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What are the major differences between Crystal and Gold/Silver?

This question gets asked a lot, so let's compile a list of all of the important differences.

Accepted Answer

th3l3fty answered:

-You can play as a female trainer.
-The Battle Tower has been added near Olivine City.
-Suicune appears in multiple places throughout the game, and doesn't run from battle.
-Crystal cannot be played on the original Game Boy.
-The Move Tutor makes his first appearance.
-You can get more than one of each Elemental Stone.
-Buena's Password has been added to Johto's radio channels.
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crinalex answered:

Differences in what pokemons you can find, and the animated sprites.
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MiSTeR_BiG_09 answered:

There are also new character designs for some of the pokemon.
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