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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find ALL THE STONE???

I need to know where i can get them all,
so I can use it on my pokemon....

Additional details - 4 years ago

so,, what pokemon must I give the sun stone, moon stone, and ever stone???

Accepted Answer

From: SmokeRulz 4 years ago


This is the first place prize at the Bug Catching Contest, which you can do on certain days of the week. Go in there and try to catch Scyther, Pinsir, Butterfree, or Beedrill.


There's Moon Stones on the ground at Tohjo Falls and the Ruins of Alph. Your Mom might also buy some for you. Otherwise, go to Mt. Moon Square on Monday Nights and watch the Clefairy dance. They'll leave a Moon Stone behind.


These ones are very hard to get. You can get them via daily Mystery Gift if you have two Game Boys and two games (such a friend with G/S/C to help you), but they are very rare there. Otherwise, there are only TWO copies of each stone in the entire game.

Bill's Grandfather up on Route 25 can give you a set of the stones (in this order: Ever, Fire, Thunder, Water, Leaf), but you have to show him certain Pokemon in order to get them (in this order: Lickitung, Vulpix/Growlithe, Pichu, Staryu, Oddish).

And in Crystal Version only, there's a couple trainers throughout the game that might give you a free stone, but they'll only do it once. You have to fight them, get their phone number, and then wait to see if they ever call you and offer you to come talk to them and get the item. They are:

Fire - Schoolboy Alan, Route 36
Water - Fisher Tully, Route 42
Thunder - Lass Dana, Route 38
Leaf - Picnicker Gina, Route 34

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