Question from e6a

How i envolve my kadabra to alakazam??????

My kadabra is lv 58 n how I can envolve it again???

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SmokeRulz answered:

It's a trade evolution. You have to trade Kadabra to another copy of Gold/Silver/Crystal using two Game Boys and a link cable. So if you just so happen to have any friends who play the games, they can help you.
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e6a answered:

so,, what I must equip to get it????

NB: I played it on my cellphone,, not on GBC :)

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Pokemaniac_06 answered:

Link trade.
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Tempo613 answered:

Unless you can trade it from one cell phone to another, you cannot evolve your Kadabra.
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C-Star55 answered:

To evolve a kadabra, you must simply trade it: in this case, you must trade it between a Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver,or Crystal version. You can either trade using two Gameboys/Gameboy Colors and one of the mentioned pokemon games, or by using two transfer paks, pokemon Stadium or Pokemon Stadium 2, and another Gameboy/GBC pokemon game.
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