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                           POKMON GOLD / SILVER
                        ELEMENTS TYPE FAQ VER. 1.2
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| A U T H O R \__________________|_G A M E  D A T A \_______________________ 
|Author   : Hafiz Rahman           | Developer : Game Freak/Creatures       |
|E-Mail   : <not included>         | Publisher : Nintendo                   |
|Homeland : Indonesia              | Platform  : GameBoy/GameBoy Color      |     
|Date     : January 12, 2002       | Version   : North American             |
 2001-2002 Hafiz Rahman 
The disclaimer part is in the end of this file, it's not that I forgot it.
That means there is still no reason for you to steal it :)
Pokmon and related indicia are copyright 2000-2001 Nintendo/Creatures/
Game Freak and whoever else I never could list, all rights reserved. Used
without permission. Sorry... but millions of FAQ writer did this too :)

Table of Contents
1 Introduction & Version History
  2 Battle Chart 
    3 Attacking & Defending Determination
      4 Pokmon Battling Recommendation
        5 Summary
          6 Credits
            7 Disclaimer
              8 Epilogue

Introduction & Version History
<December 12, 2001 - 04:41:29 AM, my computer time>
  Sad, isn't it? Everybody is so good at Pokmon no one had a thought to make
a list of Pokmon and how to beat them faster when it comes to their weakness
and resistance. I mean, I know everybody should know what type beats what
type and what type resists what type. But hey, there are 251 monsters out
there, and I believe that it is normal for some people not to know what type
a Pokmon has, thus not knowing how to use their weakness to beat them. 
  So, after experiencing that on myself (trying to catch a Sudowoodo by keep
fire attacking it in thought that it is a grass type, but then got realized
that it is a rock type after it sits right inside my Pokball :), I think I
had to make a list for weak-minded (like myself, no offense) who couldn't
know by heart every single thing related with Pokmon. I hope, if somehow you
had a problem with a Pokmon, you could just take a look at the list, know
their weakness/es and blast the right shot thru them. Alright, enjoy then.  
<Version History>
 Version 1.0 December 13, 2001
 - After a one-day work+ (it's a personal record :) this FAQ was finished.
 - As far as I know, this version hasn't been up in GameFAQs.

 Version 1.1 (still) December 13, 2001
 - Added some more new lines inside, and correcting some errors (said a
   sharked Hyper Beam on Aerodactyl; It should be Rock Slide, I'm kinda
   sleepy or just too forgetful :)
 - Huge development are made in Attacking and Defending Determination part.
   The lines after the description of two different kind, physical and spec.
   attack was the updated ones :) 

 Things to expect in future version:
 - I don't think there will be a future version.

 Things NOT to expect in future version:
 - Thus, the future version itself :)
Battle Chart
Alright, before we go to the list, here is the chart (fine, it's not a chart
but you got the picture) about type weakness/es and resistances and immunity
and so on. Other than from my personal experience, it was also taken from
CreatureKeeper 200xx's Pokmon Trainer FAQ, used without permission, but
credited as well. Other than the layout, I didn't change the content,though
I DID add the Attack+ part. Anyway his FAQ is a great source, check it out!

When it is said ATTACK+, it means that the type's attack is a weakness of 
the listed type next to it. When it is said WEAKNESS(ES), it means that if
the current type Pokmon received damage by an attack of a type listed as 
WEAKNESS(ES), the damage done was doubled. When it is said RESISTANCE(S), it
means the damage was halved. When it is said IMMUNITY(S), it means there are
no damage done whatsoever. More info on Att. & Def. Determination section.

Attack+     : DARK, GRASS, PSYCHIC 
Weaknesses  : FIRE, FLYING, ROCK
Immunity    : -

Attack+     : GHOST, PSYCHIC
Weaknesses  : BUG, FIGHTING
Resistances : DARK, GHOST
Immunity    : PSYCHIC

Attack+     : DRAGON
Weaknesses  : DRAGON, ICE
Immunity    : -

Attack+     : FLYING, WATER 
Weakness    : GROUND
Immunity    : -

Weaknesses  : FLYING, PSYCHIC
Resistances : BUG, DARK, ROCK
Immunity    : -

Attack+     : BUG, GRASS, ICE, STEEL 
Weaknesses  : GROUND, ROCK, WATER
Resistances : BUG, FIRE, GRASS, ICE, STEEL
Immunity    : -

Attack+     : BUG, FIGHTING
Weaknesses  : ELECTRIC, ICE, ROCK
Resistances : BUG, FIGHTING, GRASS
Immunity    : GROUND

Attack+     : GHOST, PSYCHIC
Weaknesses  : DARK, GHOST
Resistances : BUG, POISON
Immunities  : FIGHTING, NORMAL*
* There is one exception where a FIGHTING/NORMAL attack could damage GHOST.
  If an attacker uses Foresight move first before doing the FIGHTING/NORMAL
  attack, the GHOST won't be immune anymore.

Attack+     : GROUND, ROCK, WATER
Immunity    : -

Weaknesses  : GRASS, ICE, WATER
Resistances : POISON, ROCK
Immunity    : ELECTRIC

Resistance  : ICE
Immunity    : -

Attack+     : -
Weakness    : FIGHTING
Resistance  : -
Immunity    : GHOST

Attack+     : GRASS
Weaknesses  : GROUND, PSYCHIC
Immunity    : -

Attack+     : FIGHTING, POISON
Weaknesses  : BUG, DARK, GHOST
Immunity    : -

Attack+     : BUG, FIRE, FLYING, ICE
Immunity    : -

Attack+     : ICE, ROCK
              ROCK, STEEL
Immunity    : POISON

Attack+     : FIRE, GROUND, ROCK
Weaknesses  : ELECTRIC, GRASS
Resistances : FIRE, ICE, WATER, STEEL
Immunity    : -

In here, I will try to explain the differences between elements and what
defense type (physical or special) will determine how many damage a Pokmon
could take. The elements in this game splitted into two different kind,
physical and special attacks. Defending Pokmon uses its own physical or
special defense to survive the corresponding kind of attack used on them.

- The higher ATTACK stats attacking Pokmon have, the damage will be greater.
- The higher DEFENSE stats defending Pokmon have, damage will be smaller.

- The higher SPC.ATTACK attacking Pokmon have, the damage will be greater.
- The higher SPC. DEF. defending Pokmon have, the damage will be smaller.

For you people who loved exact things (numbers, theories, blah, blah), here
are something that might satisfy you:
- NORMAL DAMAGE: If a defending Pokmon received an attack from any type it
  isn't weak or resist or immune to, the damage is 1 times (i.e. the same)
  of the base damage the attack have. However it will then be compared with
  stats thingies, which I don't really understand or so :) Such an example
  is when Clefairy got Thundershocked. 
- HALF DAMAGE: If a defending Pokmon received an attack from any type it
  resists, the damage is 0.5 times of the base damage the attack have. Then
  the stats also counts, and still I don't know much about it :) Such an
  example is when Typhlosion got Flamethrowered.
- HALF-HALF DAMAGE: If a defending Pokmon received an attack from any type,
  while the defending had DUAL type that both resist the attack type, then
  the damage will be (HALF DAMAGE * HALF DAMAGE) = 0.5 * 0.5 = 0.25 times.
  Such an example is doing a Rock Throw against Steelix.
- DOUBLE DAMAGE: If a defending Pokmon received an attack from any type it
  is weak against, the damage is 2 times of the base damage the attack have.
  Still, stats does count. Such an example is when Clefairy got Cross Chop.
- DOUBLE-DOUBLE DAMAGE: If a defending Pokmon received an attack from any
  type, while the defending had DUAL type that both weak against the attack
  type, then the damage will be (DOUBLE DAMAGE * DOUBLE DAMAGE) = 2 * 2 = 4
  times. ouch. Such an example is when a Gyarados (WATER/FLYING) got Thunder-
  shocked, or when a Charizard (FIRE/FLYING) got Rock Throw.
- NO DAMAGE: If a defending Pokmon received an attack from any type it is
  immune to, it will receive ZERO damage whatsoever. Such and example is
  when Clefairy got Night Shaded.

But then, there is still other thing affecting. It's popularly called STAB,
Same Type Bonus Attack. If a Pokmon using an attack of the same type with
its own (the monster) type, then the STAB applied, and the damage done,
after applying the NORMAL/HALF/DOUBLE damage, was added 1.5 times more.
In simple words, the example is like this:
- NORMAL DAMAGE with STAB: A Clefairy got Thundershocked by Pikachu. Thun-
  dershock is ELECTRIC, and Pikachu is an ELECTRIC type, so STAB applied.
  The usual damage for NORMAL is 1 times, but since STAB applied, then
  the result is (1 times * 1.5) which makes 1.5 times. That means, having a
  Pikachu using a Thundershock against Clefairy will make the damage bigger
  as if Clefairy is near weak against ELECTRIC.
- HALF DAMAGE with STAB: A Typhlosion got Flamethrowered by Magmar. The
  usual damage for HALF damage is 0.5 times (duh) but since STAB applied,
  the result is (0.5 times * 1.5) which makes 0.75 or 3/4 times if you don't
  attend any math class lately :)
- HALF-HALF DAMAGE with STAB: A Steelix got Rock Throw by Geodude. The
  usual damage is 0.25, but since STAB applied, the result is (0.25 times *
  1.5) which makes 0.375 times.
- DOUBLE DAMAGE with STAB: A Clefairy got Cross Chopped by a Machamp. The
  usual damage for DOUBLE is 2 times (duh, again) but since STAB applied,
  the result is (2 times * 1.5) which makes it 3 times of base damage.
- DOUBLE-DOUBLE DAMAGE with STAB: A Gyarados got Thundershocked by Amphy.
  The usual damage is already 4, but since STAB applied, the result is
  (4 times * 1.5) which makes it 6 TIMES! ouch, ouch!
- NO DAMAGE with STAB: is obvious, most likely Clefairy got Night Shaded
  by a Gengar, it will be (0 times * 1.5) which is still ZERO whatsoever.

Again, there are still many other things affecting total amount of damage.
There is a formulae about it, a real complicated one as if you want to
program your very own game, but for some reason I just want (you) to enjoy
(your) game without having to know every knitpicks and every tidbits of
the game. It won't hurt if you just know how ELECTRIC beats WATER, without
having to know the formula of:  


L = attacker's level
A = attacker's Attack/Special Attack
P = attack's Base Power
D = defender's Defense/Special Defense
T = STAB (1 if not applied, 1.5 if applied)
M = weakness/resistance/immunity (0,0.25,0.5,1,2,4)
R = a random number between 217 and 255

* = The underlined part [xT)xM)] is the thing that we have discussed above,
    (the section that explain about DOUBLE damage with STAB, etc, etc). So
    that means we've onle talked about the small part of all the formula :) 

gee, I just told you that... Alright, that formula, and the next following
info unless specifically noted, was taken from Efrem Orizzonte's Basic FAQ,
hope he didn't mind, big thanks to him. 

Anyway, if you want to know where to number (0,0.25,0.5,1,2,4) number came
from (look up the M=weakness/etc/etc), my wild guesses came from single and
dual type thingies. This info, however, was came from my own head :)
0    = Is obvious, from a single type which immune against the attack type.
0.25 = Is (maybe) from a dual type, where both type resists the attack type.
0.5  = Is obvious, from a single type which resists the attack type.
1    = Is obvious, from a single type which doesn't weak/resist/immune.
2    = Is obvious, from a single type which weak against the attack type.
4    = Is (maybe) from a dual type, where both type weak against the att.
No STAB should be applied, since STAB is counted already in another part
of the formulae.

And so, as if these things ain't nice enough, there are still some other
things that affect damage, like CRITICAL HIT (which doubled the base damage),
or STATS MODIFIER item/moves (like Swords Dance, or stat boosting item), and
the item a Pokmon hold (like Magnet on a ELECTRIC Pokmon) and so on.

One more thing about STAB, there are some attack that has a type, but do not
get you any bonus whatsoever. This called "typeless" attack and no STAB will
be gotten although by having the same type Pokmon doing this move. For your
convenience, the "typeless" moves are:

# NORMAL          # PSYCHIC             # FIRE 
--------          ---------             ------ 
Attract           Agility               Sunny Day
Baton Pass        Amnesia 
Belly Drum        Barrier               # BUG
Bide              Future Sight          ----- 
Charm             Hypnosis              Spider Web
Conversion        Kinesis               String Shot 
Conversion2       Light Screen
Defense Curl      Meditate              # ???
Disable           Mirror Coat           -----
Double Team       Psywave               Curse
Encore            Reflect               Struggle* 
Endure            Rest                  * (some say it is NORMAL but I don't
Flash             Teleport                 know for sure)    
Focus Energy                            
Foresight         # GHOST               
Glare             -------  
Growl             Confuse Ray 
Growth            Destiny Bond
Harden            Spite
Heal Bell 
Leer              # GRASS
Lock-On           -------
Lovely Kiss       Cotton Spore 
Mean Look         Sleep Powder
Metronome         Spore 
Milk Drink        Stun Spore
Mimic             Synthesis
Mind Reader
Minimize          # FIGHTING
Moonlight         ----------
Morning Sun       Counter
Pain Split        Detect 
Perish Song
Protect           # DRAGON
Psych Up          --------
Recover           Dragon Rage  
Safe Guard        # ICE 
Scary Face        ----- 
Screech           Haze
Sharpen           Mist
Sketch            # POISON
Sleep Talk        --------
Smokescreen       Acid Armor 
Sonic Boom        # FLYING 
Splash            --------
Substitute        Mirror Move
Super Fang
Supersonic        # WATER
Swagger           -------
Sweet Kiss        Rain Dance
Sweet Scent       Withdraw
Swords Dance
Tail Whip         # GROUND
Transform         --------
Whirlwind         Sand Attack 

Those moves are usually no damage dealing attack, and if you want to know
what did they do in DETAILS, just read Efrem Orizzonte's FAQ in GameFAQs,
it was an awesome FAQ indeed!

That's it, people. Just enjoy your game alright. Anyway, no offense!

Again. Before we go on, the list was taken from Mike Meevasin's Walktrough.
Used without permission but credited as well. BUT the weakness list is all
made by myself, I just can't remember all those 251 names and types...

Some new Pokmon might had interesting type. Like Chincou. It is part WATER/
ELECTRIC type. Its first type made it weak against ELECTRIC. But its second
type made it resist ELECTRIC. When it is attacked by an ELECTRIC type attack,
both its types cancels the effect each other and the result is normal damage.
Next, Charizard is FIRE/FLYING. FIRE is weak against ROCK. FLYING is also
weak against ROCK. Theoritically (am I spelling it right?), one weakness
results double damage, thus double weaknesses result 4 times damage, ouch. 

      Name        Type1/Type2     Suggested attack (i.e. weakness) 

1     Bulbasaur   Grass/Poison    FIRE, FLYING, ICE, PSYCHIC
2     Ivysaur     Grass/Poison    FIRE, FLYING, ICE, PSYCHIC
3     Venusaur    Grass/Poison    FIRE, FLYING, ICE, PSYCHIC
4     Charmander  Fire            GROUND, ROCK, WATER
5     Charmeleon  Fire            GROUND, ROCK, WATER
6     Charizard   Fire/Flying     ELECTRIC, ROCK, WATER
7     Squirtle    Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
8     Wartortle   Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
9     Blastoise   Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
10    Caterpie    Bug             FIRE, FLYING, ROCK
11    Metapod     Bug             FIRE, FLYING, ROCK
12    Butterfree  Bug/Flying      ELECTRIC, FIRE, FLYING, ICE, ROCK
13    Weedle      Bug/Poison      FIRE, FLYING, ROCK, PSYCHIC
14    Kakuna      Bug/Poison      FIRE, FLYING, ROCK, PSYCHIC
15    Beedrill    Bug/Poison      FIRE, FLYING, ROCK, PSYCHIC
16    Pidgey      Normal/Flying   ELECTRIC, ICE, ROCK
17    Pidgeotto   Normal/Flying   ELECTRIC, ICE, ROCK
18    Pidgeot     Normal/Flying   ELECTRIC, ICE, ROCK
19    Rattata     Normal          FIGHTING
20    Raticate    Normal          FIGHTING
21    Spearow     Normal/Flying   ELECTRIC, ICE, ROCK
22    Fearow      Normal/Flying   ELECTRIC, ICE, ROCK
23    Ekans       Poison          GROUND, PSYCHIC
24    Arbok       Poison          GROUND, PSYCHIC
25    Pikachu     Electric        GROUND
26    Raichu      Electric        GROUND
27    Sandshrew   Ground          GRASS, ICE, WATER
28    Sandslash   Ground          GRASS, ICE, WATER
29    Nidoran (F) Poison          GROUND, PSYCHIC
30    Nidorina    Poison          GROUND, PSYCHIC
31    Nidoqueen   Poison/Ground   ICE, PSYCHIC, WATER
32    Nidoran (M) Poison          GROUND, PSYCHIC
33    Nidorino    Poison          GROUND, PSYCHIC
34    Nidoking    Poison/Ground   ICE, PSYCHIC, WATER
35    Clefairy    Normal          FIGHTING
36    Clefable    Normal          FIGHTING
37    Vulpix      Fire            GROUND, ROCK, WATER
38    Ninetales   Fire            GROUND, ROCK, WATER
39    Jigglypuff  Normal          FIGHTING
40    Wigglytuff  Normal          FIGHTING
41    Zubat       Poison/Flying   ELECTRIC, ICE, PSYCHIC, ROCK
42    Golbat      Poison/Flying   ELECTRIC, ICE, PSYCHIC, ROCK
43    Oddish      Grass/Poison    FIRE, FLYING, ICE, PSYCHIC
44    Gloom       Grass/Poison    FIRE, FLYING, ICE, PSYCHIC
45    Vileplume   Grass/Poison    FIRE, FLYING, ICE, PSYCHIC
46    Paras       Bug/Grass       BUG, FIRE, FLYING, ROCK, ICE, POISON
47    Parasect    Bug/Grass       BUG, FIRE, FLYING, ROCK, ICE, POISON
48    Venonat     Bug/Poison      FIRE, FLYING, ROCK, PSYCHIC
49    Venomoth    Bug/Poison      FIRE, FLYING, ROCK, PSYCHIC
50    Diglett     Ground          GRASS, ICE, WATER
51    Dugtrio     Ground          GRASS, ICE, WATER
52    Meowth      Normal          FIGHTING
53    Persian     Normal          FIGHTING
54    Psyduck     Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
55    Golduck     Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
56    Mankey      Fighting        FLYING, PSYCHIC
57    Primeape    Fighting        FLYING, PSYCHIC
58    Growlithe   Fire            GROUND, ROCK, WATER
59    Arcanine    Fire            GROUND, ROCK, WATER
60    Poliwag     Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
61    Poliwhirl   Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
62    Poliwrath   Water/Fighting  ELECTRIC, FLYING, GRASS, PSYCHIC
63    Abra        Psychic         BUG, DARK, GHOST
64    Kadabra     Psychic         BUG, DARK, GHOST
65    Alakazam    Psychic         BUG, DARK, GHOST
66    Machop      Fighting        FLYING, PSYCHIC
67    Machoke     Fighting        FLYING, PSYCHIC
68    Machamp     Fighting        FLYING, PSYCHIC
69    Bellsprout  Grass/Poison    FIRE, FLYING, ICE, PSYCHIC
70    Weepinbell  Grass/Poison    FIRE, FLYING, ICE, PSYCHIC
71    Victreebel  Grass/Poison    FIRE, FLYING, ICE, PSYCHIC
72    Tentacool   Water/Poison    ELECTRIC, GRASS, GROUND, PSYCHIC
73    Tentacruel  Water/Poison    ELECTRIC, GRASS, GROUND, PSYCHIC
74    Geodude     Rock/Ground     FIGHTING, GRASS, GROUND, ICE, STEEL, WATER
75    Graveler    Rock/Ground     FIGHTING, GRASS, GROUND, ICE, STEEL, WATER
76    Golem       Rock/Ground     FIGHTING, GRASS, GROUND, ICE, STEEL, WATER
77    Ponyta      Fire            GROUND, ROCK, WATER
78    Rapidash    Fire            GROUND, ROCK, WATER
79    SlowPok    Water/Psychic   BUG, DARK, ELECTRIC, GRASS, GHOST
80    Slowbro     Water/Psychic   BUG, DARK, ELECTRIC, GRASS, GHOST
81    Magnemite   Electric/Steel  GROUND, FIGHTING, FIRE
82    Magneton    Electric/Steel  GROUND, FIGHTING, FIRE
83    Farfetch'd  Normal/Flying   ELECTRIC, ICE, ROCK
84    Doduo       Normal/Flying   ELECTRIC, ICE, ROCK
85    Dodrio      Normal/Flying   ELECTRIC, ICE, ROCK
86    Seel        Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
87    Dewgong     Water/Ice      ELECTRIC, FIGHTING, FIRE, GRASS, ROCK, STEEL
88    Grimer      Poison          GROUND, PSYCHIC
89    Muk         Poison          GROUND, PSYCHIC
90    Shellder    Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
91    Cloyster    Water/Ice      ELECTRIC, FIGHTING, FIRE, GRASS, ROCK, STEEL
92    Gastly      Ghost/Poison    DARK, GHOST, GROUND, PSYCHIC
93    Haunter     Ghost/Poison    DARK, GHOST, GROUND, PSYCHIC
94    Gengar      Ghost/Poison    DARK, GHOST, GROUND, PSYCHIC
95    Onix        Rock/Ground     FIGHTING, GRASS, GROUND, ICE, STEEL, WATER
96    Drowzee     Psychic         BUG, DARK, GHOST
97    Hypno       Psychic         BUG, DARK, GHOST
98    Krabby      Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
99    Kingler     Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
100   Voltorb     Electric        GROUND
101   Electrode   Electric        GROUND
102   Exeggcute   Grass/Psychic   DARK, BUG, FIRE, FLYING, GHOST, ICE, POISON
103   Exeggutor   Grass/Psychic   DARK, BUG, FIRE, FLYING, GHOST, ICE, POISON
104   Cubone      Ground          GRASS, ICE, WATER
105   Marowak     Ground          GRASS, ICE, WATER
106   Hitmonlee   Fighting        FLYING, PSYCHIC
107   Hitmonchan  Fighting        FLYING, PSYCHIC
108   Lickitung   Normal          FIGHTING
109   Koffing     Poison          GROUND, PSYCHIC
110   Weezing     Poison          GROUND, PSYCHIC
111   Rhyhorn     Ground/Rock     FIGHTING, GRASS, GROUND, ICE, STEEL, WATER
112   Rhydon      Ground/Rock     FIGHTING, GRASS, GROUND, ICE, STEEL, WATER
113   Chansey     Normal          FIGHTING
114   Tangela     Grass           BUG, FIRE, FLYING, ICE, POISON
115   Kangaskhan  Normal          FIGHTING
116   Horsea      Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
117   Seadra      Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
118   Goldeen     Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
119   Seaking     Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
120   Staryu      Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
121   Starmie     Water/Psychic   BUG, DARK, ELECTRIC, GRASS, GHOST
122   Mr. Mime    Psychic         BUG, DARK, GHOST
123   Scyther     Bug/Flying      ELECTRIC, FIRE, FLYING, ICE, ROCK
124   Jynx        Ice/Psychic     BUG, DARK, FIRE, GHOST, ROCK, STEEL
125   Electabuzz  Electric        GROUND
126   Magmar      Fire            GROUND, ROCK, WATER
127   Pinsir      Bug             FIRE, FLYING, ROCK
128   Tauros      Normal          FIGHTING
129   Magikarp    Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
130   Gyarados    Water/Flying    ELECTRIC, ROCK
131   Lapras      Water/Ice       ELECTRIC, FIGHTING, GRASS, ROCK
132   Ditto       Normal          FIGHTING
133   Eevee       Normal          FIGHTING
134   Vaporeon    Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
135   Jolteon     Electric        GROUND
136   Flareon     Fire            GROUND, ROCK, WATER
137   Porygon     Normal          FIGHTING
138   Omanyte     Rock/Water      ELECTRIC, FIGHTING, GRASS, GROUND
139   Omastar     Rock/Water      ELECTRIC, FIGHTING, GRASS, GROUND
140   Kabuto      Rock/Water      ELECTRIC, FIGHTING, GRASS, GROUND
141   Kabutops    Rock/Water      ELECTRIC, FIGHTING, GRASS, GROUND
142   Aerodactyl  Rock/Flying     ELECTRIC, GROUND, ICE, ROCK, STEEL, WATER
143   Snorlax     Normal          FIGHTING
144   Articuno    Ice/Flying      ELECTRIC, FIRE, ROCK, STEEL
145   Zapdos      Electric/Flying ICE, ROCK 
146   Moltres     Fire/Flying     ELECTRIC, ROCK, WATER
147   Dratini     Dragon          DRAGON, ICE
148   Dragonair   Dragon          DRAGON, ICE
149   Dragonite   Dragon/Flying   DRAGON, ICE, ROCK 
150   Mewtwo      Psychic         BUG, DARK, GHOST
151   Mew         Psychic         BUG, DARK, GHOST
152   Chikorita   Grass           BUG, FIRE, FLYING, ICE, POISON
153   Bayleef     Grass           BUG, FIRE, FLYING, ICE, POISON
154   Meganium    Grass           BUG, FIRE, FLYING, ICE, POISON
155   Cyndaquil   Fire            GROUND, ROCK, WATER
156   Quilava     Fire            GROUND, ROCK, WATER
157   Typhlosion  Fire            GROUND, ROCK, WATER
158   Totodile    Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
159   Croconaw    Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
160   Feraligatr  Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
161   Sentret     Normal          FIGHTING
162   Furret      Normal          FIGHTING
163   Hoothoot    Normal/Flying   ELECTRIC, ICE, ROCK
164   Noctowl     Normal/Flying   ELECTRIC, ICE, ROCK
165   Ledyba      Bug/Flying      ELECTRIC, FIRE, FLYING, ICE, ROCK
166   Ledian      Bug/Flying      ELECTRIC, FIRE, FLYING, ICE, ROCK
167   Spinarak    Bug/Poison      FIRE, FLYING, ROCK, PSYCHIC
168   Ariados     Bug/Poison      FIRE, FLYING, ROCK, PSYCHIC
169   Crobat      Poison/Flying   ELECTRIC, ICE, PSYCHIC, ROCK
170   Chinchou    Water/Electric  GRASS, GROUND
171   Lanturn     Water/Electric  GRASS, GROUND
172   Pichu       Electric        GROUND
173   Cleffa      Normal          FIGHTING
174   Igglybuff   Normal          FIGHTING
175   Togepi      Normal          FIGHTING
176   Togetic     Normal/Flying   ELECTRIC, ICE, ROCK
177   Natu        Psychic/Flying  ELECTRIC, DARK, GHOST, ICE, ROCK
178   Xatu        Psychic/Flying  ELECTRIC, DARK, GHOST, ICE, ROCK
179   Mareep      Electric        GROUND
180   Flaaffy     Electric        GROUND
181   Ampharos    Electric        GROUND
182   Bellossom   Grass           BUG, FIRE, FLYING, ICE, POISON
183   Marill      Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
184   Azumarill   Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
185   Sudowoodo   Rock            FIGHTING, GRASS, GROUND, STEEL, WATER
186   Politoed    Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
187   Hoppip      Grass/Flying    FIRE, FLYING, ICE, POISON, ROCK
188   Skiploom    Grass/Flying    FIRE, FLYING, ICE, POISON, ROCK
189   Jumpluff    Grass/Flying    FIRE, FLYING, ICE, POISON, ROCK
190   Aipom       Normal          FIGHTING
191   Sunkern     Grass           BUG, FIRE, FLYING, ICE, POISON
192   Sunflora    Grass           BUG, FIRE, FLYING, ICE, POISON
193   Yanma       Bug/Flying      ELECTRIC, FIRE, FLYING, ICE, ROCK
194   Wooper      Water/Ground    GRASS
195   Quagsire    Water/Ground    GRASS
196   Espeon      Psychic         BUG, DARK, GHOST
197   Umbreon     Dark            BUG, FIGHTING
198   Murkrow     Dark/Flying     ELECTRIC, ICE, ROCK
199   Slowking    Water/Psychic   BUG, DARK, ELECTRIC, GRASS, GHOST
200   Misdreavus  Ghost           DARK, GHOST
201   Unown       Psychic         BUG, DARK, GHOST
202   Wobbuffet   Psychic         BUG, DARK, GHOST
203   Girafarig   Normal/Psychic  BUG, DARK
204   Pineco      Bug             FIRE, FLYING, ROCK
205   Forretress  Bug/Steel       FIRE
206   Dunsparce   Normal          FIGHTING
207   Gligar      Ground/Flying   ELECTRIC, GRASS, ICE, ROCK, WATER
208   Steelix     Steel/Ground    FIGHTING, FIRE, GROUND, WATER
209   Snubbull    Normal          FIGHTING
210   Granbull    Normal          FIGHTING
211   Qwilfish    Water/Poison    ELECTRIC, GRASS, GROUND, PSYCHIC
212   Scizor      Bug/Steel       FIRE
213   Shuckle     Bug/Rock        ROCK, STEEL, WATER
214   Heracross   Bug/Fighting    FIRE, FLYING, PSYCHIC
215   Sneasel     Dark/Ice        BUG, FIGHTING, FIRE, ROCK, STEEL
216   Teddiursa   Normal          FIGHTING
217   Ursaring    Normal          FIGHTING
218   Slugma      Fire            GROUND, ROCK, WATER
219   Magcargo    Fire/Rock       FIGHTING, GROUND, ROCK, WATER
220   Swinub      Ice/Ground      FIGHTING, FIRE, GRASS, STEEL, WATER
221   Piloswine   Ice/Ground      FIGHTING, FIRE, GRASS, STEEL, WATER
222   Corsola     Water/Rock      ELECTRIC, FIGHTING, GRASS, GROUND
223   Remoraid    Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
224   Octillery   Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
225   Delibird    Ice/Flying      ELECTRIC, FIRE, ROCK, STEEL
226   Mantine     Water/Flying    ELECTRIC, ROCK
227   Skarmory    Steel/Flying    ELECTRIC
228   Houndour    Dark/Fire       FIGHTING, GROUND, ROCK, WATER
229   Houndoom    Dark/Fire       FIGHTING, GROUND, ROCK, WATER
230   Kingdra     Water/Dragon    DRAGON
231   Phanpy      Ground          GRASS, ICE, WATER
232   Donphan     Ground          GRASS, ICE, WATER
233   Porygon2    Normal          FIGHTING
234   Stantler    Normal          FIGHTING
235   Smeargle    Normal          FIGHTING
236   Tyrogue     Fighting        FLYING, PSYCHIC
237   Hitmontop   Fighting        FLYING, PSYCHIC
238   Smoochum    Ice/Psychic     BUG, DARK, FIRE, GHOST, ROCK, STEEL
239   Elekid      Electric        GROUND
240   Magby       Fire            GROUND, ROCK, WATER
241   Miltank     Normal          FIGHTING
242   Blissey     Normal          FIGHTING
243   Raikou      Electric        GROUND
244   Entei       Fire            GROUND, ROCK, WATER
245   Suicune     Water           ELECTRIC, GRASS
246   Larvitar    Rock/Ground     FIGHTING, GRASS, GROUND, ICE, STEEL, WATER
247   Pupitar     Rock/Ground     FIGHTING, GRASS, GROUND, ICE, STEEL, WATER
248   Tyranitar   Rock/Dark       BUG, FIGHTING, GRASS, GROUND, STEEL, WATER
249   Lugia       Psychic/Flying  ELECTRIC, DARK, GHOST, ICE, ROCK
250   Ho-oh       Fire/Flying     ELECTRIC, ROCK, WATER
251   Celebi      Psychic/Grass   BUG, DARK, FIRE, FLYING, GHOST, ICE, POISON


Here, we will talk about each type, its advantage and disadvantage, plus we
will discuss about dual-typed Pokmon, and let's see whether the fusion add
more or less battling advantages and weaknesses. Let's start with single-
Its attack is one of the less type who could harm DARK and PSYCHIC type. 
It is somehow a balanced attack and defense type. BUG types evolved early
in low level, but then it gained another type thus cannot be discussed here
anymore since this is reserved for bugs-only :) 

This new type brings fear for those who previously brings fear :), GHOST and
PSYCHIC. The only drawback is that BUG and FIGHTING are strong against DARK
(logically, because bugs usually lives at night and fighter doesn't fear 
darkness :), PLUS the fact that DARK type aren't much anywhere.

DRAGON is famous because it resists the four popular types, three from the
starters and another one is ELECTRIC. Its only weakness is ICE and itself.
Dragons are also rarely found, but its worth searching and raising it.
Most dragon had HUGE attack and other stats, although they need more exps
to raise and get evolved at relatively high level.

One thing about this type is the fact that most of its owner are fast. It's
good against birds (or anything that you see having wings behind :) Now
it's also resist STEEL (although some of the previously pure-electric
member is now dual-typed with STEEL). However it couldn't harm any GROUND
type anywhere.

It's only weak against FLYING and PSYCHIC, which is good, and good enough
it harms DARK, STEEL and it is the only one hated by NORMAL types. As a
fact, FIGHTING type had a high attack stats, thus make it easier to blow-
up low defensed enemies.

Being one of the two legendary elements you MUST found in any games, FIRE
is somehow between average and almost good. It harms STEEL, which is good,
since it resists them too. One interesting note that it is weak against
WATER, while great against ICE. So, make sure you take a note on some
Pokmon. You don't want to flame on a water-type despite of the icy-look
that opponent have and vice versa.

Good things about it is that it's good against FIGHTING, it eats BUG, and
it completely avoid GROUND. As long as you're on air, it's fine, but some
enemies will harm you a lot by shocking, freezing or throwing you some
sharp rocks. Beware!

Everyone loves ghosts... at first. I mean, at first it resists BUG, POISON,
and completely unaffected by FIGHTING and NORMAL. Like DRAGON, its only
weakness is itself. BUT then the DARK type came along, and hurt this type
a lot. However this type is the greatest when it comes to deal with foes 
who only knows how to kick and scratch...

One good thing that you might not notice is that GRASS is almost close to
DRAGON. It resists 3 popular types, ELECTRIC, GRASS and WATER, plus GROUND.
But the drawback is that they have MORE weaknesses (5, to be exact), inclu-
ding fire, so without being a dual-typed, GRASS is a stand alone weak type.

The reason why ELECTRIC is not invincible is because the GROUND type exist.
It completely immune ELECTRIC, plus resists POISON and ROCK. Most GROUND
type is dual-typed with any other else, but one good thing is that it hurts
a lot, ELECTRIC, FIRE, POISON, ROCK plus STEEL, which is great.

Single-typed ICE Pokmon are rare (I mean, there aren't any) but just 
remember that this is the only hope to hurt dragons if you don't have any
DRAGON attack by your side.

In short words, NORMAL types are normal. It resist NOTHING, it didn't hurt
anything a lot, it's only weak against FIGHTING, and as a bonus it's
immune against GHOST (normal people didn't believe ghost :). So if you
wanna pure damage just as it shown in the MOVE screen, without being 
reduced or added, just normal, choose this. Especially if you want to use
your TM/HM.

POISON isn't that good in attacking (see the name, POISON is status effect,
not damage effect :), but however it resists itself, GRASS, FIGHTING and
BUG, which is somehow a lot. With it you could easily fight strong dual-
typed namely BUG/FIGHTING (Heracross), or BUG/GRASS (Parasect? :). 

Yeah, most of you know how Mewtwo blasts completely anything with its psychic
anywhere. It is because previously there are only one SPECIAL stats, both
determined special attack and defense. And since Mewtwo's SPECIAL is, well,
inhuman, so it could be the way it was before. But now SPECIAL was splitted
as two, ATTACK and DEFENSE, so the stats isn't much affecting anymore. PLUS
the fact that it has two new drawbacks, STEEL and DARK (resist;immune) and
it is weak against DARK, PSYCHIC is became more balanced nowadays.

So many weaknesses (5), more than its resistances (4) makes this one somehow
weaker. However it became stronger when it was dual-typed with others.

The newcomer that is probably made after the popularity of stall strategy in
Pokmon Trading Card Game (?). I mean, rather than having a Pokmon with huge
HP but no resistance (Chansey) to stall (sacrifice?) while preparing the 
big strikers behind, why not making a Pokmon that could resists almost
ANYthing? This thing resists 11(!) types, including DRAGON, GHOST, DARK,
PSYCHIC and itself, thus making it insanely incredibly defensively strong.
Almost, if only it wasn't weak against FIGHTING, FIRE or GROUND. There are
many of those three types around, so beating STEEL should be easier after

The second legendary elements after FIRE, it has only two weakness and four
resistances, which is good, and it beats FIRE, which also good. A WATER type
is a must for a good all-round team.

BUG family \_________________________________________________________________
#12  Butterfree
#123 Scyther
#165 Ledyba
#166 Ledian
#193 Yanma
The weaknesses total became 5. FLYING beats BUG, and having a FLYING type
ain't help since FLYING isn't resist FLYING. However the attack variety will
be pretty good to fight either FIGHTING (use FLYING) or DARK/PSYCHIC (use
BUG attacks). Thankfully there are less Pokmon with this type, and only Ash
uses Butterfree after all :) If you should choose one, with no doubt Scyther
would be the best.
#13  Weedle
#14  Kakuna
#15  Beedrill
#48  Venonat
#49  Venomoth
#167 Spinarak
#168 Ariados
Not pretty nice, it adds another weakness other than the BUG's, which is
PSYCHIC. Unless you enjoy poisoning your foes, try another one. Either Veno-
moth and Ariados has good stats (ELITE FOUR uses them :) and Beedrill had
it's very own special move.
#46  Paras
#47  Parasect
At first it looks bad, bad, bad since it now has 6 weakness, but know that
BUG+GRASS attack also effective against 6 other types. Be wise.
# 205 Forretress
# 212 Scizor
Great, the one good thing is that it is defensively strong because of the
STEEL part, and the result is that it is only weak against FIRE. However,
the attack won't be great since BUG+STEEL only hurt 5 types. Forretress is
good defended, but Scizor is much stronger in attacking.
#213 Shuckle
Not bad, now it has only 3 weaknesses, ROCK, STEEL and WATER, plus 7 types
that is weak against both of them. Nice combination, especially when you
know that Shuckle had the highest stats between all Pokmon in terms of
DEFENSE and SPC.DEF. Isn't that awright, inspite of its lack part of attack
and speed? One last thing, thought, Shuckle lacks HP. Big time.
#214 Heracross
The result is only 3 weaknesses, and 8 type advantages. So this is better
than BUG/ROCK, especially knowing that the attack stats of FIGHTING type is
higher than ROCK's.
DARK family \________________________________________________________________
#198 Murkrow
ELECTRIC, ICE and ROCK is its only weaknesses. It has only 4 types advantages
beats BUG. So its attack is both PSYCHIC and anti-PSYCHIC combination. Great,
this is the only way so no one could get advantage from its DARK side.
#215 Sneasel
It has 5 weaknesses, no good, but with this you might beat those annoying
PSYCHIC, GHOST and DRAGON easier, all in one shot.
#228 Houndour
#229 Houndoom
With this you could easily burn the BUG that wants to harm your DARK side,
but it also adds more weakness against FIGHTING, ROCK, GROUND and WATER. But
hey, it helps against ICE and DRAGON and PSYCHIC.
DRAGON family \______________________________________________________________
#149 Dragonite
As a dragon, it adds one more weakness against ROCK, but then it adds 2 more
type advantages. It will now resist GROUND, and cancels ELECTRIC, so it is
an ELECTRIC and anti-ELECTRIC one. And, if you ever had a Dragonite, type
won't be that much matter anymore... :)
ELECTRIC family \____________________________________________________________
#81  Magnemite
#82  Magneton
Its STEEL part makes this resist much more thing, but the one-only ELECTRIC
weakness must be added with FIGHTING and FIRE. The attack advantage won't
add much but somehow it will be faster than the pure STEEL, which is rather
#145 Zapdos
Good, the GROUND weakness of ELECTRIC is completety avoided by flying high
above. And ELECTRIC weakness of FLYING is canceled since it is also part
ELECTRIC. It is now weak against ICE and ROCK, plus having great speed and
rather less 4 type advantages. Now, Zapdos ain't weak against ELECTRIC 
anymore, despite of it is being FLYING...
FIRE family \________________________________________________________________
#6   Charizard
#146 Moltres
#250 Ho-oh
First, FIRE has 4 weaknesses and FLYING has 3. The result of them made 3
mixed weaknesses of somewhat popular types, ELECTRIC, WATER, and ROCK. FIRE/
FLYING itself has 5 type adv, one is against STEEL, which is good. And note
that all of the owner of this dual-type are super strong, you know what I
mean, and you know where I'm going to.
#219 Magcargo
Weak against FIGHTING, GROUND, ROCK and WATER, this dude might seems weak.
But look again, this also your chance to hurt ICE and STEEL, plus 4 more
like FIRE and FLYING, making the total of 6. So with this you might be
brave enough to face another FIRE type.
GHOST family \_______________________________________________________________
#92  Gastly
#93  Haunter
#94  Gengar
The only dual-type of GHOST, it is now has 2 more weaknesses despite of the
GHOST's.  Since POISON isn't that great (it only has 1 type advs and resists
FIGHTING, which GHOST is already immune to), this type might seems useless.
However, because POISON resists BUG and GHOST ignores FIGHTING, while BUG and
FIGHTING are more popularly used to beat the newcomers DARK and STEEL, that's
why we need GHOST/POISON.
GRASS family \_______________________________________________________________
#1   Bulbasaur
#2   Ivysaur
#3   Venusaur
#43  Oddish
#44  Gloom
#45  Vileplume
#69  Bellsprout
#70  Weepinbell
#71  Victreebel
Look at those line-ups :) It has 4 weaknesses, FIRE, FLYING, ICE and PSYCHIC
and although it also has 4 type advs, GRASS/POISON might not be a good 
choice since both of them have much status-affecting attack rather than
damage dealing, and although it has some strong attacks but we will have
to sacrifice the status-affecting anyway, so it might not be a good choice.
But maybe this way the GRASS won't get lost against the POISON. If you should
choose one, either get Venusaur (for it stats), or get the Oddish family,
although the actual purpose is to get another-type Bellosom anyway :)
#102 Exegcute
#103 Exeggutor
Used to be a great choice, now it has 7 weaknesses and 5 type advs. However
it has some good choice of attack and perhaps it will still win against
a one-on-one battle against GRASS/POISON type.
#187 Hoppip
#188 Skiploom
#189 Jumpluff
I once had a Jumpluff and at low level it had nothing but 2 status-changing
attacks, 1 recovery move and 1 weak-but-continuously Leech Seed leeching
move. The only way I could use it is to capture another Pokmon. It couldn't
do much damage whatsoever. Anyway, it has 5 weaknesses and 5 advs, so I guess
it is just about average and balanced type. 
GROUND family \______________________________________________________________
#111 Rhyhorn
#112 Rhydon
Six weaknesses, but the total advs is 8. I believe that it will be a slow
dude, but consider the total advantages as you could battle more foes than
as you thought before.
#207 Gligar 
5 weaknesses, 7 advs, plus one immunity of GROUND itself. Overall, it is as
great as GROUND/ROCK, but with lower att-def stats and higher speed. It beats
STEEL, so that's good. 
ICE family \_________________________________________________________________
#124 Jynx
#238 Smoochum
It has 6 weaknesses, but PSYCHICs are rare especially the one accompanied
with ICE, so that with its rather high phy.att.stats it will be easier to use
to beat strong DRAGONs.
#144 Articuno
#225 Delibird
Only 4 weaknesses, but it has 6 advs and beats DRAGON. Anybody wants to beat
#220 Swinub
#221 Piloswine
5 weaknesses, but 9 advs including STEEL and DRAGON, so you should decide
whether you take this or not :) I can't guarantee it will be fast enough to
beat DRAGONs before getting Hyper Beamed, though :)
NORMAL family \______________________________________________________________
#16  Pidgey
#17  Pidgeotto
#18  Pidgeot
#21  Spearow
#22  Fearow 
#83  Farfetch'd
#84  Doduo
#85  Dodrio
#163 Hoothoot
#164 Noctowl
#176 Togetic
This biggest family of dual-typed Pokmon had only 3 weaknesses, 1 immunity
against GHOST and now NORMAL fellow could hurt FIGHTING rather than being
hurted :) The noticeable thing is that they are relatively weak, well, maybe
Dodrio is kinda strong with good moves like Tri-attack, but in overall a 
NORMAL is a NORMAL :) Choose Dodrio, it has great moves, or Farfetch'd if
you could get the Stick item.
#203 Girafarig
This weird (how could a normal combined with psycho? Two face, maybe?) dual-
type turns out great in result. It's only weak against BUG and DARK, it could
hurt FIGHTING rather than being hurted, and it completely ignore GHOST. 
Great, as a type, I like it. There are less choice of Pokmon, though.
POISON family \______________________________________________________________
#31  Nidoqueen
#34  Nidoking
POISON/GROUND makes somewhat good Pokmon. It has only 3 weaknesses, but 7
advs and one immunity to ELECTRIC thanks to its GROUND. They are mostly
strong and heavy attacker, yet rather slow to command.
#41  Zubat
#42  Golbat
#169 Crobat
Four weaknesses is kinda average, but its immunity against GROUND is one
good thing.  It only has 3 advs, though.
PSYCHIC family \_____________________________________________________________
#177 Natu
#178 Xatu
#249 Lugia
Fine, it has 5 weaknesses, but there should be something why one of the ELITE
FOUR uses Xatu, and why Lugia being a Legendary Pokmon :) It has only three
advs, so that shouldn't be the reason :) Fine, I'll be serious. First, they
ignore GROUND, which is normal since they are part FLYING. Next, they had
great choice of moves including Psychic, and Lugia itself had a high stats,
made it actually ignore type just like Dragonites. The last, Lugia had a
movie made for it, so I guess that's enough for a reason :)
#251 Celebi
7 weaknesses everyone, this is the one most of you dreamt of getting in a
Nintendo Promotion event :) It has only 5 advs, I never had nor seeing one, 
maybe I'll Shark my game, but it's Celebi so that's out of the question
anyway :)
ROCK family \________________________________________________________________
#74  Geodude
#75  Graveler
#76  Golem
#95  Onix
#246 Larvitar
#247 Pupitar
They had 6 weaknesses, but their DEFENSE stats are relatively high you want
to use it against any FIGHTER and NORMAL types. Most of them are slow, but
their attack is kinda strong. Remember they had 9 (yep, nine) type advs.
Larvitar and Pupitar takes lot of time to evolve just like the Dragon family
but once it grown-up into the ROCK/DARK Tyranitar, everything will be dark
for your foes (most likely :)...
#138 Omanyte
#139 Omaster
#140 Kabuto
#141 Kabutops
These fossil family had 4 weaknesses, but it has 7 advs. They takes somewhat
long time to evolve but the result is somewhat strong Pokmon. Choose it as
they are rare anyway.
#142 Aerodactyl
Aerodactyl should prove itself as a strong dude, if only it hadn't too much
weaknesses as it has now, six. It has high stats, but only 5 advs and remem-
ber only Lance had Rock Slide in his Aerodactyl. He should have sharked his 
#248 Tyranitar
ROCK/DARK rocks. It has the same 6 weaknesses like its pre-evo, although
different, but it also beats 6 types. Tyranitar has strong moves and high
stats, it's worth raising one in your team.
STEEL family \_______________________________________________________________
#208 Steelix
It has 4 weaknesses but it's strong against 7 different types, immune against 
POISON and ELECTRIC, and resists all 11 types a STEEL could resist. This dude
is a highly recommended defender, its worth sacrificing a Metal Coat for it
and not getting Scizor... It's kinda slow, though...
#227 Skarmory
One thing could take advantage from a Skarmory is the ELECTRIC. It has 4
type advs, but still it resists 11 types and immune against POISON and
GROUND. Seems like this dude is the anti-STEEL/GROUND ones.
WATER family \_______________________________________________________________
#62  Poliwrath
4 weaknesses, 8 type advs. Poliwrath is strong, it has confuse-effect move
and in overall it is a good choice of Pokmon.
#72  Tentacool
#73  Tentacruel
#211 Qwilfish
4 weaknesses, 4 advs. These dude might had some good combination moves, but
they are relatively average and since they are half-POISON it could be either
good or bad depending on how you use it.
#79  SlowPok
#80  Slowbro
#121 Starmie
#199 Slowking
5 weaknesses, 5 advantages, but hey, the slow family had good moves (?) and
Starmie had Recover, so that's an advantage whatsoever.
#87  Dewgong
#91  Cloyster
#131 Lapras
4 weaknesses, 6 advs and they beat DRAGON. Dewgong and Cloyster had strong
moves and Lapras is the best of all WATER and ICE types. It has high HP, if
you haven't notice.
#130 Gyarados
#226 Mantine
2 weaknesses, and 5 advantages plus immunities for GROUND and the fact that
Gyarados learns some DRAGON moves and Mantine is Gold version only makes
them worth having and raising. However, it is WATER/FLYING so they might
never stand one good ELECTRIC attack since they will get 4x damages. ouch.
#170 Chinchou
#171 Lanturn
2 weaknesses (bet you're getting bored, aren't you?) and 5 type advs. This 
had a good example of cancelling damage made by ELECTRIC (which WATER hates,
but Chincou is part-ELECTRIC anyway). It also had the chance to hurt GROUND
being a WATER type. Isn't they quite an interesting choice?
#194 Wooper
#195 Quagsire
GRASS is its only weakness, and it beats 7 types. The interesting cancelling
effect is that WATER gets beaten by ELECTRIC, but GROUND resists ELECTRIC.
Guess what would happen! Anyway, this is also a good choice of WATER-type 
because of its dual-type.
#222 Corsola
Unlike its family it has 4 weaknesses, anyway it beats 7 types. I haven't
any Corsola so far, I don't know whether it is good or not. My bet is that
it is just about average, don't blame me if I'm wrong, you Corsola-lover! :)
#230 Kingdra
Great, great, great! It was even better than pure DRAGON since its weakness
is only DRAGON, without ICE! It has 4 advs, and in overall it was good. 
However Dragonite had higher stats, so you decide.

Awrighty guys, I guess that's all about the summary!
Allah SWT, for everything. _Every_thing.

Thanks to:
- CJayC. No reason needed :)
- CreatureKeeper 20XX, the Pokmon type weaknesses and resistances list
  was taken from his FAQ. Hope he didn't mind.
- MMeevasin, the Pokmon list was taken from his FAQ. Hope he didn't mind.
- E. Orizzonte, the formulae was taken from his FAQ. Hope he didn't mind.
- Donald, as his Yellow/Gold/Crystal FAQ was some great resources of
  Pokmon thingies and knowledges :)
- Megawati Soekarnoputri. She's the president of my country, and she (or
  whoever it is) gave us students a long holiday during November-December
  2001, thus giving me a lot of free time to play Gold and make this FAQ :)
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