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How do I beat Elite 4?

Well, I kinda strolled right through it using only 3 pokemon which I now realize are probably pretty bad against the Elite 4. These are the 3 pokemon with their moves; any other pokemon I have are under lvl 30.

Gyarados lvl 46

Hydro Pump
Dragon Rage

Quick Attack
Flame Wheel

Wing Attack
Quick Attack

I know these are pretty bad, so I don't mind training others.
I thought I could beat the Elite 4, because in Platinum I beat the gym with Empoleon, Staraptor, and somthing else.
Anyway, that's why I used Typhlosion and Pidgeot, and just added on Gyrados.

I've only made it to the third guy.
I beat the first person with Gyarados with Bite (Amazing!), because I got lucky and they flinched a lot.
I crushed the second person with Typhlosion with Flame Wheel.
I appreciate all comments.

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bellic145 answered:

What you could do is have a level 100 Tyranitar(Trust me its worth the wait to level it).

Tyranitar should know: Hyper Beam,EarthQuake,Rock Slide,and Crunch.

If you have thos the just spam Tyranitar. Trust me.I did it on my cousins PKMN Crystal.
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pokedude7 answered:

Here's what you need to do:

Typhlosion: The move set should be; Earthquake, Thunder Punch, Sunny Day (if you have the TM), Flame Wheel

Pidgeot: The Move set should be: Wing Attack, Double Edge/Return, Agility, Swords Dance/Filler

Gyarados: The Move set should be; Thunder, Fire Blast, Surf/Hydro Pump, Double Edge/Return

The best way to beat Bruno is with a Psychic type like Espeon or Alakazam (Kadabra if you can't trade). Their move sets should be:

Espeon: Psychic, Morning Sun, Swift, Psych up/Double Team

Alakazam/Kadabra: Psychic, Ice Punch/Counter, Recover, Reflect or Psychic, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch/Recover

After Bruno is Agatha, you will need a pokemon to take down Umbreon, and after Agatha is Lance, you will need something to take down Dragons.
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Warsilver answered:

First of all, if you have lvl 100 anything you should be able to easily beat the elite four with that one pokemon.

If we consider raising pokemon to about lvl 50 you should be able to win with at least three pokemon: Dark, Psychic, and Water/Ice types.

Will: Easy win with a Dark type pokmon.
Koga: Easy win with Psychic attacks.
Bruno: Use same psychic pokemon as you did against Koga AND have a water/ice pokemon to take down his onix.
Karen: You can use the same dark type pokemon as you used against Will (because her attacks will be limited bcz not very effective), your water/ice pokemon to take on vileplume, murkrow, and houndoom; and your psychic pokemon to face her gengar.
Lance: Use any remaining pokemon to take on his Gyarados and/or one of his Dragonites. Your water/ice pokemon will take care of all the others.
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yurypf answered:

Your situation is pretty bad, considering the level of your pokemon. I usually have the starter pokemon get around level 60 or more, train a few specific type pokemon around level 45, buy lots of Full Heals and Hyper Potions. The hint to get the starter pokemon this level is to only battle trainers with it. If you want to train sidekick pokemon, train it in the grass :p
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Pokemaniac_06 answered:

What level are they? If you get an electric type that would be good. I beat 'em with: LV 55 Feralagatr, LV 33 Gyaradose, LV 15 Sunkurn XD LV 31 Togetic LV 21 Beedrill and LV 18 Groulithe . . . Lame team for me, and it proves eny-thing is posible.
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