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Is there a way to get the GS ball without gamesharks/ARs or the special event?

I tried for 5 years and couldn't figure out. Someone told me that ONLY on crystal if you complete the pokedex that prof. Oak would give you this special apricorn and you would give it to Kurt and come back a day later and he would give you the GS ball.

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apple_blossom92 answered:

Actually, there IS a way to get Celebi without a GS ball through a glitch. If you have access to YouTube, then search "G/S/C Celebi" and the first thing that pops up on the list should be "Pokemon G/S/C - How to get Celebi without a Gameshark". It's a tutorial that will tell you what to do, but be aware I haven't been able to try it yet (You need to defeat the Elite Four) nor do I have Pokemon Stadium 2, so I have NO IDEA if it'll work, but it's worth a shot for Celebi!
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pokedude7 answered:

NO. The only way to get GS Ball on Crystal (in Japan that is) was to get all 16 Badges, then talk to some one in the Goldenrod PCC and then connect to the Mobile Adapter service on a Cell Phone (they didn't bring it over here to the US) to get the GS Ball. Now the only way to get the GS Ball and for Kurt to Accept the Ball is via Shark/AR codes.
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Cloud551 answered:

Actually, yes. You can get one by using the "Celebi Egg Trick" with two Pokemon that can breed and have Reflect as their fourth move. Look it up online to learn how to do it; it's very long and complicated. And I'm pretty sure Kurt won't take it from you unless you have a certain Gameshark/Action Replay code.
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XTApocalypse answered:

The Celebi Trick or Celebi Egg Trick (they're two different glitches, both are listed in detail on Bulbapedia) can both be used to get either Celebi or the GS Ball. If you use it to get Celebi, however, it can and will ruin your Pokedex, scrambling the entries and ommitting Celebi's entry. This is why I recommend you only use the glitch to get the GS Ball (Teru-sama in Gold and Silver, as the GS Ball did not exist in those games... but I believe you can trade the item to Crystal to turn it into a GS Ball) and catch Celebi legitimately in Crystal. If I remember correctly the moves you need to have in order to get a Magikarp with a GS Ball are Swift and Light Screen, both of which can be learned without any TM's by Ledyba.

For specific details or confirmation look at the Bulbapedia article.
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Khanski answered:

I suggest buying a MonsterBrain if you want Celebi that badly. The MonsterBrain is fun because I played through the game using Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Celebi, Ho-oh, and Lugia as my team once. You can also dictate which moves you want the pokemon to have and change their stats to 999; there is a whole host of different things you can do.
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BRANTLY_75 answered:
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XTApocalypse answered:

For clarification: You cannot use a GS Ball obtained through the Egg Glitch to encounter Celebi in Crystal version. I've had the chance to try it by now, and found out that it won't work by itself - you have to have certain events activated by a hacking device or the original game event for the GS Ball to be recognized by anyone or used for anything.

You can, however, still get Celebi without any cheating device using the Celebi Egg Trick, then trade it to a non-corrupted save file and restart the one you used for the glitch. That'll save your Pokedex.
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xXhakuhyouXx answered:

Nope. You can't get the GS Ball, unless you've got the Japanese version, and the mobile adapter. From what I heard, they're not to easy to find, and they only work on certain models of old Japanese cell phones.
Hope this helps! Happy gaming!
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