.  But because you
have seen the beast, your job of tracking that one beast will or should be
easier.  Save your game and fly to a town close to a patch of grass.  Head
towards the patch of grass then go into your pokedex to see where the beast
that you have seen is located.  If he is where you are, use a repel and go back
and forth in the grass.  If he is not, fly somewhere else and do the same thing
over and over again.  Once you have caught one of the beasts, keep on going
back and forth in any patch of grass until you find one of the two other beasts
that remain, unless you encountered more then one of them already.  And of
course, do the same thing for the last beast.

====Building Entei, Raikou and Suicune into fighters====

     I have had the beasts for a while now but have not yet built them up. 
Meaning, that I will include more in this section later.  All of the
information on the different attacks is written as it is written in the game of

Sw = Starts with it
<><>= Nothing

# 243
Type: Electric
Height:  6'03"
Weight: 392.0 lb

Lv Sw- Leer  Normal  Attack/<><>  Reduces the foe's Defense.
Lv Sw- Thunder Shock  Electric  Attack/40  An attack that may cause paralysis.
Lv Sw- Roar  Normal  Attack/<><>  Scares wild foes to end battle.
Lv Sw- Quick Attack  Normal  Attack/40  Lets the user get in first attack.
Lv 41- Spark Electric  Attack/65  An attack that may cause paralysis.
Lv 51- Reflect  Psychic  Attack/<><>  Raises DEFENSE with a barrier.
Lv 61- Crunch  Dark  Attack/80  An attack that may lower SPCL. DEF.
Lv 71- Thunder  Electric  Attack/120  An attack that may cause paralysis.

G:     The rain clouds it carries let it fire thunderbolts at will.  They say
that it descended with lightning.

S:     A Pokemon that races across the land while barking a cry that sounds
like crashing thunder.

2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 13, 23, 27, 28, 31, 34, 35, 37, 39, 43, 44..

1, 4 and 5.

# 244
Type: Fire
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 437.0 lb

Lv Sw- Leer  Normal  Attack/<><>  Reduces the foe's Defense.
Lv Sw- Ember  Fire  Attack/40  An attack that may inflict a burn.
Lv Sw- Roar  Normal  Attack/<><>  Scares wild foes to end battle.
Lv Sw- Fire Spin  Fire  Attack/15  Traps foe in fire for 2-5 turns.
Lv 41- Stomp  Normal  Attack/65  An attack that may cause flinching.
Lv 51- Flamethrower  Fire  Attack/95  An attack that may inflict a burn.
Lv 61- Swagger  Normal  Attack/<><>  Causes confusion and raises ATTACK.
Lv 71- Fire Blast  Fire  Attack/120  An attack that may inflict a burn.

G:     Volcanoes erupt when it barks.  Unable to restrain its extreme power, it
races headlong around the land.

S:     A Pokemon that races across the land.  It is said that one is born every
time a new volcano appears.

2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 13, 22, 23, 27, 28, 31, 34, 35, 37, 39, 43, 44..

1, 4 and 5.

# 245
Type: Water
Height: 6'07"
Weight: 412.0 lb

Lv Sw- Leer  Normal  Attack/<><>  Reduces the foe's Defense.
Lv Sw- Water Gun  Water  Attack/40  Squirts water to attack.
Lv Sw- Roar  Normal  Attack/<><>  Scares wild foes to end battle.
Lv Sw- Gust  Flying  Attack/40  Whips up a strong gust of wind.
Lv 41- Bubblebeam  Water  Attack/65  An attack that may lower SPEED.
Lv 51- Mist  Ice  Attack/<><>  Prevents stat reduction
Lv 61- Mirror Coat  Psychic  Attack/<><>  Counters a SPCL. ATK. move doudle.
Lv 71- Hydro Pump  Water  Attack/120  A powerful water type attack.

G:     Said to be the reincarnation of north winds, it can instantly purify
filthy, murky water.

S:     This Pokemon races across the land.  It is said that North Winds will
somehow blow whenever it appears.

2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 13, 16, 23, 27, 28, 31, 34, 35, 37, 39, 43, 44..

1, 3, 6 and 7.

====A little easier way to catch the beasts====

    If you want to cheat and save a little bit of time, all you do is copy your
Master ball three times.  So when you encounter any of the three dogs, you can
just throw a master ball for an automatic capture.

     To duplicate the Master ball (or any other item for that matter), you will
need to give any of your Pokemon your Master ball.  NOTE: The Pokemon that you
decide to put the Master ball on will be copied, you will have two of the same
Pokemon.  Next save.  !!!WARNING!!!: If you are not sure if you want to risk
the erasure of your saved file, do not attempt the next steps.  Now you will
need to save your game, then enter your computer.  Go to any of your boxes that
have at least two empty spaces.  Deposit your Pokemon that has the Master ball
on him/her.  Now comes the tricky part, change the box that you are in to
another box.  Answer yes when the game asks you if you want to save.  Then when
it asks you if you want to overwrite your file, answer yes.  Right after you
say yes, turn off the game.  If you wait to long to turn off the game, you
might lose your game.  Be quick!

====Final Comments====

     I hope you have been able to catch the beasts with the help of my guide. 
It took me about three to four hours to catch them myself.  Also please
remember that any information found in this guide on how to catch the legendary
beasts is what I have done personally, unless stated otherwise in the credits.


Thanks to GameFaqs for hosting my in-depth guide.
Thanks to Ricky G for suggesting using Haunter or Gengar.
Thanks to GeNjiKiD for the trainer information (Ned and Dick)
Thanks to Ali Ezzedine for the Silver information in the Pokedex

This FAQ is (c)2001 Copyrighted to G.Pelletier (Aka: Xenobia).

All Trademarks used in this FAQ, like everything related with Pokemon, are (c)
Copyrighted by Nintendo, Game Freak and any other company that is related to