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What is the best way to capture Entei?

What is the best way to capture or corner entei into attcking you?

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X195 answered:

Well, you already found it or you're trying to find it?

I mean, if you already founded it, just check your Pokedex to see in which route he is, then if he is 2 routes from you, go towards the route he is, and if you have enough luck, he'll go to the route you gone, so put a level 39 or lower Pokemon with a good sleeping move like Jynx in the lead, I caught Raikou with her, then use a Repel, so no other Pkmn will appear besides him.

If you have never saw him and know nobody that have him, then you'll have to be lucky, I found Raikou accidentally while training my Pokemon in the Route west of Ecruteak(forgot number of the route).

Bring in a False Swiper like Scyther so when Entei is asleep use the attack until he is low on health, if he runs, repeat process until you're in the same route as him again, he'll be on the same health as when you fought him, if you let him at 1 HP and he escapes, in your next battle he'll still have only 1 HP.

Oh, and good luck, bring in Fasts and Heavy Balls, and lots of Ultra Balls, by lots, I mean LOTS, he's very hard to capture, I just captured Raikou yesterday :D, but no clue where to find Entei.

Good luck with your hunt!
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Akamaru_the_cat answered:

Well, it's level 40, so go somewhere where the pokemon are in the 30s or lower. Then get a pokemon at level 39 or something close, and use any kind of repel. After a while, you might have to go somewhere else and come back, but you should be able to get entei or maybe even raikou.
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