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"Changing the Seasons for Adventure!"

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons is a game where you land in a mysterious land. You ride on a horse to Hyrule castle and find the Triforce. The three smaller Triforces join together to create the true Triforce. It will create a red magical bubble around you. Things will spin and mix and the bubble falls into the mysterious land called Holodrum. You will meet a girl secretly known as the Oracle of Seasons, with her name being Din. She pretends to be a dancer to hide her real identity. But Onox, the evil general who rules evil, sees past this trick. Onox sends out a tornado to capture Din. You try to protect her, but are blown away. Onox captures Din and destroy the seasonal power and seasons across Holodrum is mixed up. You awaken at Impa's Refuge. Impa is a protector of Din and knew the secret. she knows that only you, Link, can save her by chasing out Onox and defeating the evil general.
You must go on a quest to save Din. Eventually, you get an item called the Rod of Seasons. You use this to change the seasons and take advantage of them to pass obstacles and challenging puzzles.Good luck!

So you are on a quest to save Din, Oracle of Seasons. Trying to save Din is a challenging quest. Now big adventures really appeal to me. This is a bit like saving Princess Zelda, but Din has the power to change the seasons, so you must use the seasons to save her.

I think the addition of using the seasons that pass on and on is really cool. Some obstacles can only be passed when Spring comes. You do get a rod that gives you that power, you must find the season power.

In the underworld, Subrosia, the Temple of Seasons that Onox eliminated fell here. You must find the temple and find fairies to give you seasonal power. Although, you can't get them all at once. This makes the adventure grow. To save Din, you must hold all the seasons, and it will take a while to get them all.

But in all zelda games, there are dungeons in there somewhere. You must go through dungeons to find Essences. Until you get all eight, you'll never reach Onox, even with all the seasons. The seasons help you get the Essences.

There is a new type of money too. In the underworld Subrosia, a metal ore is the money form. There are magical rings that can change your fighting and adventuring. some improve strength or defense, or make overworld events occur more.

If you beat Onox, you will get a password. If you enter this password on The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, you can start a Linked Game. You can go farther and play another quest, find two secret bosses, and another ending. you also can get stronger weapons, and brand new weapons via passwords you must enter back and forth on the two games.

I really enjoyed the passwords. The new weapons came in handy, and I was surprised what came in the new ending. Using the season powers were neat too.

Ore was cool, and the magical rings did change the gameplay. Onox was hard and did give an amazing battle.

With so many great features, and the connections between The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. Using seasons against the world, stopping an evil general, password fun, magical rings, ore, Essences, dungeons,a nd so much more!

This game you ask should be bought or rent. Hmm? I wonder. With all this excitement of just mentioning this game, I say buy! There is so much adventure! It has a sequel The legend of Zelda: Oracle of ages. For the passwords, buy both!

I recommend this game! It has so much action! If you aren't up for adventure, this game isn't for you. Because this game is one of most fun games I have ever played. Especially for a zelda game.

This is a must-have! Please buy it, or you're missing out on adventure of a life time!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/24/06

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