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Where can I find (TM22 Solarbeam)?

I'm trying to teach my typhlosion solarbeam cause i got it sunny day and it would be really nice to have the move to use against obnoxious waters and rocks. I looked all over route 26 but couldn't find it. Any help?

wtf94 provided additional details:

Thanks man i got it, but couldn't teach it to typhlosion :(. I got a houndour though and trained it quite a bit then gave it to him. Solarbeam on a fire type with sunny day really works.

Accepted Answer

pokedude7 answered:

There is a bridge linking Route 26 and Route 27. Surf from there, explore and you will come upon a whirlpool, use the move Whirlpool to remove it, and you will see a trainer and an item ball. That item ball is TM22 Solarbeam. After you find it (and pick it up of course), you can buy it in the Celedon Pokemart.
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