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Why does the game keep telling me corrupted save file?

I save and go to bed.I wake up to play it and i try to load game,corrupted save file!Why???Please help!also,i don't use cheats or glitches.

Kahu_17 provided additional details:

If you have a corrupted save file, it most likely occured when you turned off the game during the "Saving. Don't turn off the power." message.
No,I did not do that.

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Super_shadow_x answered:

Ok, I remember one time it said corrupted save file, what does it mean? It means this file is corrupted and you must start a new game.

Just to let you know, if you start a new game and after you save, the game will either say new game after or it will have you your save file. A little thing you must know, if you saved evertime but it always says new game, that mean the internal battery must be replaced since it's dead

Other than that, just restart a new file and go on with it.
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pokedude7 answered:

It's probably the battery (it's almost kaput).
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Master_Sakaki answered:

If you have a corrupted save file, it most likely occured when you turned off the game during the "Saving. Don't turn off the power." message.
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apple_blossom92 answered:

I had the same problem! Hopefully you have a GBA SP or my solution won't work...
I'm not sure how late in the game you can stop but I plugged in my adapter and left the game on all the time. I defeated the Elite Four when I saved and turned it off. A week later I turned my SP on and the file wasn't corrupted! Hope this works for you too...
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polishcup answered:

When you dont play try not to move the game in the slot too much then it will corrupt it happend to me several of times.
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pokedude7 answered:

It could also mean that the Gameboy battery died while you were saving.
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Zapdos101 answered:

Same happend 2 me.Try these:1.Save wice before turning off your GBC.2.Try 2 play as often as possible.3.Dont remove your cartrdge untill you beat the game.4.put your gbc were you know it wont fall5.If you have a BRO OR SIS KEEP IT OUT OF THERE REACH.6.lastly save often.Hope this helped.
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megamer99 answered:

Man, this happened to me about 4 times. All i wish i knew was, is it normal to say that? I higly doubt it.
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bellic145 answered:

If this happens the the internal battery has run dry.That means the clock dosnt work.If the clock doesnt work the you will always have a corrupt save file.
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drvdogmadt answered:

There Are A Few Posibilities As Stated Above.
1 The Game Shut Off While Saving
Sometimes You Will Get Lucky And It Will Come Back To The Save Before Last.
2 The Games Internal Battery Needs Power
For This Having It Connected To A Power Source Will Charge It. A Gameboy W/Charger, Or A Gameboy Player For The Gamecube Is Recommended
3 The Games Internal Battery Has Gone Dry.
This One You Need To Get The Batter Replaced In The Game Cartridge, Good Luck With That Since It May Be Soldered On.
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UltraAngelChao answered:

Maybe the internal battery ran out. My Pokemon Crystal has a similar problem.
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