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"Worth playing if you're a hardcore fan of the series, don't get this game if you aren't."

The hype is long gone and this may be a little late to write a review about, but I guess it wouldn't hurt. I'd just like to tell you that although it's not a bad game, it's not as good as what people claim. If you're a fan of the series, then you can just get it right now, although I recommend this over heartgold/soulsilver.

Gameplay 5/10
Nothing special about it, it's the same turn based system as Pokemon red, blue, and yellow. If only they weren't recycling the same old gameplay over and over again, but the pokemon games have been recycling this ever since Yellow. It's still enjoyable if it's your first time playing it, although it does get old fast.

Graphics 5/10
The graphics are alright, although I'd expect better from a Gameboy Color game. The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages has much better graphics than this. The trees are fairly nice to look at and the graphics in this game aren't bad. I've seen much better graphics than this, though, especially since there is no background when you're in battle.

Story 3/10
Pokemon stories are normally weak and this is no exception, it's much better than stories in other pokemon games but the characters really have no development and the main character never talks. If you want a game with a good story, then you're picking the wrong franchise here.

Sound 6/10
Quite possibly the best sounding game in the series, the music in this game isn't that bad and they're actually worth hearing. They're still repetitive, however, and some of the tunes are still pretty bad. The majority of the music is fairly good, however, so you can keep the volume on for the entire game for once.

Replay value 2/10
Until Pokemon Firered/Leafgreen or Emerald, Pokemon games had no replay value. This game is no exception, there is absolutely nothing left for you to do after you're done with the main story. You'll stop playing this game after 20 hours and you won't find yourself going back to it, it will probably just be left to catch dust until the battery dries up.

Overall 4.2/10
If you're a fan of the series then you should get this game, if you aren't then I highly recommend you to stay away from it. The Pokemon games you should start the series with are Firered/Leafgreen and Emerald, this overall isn't that good of a game but I've seen worse.

Reviewer's Score: 4/10 | Originally Posted: 09/21/09

Game Release: Pokemon Gold Version (US, 10/14/00)

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